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©1991 Hudson Soft (vol.41)
©1989,1991 Red
Release : 1991-07-19 (¥6500)
HuCard (4 Mbits) HC91043
Action / Platform game

American Version
Released in America as
( TGX040058 )
PC Genjin 2 is a side scrolling platform game developed by Red Company and published by Hudson Soft. The big-headed caveman is back in this sequel released two years after the wacky first episode PC Genjin, and fans of the original game will be delighted to see all their favorite characters and prehistoric places once again. King Tamagodon III (aka King Droll III) has stolen half of the moon in his quest of evil, and our caveman must now travel through Monster Kingdom to save the day. Each stage is packed with a never ending supply of dinosaurs, eggshell-headed creatures and other carnivorous fish. However, plants do have a much bigger part to play in this episode, and they can help our hero in need (to reach secret bonus stages or to fly in some occasions). The caveman's large head is, once again, his ultimate defense system and weapon of choice. It is obviously used to slam into enemies, but also to collect special items out of sleeping flowers, or to bounce off nearby walls. The power-up system has also been greatly improved upon the first opus. Although he is still able to turn into a more powerful than ever angry form (called PC Funjin), our primitive man can now also turn into a cute version of himself (called PC Bijin) and blow disturbing kiss-attacks at his enemies. A plethora of items are available throughout the game - fruits and red hearts replenish health, mini cavemen grant extra lives, blue heart containers increase maximum life and so forth. Smiley faces are scattered around each level and bonus stages - after a level is over, a bonus stage elevator takes the player to a special monster train, and the more smileys he has collected, the more generously he is rewarded.
FCGenjin (Fc) PCGenjin (Pce-Hu) PCGenjin3 (Pce_Hu)
non-direct relation : PCDenjin (Pce-Hu) CDDenjinRockabillyParadise (Pce-SCDRom²)
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See PC Genjin (Pce-Hu) for more information about the PC Genjin series.

PC Genjin 2 / Bonk's Revenge There are slight differences between the Japanese PC Genjin 2 and the North American release Bonk's Revenge. The cute caveman form from the Japanese version was curiously edited - he doesn't wear makeup anymore, and the whole character sprite was changed into an angered form with a scar borrowed from the first game (picture on the upper-right). He doesn't blow kisses but pink clouds, and the hearts displayed when he spins where changed to the same pink sprites. Finally, the Japanese version features a fun karaoke section in the end sequence which was completely removed from the American version, and the cute caveman seen there was replaced by a more angry looking Bonk (picture on the bottom-right).

Bonk's Revenge was also part of the 3-in-1 Super CD for the America Turbo-Duo system. It also included Gate Of Thunder and Bonk's Adventure (PC Genjin). Bomberman was also part of the compilation but was hidden as an unlockable bonus.

Teaser text from the American version:
Bonk is back! Last year's video smash is bashing his way through a totally awesome new adventure! Help that radical cave dude save the dinosaur Kingdom from the heinous King Droll III. Bigger, badder bosses. More powerful power-ups. More excellent hidden secrets. And more worlds of pre-hysterical action that'll have you cracking up while you're our cracking heads. Blast back to the Bonk age, mankind's coolest era, and Bonk yourself out!

Game Staff (Copied from the end credits) :

Game Design
Abe Keisuke
Boo Ueda

Original Character Design
Aoki Kobuta

Dot Art (Sprite)
Tanaka Takaharu
Dot Art (BG)
Jinno Shinobu

Dot Art (Nokodai)
Honma Miyuki

Ken. H
Itami Yoshihiro
Takashi O.
Sound Compose
H. Takayama

Special Thanks
Ueyama Mikio
Ozaki Tadashi
Adashi Hiroshi
Yuzawa Kazuki
Ake ake!
(Bye Bye!)
Hudson Soft

©1989, 1991


PC Genjin 2 manual Bonk's Revenge manual
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PC Genjin 2 cheats Play bonus stages:
At the difficulty selection screen, hold II and press Run. You can now practice all eight bonus stages (picture on the right).

See the ending:
At the bonus stage selection screen, move down and highlight the Exit option. Then press II and Run simultaneously.

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PC Genjin 2 is excellent - to me, it is the best PC Genjin game released for the PC Engine system. The third episode is technically better, but PC Genjin 2 is much more faithful to the wacky world set up by the first game. And, no doubt, PC Genjin 2 is much crazier than the first opus. The gameplay is a lot more challenging and a lot richer overall, without forgetting the simple and surprisingly responsive controls. The game is literally huge - all the stages are intricate in design and feature a good balance of straight forward action and more strategic gameplay (some levels have non-linear sections which require a fair bit of exploration). Levels are subtly more detailed and deliciously alive - with flying butterflies, cascading waterfalls and erupting volcanoes among other wonderful things. All in all, PC Genjin 2 is a phenomenal game that you should not miss if you are a platformer enthusiast!

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