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INDEX __________________________________________________


  AMIGA       CD32	
  APPLE       IIe
  SNK         NEOGEO
  MISCELLANEOUS TVBoy.Japanese Computers.Misc Audio CDs

ACETRONIC ______________________________________________

ACETRONIC                                      Boxed+Ins

ACETRONIC MPU 1000                          Console Only

Acetronic Cartridges ---------------------------------- 6
  Name             Serial  Company

AIR/SEA ATTACK         (5) Acetronic            Cart Only
BLACK JACK             (3) Acetronic            Cart Only
INVADERS              (27) Acetronic            Boxed+Ins
OLYMPICS               (1) Acetronic            Cart Only
SHOOTING GALLERY       (6) Acetronic            Cart Only
TANK/PLANE BATTLE      (4) Acetronic            Cart Only

AMIGA __________________________________________________

Amiga CD 32                                 Console Only

Amiga CD32 games ------------------------------------- 2
  Name                     Company

DEEP CORE                  Ice                 Boxed+Ins
ZOOL                       Gremlin             Boxed+Ins


Apple IIe (x3)                             Computer Only
  + Printer
  + Monitor
  + 3"1/4 disk driver (3x double + 1x single)


ATARI 2600

2600 Woodgrain 6 switchs UK                    Boxed+Ins
     "another good idea from ingersoll"
     (c)1980 ATARI,INC 1980

2600 Woodgrain 4 switchs SECAM                     Boxed
     + Combat

2600 Black 4 switchs SECAM                         Boxed
     + Centipede

2600 Black 4 switchs SECAM                     Boxed+Ins
     + Space Invaders  

2600 Junior PAL (x2)                       Consoles only
     (Silver Atari Banner) 

2600 Junior PAL                            Consoles only
     (Black Atari Banner)

2600 Junior                                 Console Only
     Peritel Model
     Manufactured by ATARI Ireland in Ireland

TV GAME 2600 COMPATIBLE (Arabian Pirate)       Boxed+Ins
      160 built in games

2600 VIDEO COMPUTER CONSOLE 'TV GAME' (Pirate)     Boxed
	64 games built in

ATARI GAME MATE 2 (Cynex) (x2)               Device Only
      Wireless joysticks

YOKO GAME COPIER                               Boxed+Ins
Production ROM Cartridge PCBs         Atari 2600 (c)1978  

