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©Telenet Japan 1991
Release : 1992-1-27 (¥6980)
SuperCDRom² TJCD1020
Shooter / Action game
Browning is a side-scrolling action game developed by Telenet Japan and published by Riot. A mysterious army is threatening to take over the world and, from their secret hideout, they are building a supreme weapon capable of wiping out the entire planet. Breed Schuyler and his heavy mechanical armor, codenamed "X-BR Browning" (The "BROWN INnovation Gunner"), are deployed to counter the impending threat. The operation "Running Saber" is a go - the machine and its pilot must both infiltrate the Sea-Square island, a man-made fortress that sits somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, and destroy the enemy's secret weapon. The game consists of five long stages which have to be completed within a time limit, from the island surface to the enemy's underground military and research facility. The Browning comes equipped with a Vulcan gun and the mecha-suit can hover for a short period of time. A force field also protects the armor against enemy attacks and the device automatically recharges itself whenever the energy balance is low and as long as it hasn't reach zero. The game features infinite continues and the player is sent back to the beginning of a stage when the Browning receives a deadly blow. Browning is as English friendly as it gets and even features full English cutscenes.
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The game's manual mentions that the mechas in Browning were designed by Kazumi Fujita, a Japanese mechanical designer better known for his work on the Mobile Suit Gundam series.

Browning - alternate graphics A Japanese video game advertising (see the Omake section) shows an alternate version of Browning's second boss. The final (and released version) is brown whereas this 'in progress' version shown in the advertising looks green (picture on the right).

Game story copied from the game's cover:
"SEA SQUARE", a gigantic man-made island on the Atlantic Ocean, an armed fortress controlled by a mysterious army. It is evident that they are developping the most evil weapon for slaughter to maintain and grasp its superiority of military power in the world. Joint forces have taken the motion for a special action (irregular combat) and have prepared a mobile weapon "BROWNING" to destroy the ultimate weapon.

Game Staff (Copied from the introduction sequence) :

Game Program
M. Yamamoto

Visual Program
M. Tsuji
Game Graphic
Y. Shimizu

Game Graphic
J. Nagao

Sound Produce
T. Umezu
Graphic Support
S. Ohnishi

Visual Graphic
M. Ohtomo
Game Design
K. Ohta

S. Ogawa


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Browning's controls:
This is not really a secret per se, but controls in Browning are not very intuitive. Double tap in the direction you're facing to run, and double tap in the opposite direction to turn. Press I to jump and press it again and hold to fly. Standing still, or moving without shooting seems to automatically recharge the shield as long as it hasn't reach zero.
Arcade screen mode:
At any time during the game, press Run to pause and press Select to toggle between arcade/normal mode (in arcade mode, the screen shrinks horizontally).

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Browning offers beautiful graphics, a great introduction sequence, an incredible soundtrack, a smooth parallax scrolling and really neat sound effects. It also offers an execrable gameplay - the mecha is agonizingly sluggish and his main weapon is slow and rather useless in later stages. Top that with a crazy difficulty level (the time limit is infuriating!) and you end up with a game so frustrating that you will likely break down crying in the middle of your living room. Parts of Browning are hilarious though - the voice acting is surprisingly in English, but some of the dialogs are plain silly, for instance - when you finally reach the third stage's boss, he welcomes you with "Well, Mister Rambo! you have got a lot of guts to come this far with only one ship!" and you answer "You missed cowboy! my name is Arnold!". Truly awesome. All in all Browning is a missed opportunity, the graphics and sound effects are outstanding but the gameplay just fails miserably. If Telenet had spent a bit more time on development, then Browning could have been a definite hit.

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