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アールタイプ II
©1988 Hudson Soft
Licensed From Irem Corp.
Release : 1988-06-03 (¥4900)
HuCard (2 Mbits) HC63009
Shooter / Horizontal

American Version
Released in America as
( TGX040011 )
R-Type II (aka R-Type Part 2) is a side scrolling shooter and is the conversion of Irem's arcade game originally released in 1987. The Bydo Empire, a mysterious alien civilization, is about to take over the Earth and the solar system. The R-9, powerful star-fighter built on alien technology, is humanity's last stand and is sent to stop the massive threat. The fighter can use an arsenal of weapons including a standard Vulcan gun or long-range ballistic missiles. But the real super-weapon in the game is The Force - the glowing orb is indestructible and its basic function is to float near the R-9 and to protect it. It can however be upgraded throughout the game or charged up to fire powerful blasts of energy. Another important feature of the Force is how it can be thrown at the enemy and inflict devastative damage - this manoeuvre is often necessary in order to take down the large bosses or simply wreak havoc to the Bydo Empire. R-Type II only features the last four stages from the arcade game and is single player only (see R-Type I for more information about the two separate releases of the game in Japan).
R-Type I (PCE-Hu) R-Type Complete CD (PCE-SCDRom²)
Super R-Type (SFC) R-Type III The Third Lightning (SFC)
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R-Type in Japan was released as two separate HuCards. See R-Type I for more information.

R-Type 2 - stage 6 boss Hudson Soft did an amazing job porting R-Type to the PC Engine system - the game looks incredible and is remarkably close to the original arcade game (See R-Type I for more information about R-Type). But, of course, Hudson Soft had to top it off - this port is also notable for featuring an exclusive boss at the end of the sixth stage! The original arcade game's sixth stage ends with a small wave of medium size ships, but the PC Engine version scrolls to the right and introduces a boss made out of two parts as well as a core unit located on the far-right side of the screen (picture on the right). It is a little bit of a stretch, but this design does share some resemblances with a boss featured in Image Fight, an arcade game released by Irem in 1988. The boss can be found in Real Stage 2 - but Image Fight was apparently released in November 1988, five months after the release of R-Type II for the PC Engine, so it may just be a coincidence after all...


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Enter this password to start the game fully equipped with all weapons. At the title screen, press Select and Run to start the password menu. Then enter the following code :


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The PC Engine port of R-Type is magnificent. Thanks to the PC Engine's high resolution, the wide-screen display from the original game is beautifully rendered here and is really impressive. Back in 1988, this game showed what the tinny PC Engine could do, and what a blast that game is! So why only four stars? Well, the game's difficulty is down right brutal and pulls no punches (which was also the case with the original game). Additionally, this port only features the last four stages from the original arcade game and, back in 1988, it would have actually cost you over ¥9800 ($90+) in order to own the full game! But I face a crazy dilemma here - a Super CDRom² version was later released but I personally don't like the redbook soundtrack, it just doesn't fit the game in my opinion. The American port does include the full game, but the box art is atrocious. So here you have it, although this conversion does suffer from distracting sprite flickering in places, it is still excellent and brilliant. But you ultimately only get half of a game... and, to be honest, R-Type II just doesn't work without any power-up password, it is just way too brutal and difficult.

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