DEMO GAME SWITCHER (US)                      Device Only 
EPROMS LOT                                        EPROMS

SEARS PROTOTYPE CONSOLE (? - UNKNOWN)       Console Only             

2600 Cartridges ------------------------------------ 443
     Name              Qty  Pal/Ntsc/Secam       Company
2 PAK SPECIAL            1  P                        Hes
32 in 1                  1  P                      Atari
3-D TIC-TAC-TOE          1  P                      Atari
8x1                      1  Brazilian Pirate     Dynacom
ACID DROP                1  P                       salu
ACTION FORCE             1  P                    ParkerB
ADVENTURE                3  P                      Atari
AIRLOCK                  1  P                  GameWorld  
AIR SEA BATTLE           4  P                      Atari
ALFRED CHALLENGE         1  NPS              Eric Bacher
ALPHA BEAM WITH ERNIE    1  P                      Atari
AMIDAR                   1  P                    ParkerB
ARMOR AMBUSH             1  P                 Activision
ASSAULT                  1  P                       Bomb
ASTERIX                  2  P                      Atari
ASTEROIDS                3  P                      Atari
ASTEROIDS                1  N                      Sears
ASTEROIDS                1  N (Check out version ?)Atari
ASTROBLAST               2  NP                 Telegames
ATLANTIS                 1  P                     Imagic
BACKGAMMON               1  P                      Atari
BASIC MATH               1  P                      Atari
BASIC PROGRAMMING        2  NP                     Atari
BASKETBALL               4  P                      Atari
BATTLEZONE               2  P                      Atari
BATTLEZONE            Atari 2800 - Box Only        Atari
BERMUDA                  1  P                     Suntek
BERZERK                  1  P                      Atari
BIG BIRD'S EGG CATCH     1  P                      Atari
BOBBY GEHT NACH HAUSE    1  P               GermanPirate
BOGEY BLASTER            1  P                  Telegames 
BOING !                  1  P                  FirstStar
BOXING                   3  PN                Activision
BREAKOUT                 4  P                      Atari
BUMP 'N' JUMP            1  P                  Telegames  
CALIFORNIA GAMES         2  P                       Epyx
CANYON BOMBER            1  P?                     Atari
CARNIVAL                 1  N                Coleco/Sega
CASINO                   2  P                      Atari
CENTIPEDE                5  P                      Atari
CHASE THE CHUCK WAGON    1  N Ralston/Purina    Game+Ins
CHAMPIONSHIP SOCCER      2  P                      Atari
CHESS                    1  P               TaiwanPirate
CHINA SYNDROME           1  P              Spectravision
CHOPPER COMMAND          2  P                 Activision 
CHUCKNORRIS/ARTILLERY D. 1  N                      XonoX 
CIRCUS ATARI             3  P                      Atari
COCONUTS                 1  P                    Telesys
CODE BREAKER             1  P                      Atari
COMBAT                   9  PN                     Atari
ASTEROIDS                1  N (Check out version ?)Atari
COMMANDO                 2  P                 Activision
COMMANDO RAID            1  N                    USGames
CONCENTRATION (a game of)1  P                      Atari
COOKIE MONSTER MUNCH     1  P                      Atari
COSMIC ARC               2  PN                    Imagic
COSMIC ARK               2  P                     Imagic
COSMIC CREEPS            1  P                    Telesys
CROSSBOW                 1  P                      Atari
CRYPTS OF CHAOS          1  ?                   20thCent
CRYSTAL CASTLES          2  P                      Atari
DACTAR (Mission3000.Qbert.CosmicArk.MegaForce)           
DACTAR (SeaMonster.SharkAttack.SlotRacer.StarVoyager)
DACTAR (Sky.Tennis.FreeWay.Boxing)
DACTAR 2 in 1 (Donkey Kong.Bowling)
DACTAR 2 in 1 (Spiderman.Outlaw)
DANCING PLATES/TANZENDE  1  P               GermanPirate
DARK CAVERN              1  N                     Mattel
DARK CHAMBERS            1  P                      Atari
DEADLY DISCS             1  P                  Telegames
DECATHLON                3  PS                Activision
DEFENDER                 3  P                      Atari
DEFENDER II              1  P                      Atari
DEMON ATTACK             1  P                      Atari
DEMONDS TO DIAMONDS      1  P                      Atari
DEMONDS TO DIAMONDS   Atari 2800 - Box Only        Atari
DER KLEINE BAR           1  P               GermanPirate
DESERT FALCON            1  P                      Atari
DIG DUG                  2  P                      Atari
DODGE'EM                 3  P                      Atari
DONKEY KONG              3  PN                       CBS
DOUBLE DRAGON            1  P                 Activision
DOUBLE DUNK              2  P                      Atari
DRAGONFIRE               1  P                     Imagic
DRAGSTER                 1  P                 Activision
DSCHUNGEL BOY            1  P               GermanPirate
EISHOCKEY-FEIBER         1  P               GermanPirate
ENCOUNTER AT L-5         1  P                  GameWorld 
ENDURO                   1  P                     Pirate
ENDURO                   3  PN                Activision
ENTOMBED                 1  N                    USgames
ET The Extra-Terrestrial 1  P                      Atari
ET The Extra-Terrestrial 1  N Atari            Boxed+Ins
EXOCET                   1  P                     Sancho
F-14 TOMCAT              1  P                   Absolute 
FANTASTIC VOYAGE         1  N                    20thFox
FAST FOOD                1  N                    Telesys
FATAL RUN                1  P                      Atari                  
FATHOM                   1  P                     Imagic
FIRE FIGHTER             1  P                     Imagic
FIRE FLY                 1  N Mythicon               new
FISHING DERBY            1  P                 Activision
FLAG CAPTURE             1  N                      Atari
FOREST                   1  P                     Sancho
FRANKEINSTEIN'S MONSTER  1  P                  GameWorld
FREEWAY                  2  P                 Activision
FROGGER                  1  P                    ParkerB
FROGGER II Threeedeep!   1  P                    ParkerB
FROGS AND FLIES          1  P                  Telegames 
FROSTBITE                1  P                 Activision
GALAXIAN                 2  P                      Atari
GANGSTER ALLEY           1  P               Spectravideo
GHOSTBUSTERS             2  P                 Activision  
GHOSTBUSTERS II          1  P                       Salu
GHOST MANOR / SPIKE PEAK 1  P                      XonoX
GLACIER PATROL           1  P                  Telegames
GOLF                     1  P                      Atari
GORF                     2  PS                       CBS
GRAND PRIX               3  P                 Activision
GRAND PRIX               ?  ?                     Dactar
H.E.R.O                  3  PS                Activision
HANGMAN                  1  P                      Atari
HAUNTED HOUSE            1  P                      Atari
HOME RUN                 1  N                      Atari
HUMAN CANNONBALL         1  P                      Atari
HUNT & SCORE             1  N                      Atari
ICE HOCKEY               1  N                 Activision
INDY 500                 2  P                      Atari
INTERNATIONAL SOCCER     1  N                     Mattel
IKARI WARRIORS           1  P                      Atari
INFILTRATE               1  N                     Apollo
JAWBREAKER               1  P                Tigervision
JOURNEY ESCAPE           1  N                    DataAge
JOUST                    2  P                      Atari
JVP VIDEO GAME           1  (brazilian pirate)       JVP
JR.PAC-MAN               2  P                      Atari
JUNGLE HUNT              1  P                      Atari
KABOOM!                  1  P                 Activision
KANGAROO                 4  P                      Atari 
KEYSTONE KAPERS          1  P                 Activision
KEYSTONE KAPERS          2  P                       Salu
KILLER SATELLITES        1  N                   Starpath
KING KONG                1  P                TigerVision
KLAX                     1  P                      Atari
KRULL                    1  N                      Atari
KUNG FU NASTER           1  P                 Activision
KUNG FU SUPERKICKS       1  P                  Telegames
LASER BLAST              1  N                 Activision
LABYRINTH                1  P               GermanPirate
MARAUDER                 1  P                Tigervision
MARINE WARS              1  P                     Gakken
MARIO BROS.              3  P                      Atari
MAZE CRAZE               3  P                      Atari
MEGA FORCE               1  N                   20thCent
MEGAMANIA                2  P                 Activision
METEOR DEFENSE           1  P                        ITT
MIDNIGHT MAGIC           2  PN                     Atari
MILLIPEDE                4  P                      Atari
MINER 2049er             1  P                Tigervision
MISSILE COMMAND          2  P                      Atari
MISSION 3,000            2  P               GermanPirate 
MOON PATROL              1  P                      Atari
MOONSWEEPER              1  P                     Imagic
MOTORODEO                1  P                      Atari
MOUSE TRAP               2  P                        CBS
MS PAC-MAN               2  P                      Atari
MY GOLF                  1  P                   HES/Salu
NIGHT DRIVER             2  P                      Atari
NIGHTMARE                1  P                     Sancho
NIGHT STALKER            1  P                  Telegames
NO ESCAPE !              1  P                     Imagic
OBELIX                   1  P                      Atari
OFF THE WALL             1  P                      Atari
OINK!                    2  P                 Activision
OPEN,SESAME!             2  P               GermanPirate
OTHELLO                  1  P                      Atari
OUTLAW                   3  P                      Atari
OUTER SPACE              1  N                      Sears
PAC-MAN                  2  P                      Atari
PAC MAN                  1  P               TaiwanPirate
PAC-KONG                 1  P               GermanPirate
PELE'S SOCCER            1  P                      Atari
PHANTOM-PANZER           1  P               GermanPirate
PHOENIX                  3  P                      Atari
PIGS'N'WOLF              1  P                        HES
PIGS IN SPACE            1  P                      Atari
PITFALL !                1  P                 Activision
PITFALL II               1  P                 Activision
PLANET PATROL            1  N               Spectravideo
PLAQUE ATTACK            1  P                 Activision
POLE POSITION            5  P                      Atari
POLE POSITN              1  P                      Atari
POOYAN                   1  N                     Konami
POPEYE                   2  P                    ParkerB
PRESSURE COOKER          1  P                 Activision
PRIVATE EYE              1  P                 Activision 
PRO WRESTLING            1  P                   Absolute
Q*BERT                   2  P                      Atari 
Q*BERT                   1  P                    ParkerB 
QUICK STEP               1  P                     Imagic
RACQUETBALL              1  N                     Apollo
RADAR LOCK               1  P                      Atari
RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK  1  P                      Atari
RAM IT                   1  P                    Telesys
RAMPAGE                  2  P                 Activision
REACTOR                  1  P                    ParkerB
REALSPORTS BOXING        1  P                      Atari
REALSPORTS SOCCER        2  P                      Atari
REALSPORTS TENNIS        4  P                      Atari
REALSPORT VOLLEYBALL     3  P                      Atari
RIDDLE OF THE SPHINX     2  P                     Imagic
RIVER RAID               2  P                 Activision
RIVER RAID               2  P                     Pirate
RIVER RAID II            1  P                 Activision
ROAD RUNNER              1  P                      Atari
ROBOT TANK               1  P                 Activision
ROC'N ROPE               1  P                        CBS
SCHNECKEGEGENEICHHORNCHEN1  P               GermanPirate
SCHNECKEUNDEICHHORNCHEN  1  P               GermanPirate 
SCHTROUMPFS              1  S                        CBS
SEAHAWK                  1  P                     Sancho
SEAQUEST                 1  P                 Activision
SECRET QUEST             2  P                      Atari
SKATE BOARDIN'           1  P                   Absolute                    
SKIING                   1  P                 Activision
SKY DRIVER               1  P                      Atari
SKY JINKS                1  P                 Activision
SKY SLIPPER              1  P                    ParkerB
SLOT RACERS              2  P                      Atari
SMASH HIT PAK (5in1)     1  ?                      H.E.S
SMURF                    1  P                        CBS
SNEAK'N PEEK             1  N                     Vidtec
SNOOPY AND THE RED BARON 1  N                      Atari
SOLARIS                  2  P                      Atari
SOLAR FOX                1  PN                       CBS
SOLAR STORM              1  P                     Imagic
SORCERER                 1  P                   Mythicon
SORCERER'S APPRENTICE    2  P                      Atari
SPACE ATTACK             1  N              Intellivision
SPACE CAVERN             1  P                     Apollo
SPACE SHUTTLE            1  P                 Activision
SPACE INVADERS           9  P                      Atari
SPACE WAR                2  P                      Atari
SPIDER FIGHTER           1  P                 Activision
SPIDERMAN                1  P                     Pirate
SPIDERMAN                2  P                    ParkerB
SPRINTMASTER             1  P                      Atari
SQUEEZE BOX              1  N                    USgames
STAMPEDE                 2  P                      Atari
STARGATE                 1  P                      Atari
STARGUNNER               1  P                    Telesys
STARMASTER               2  P                 Activision
STAR FOX                 1  N Mythicon               new
STAR RAIDERS             1  P                      Atari
STAR STRIKE              1  P                  Telegames
STAR VOYAGER             1  P                 Activision
STAR WARS: THE A GAME    1  P                    ParkerB
STAR WARS: JEDI ARENA    1  P                    ParkerB
STAR WARS: THE ESBACK    1  P                    ParkerB             
STAR WARS: RET JEDI      2  P                    ParkerB  
STRAHLENDERTEUFELSVOGEL  1  P               GermanPirate  
STRATEGY X               1  P                     Gakken                 
STREET RACER             4  P                      Atari
SUICIDE MISSION          1  N                   Starpath
SUMMER GAMES             2  P                       Epyx
SUPER ACTION PAK (4in1)  1  ?                 Activision
SUPER BREAKOUT           1  P                      Atari 
SUPER COBRA              1  P                    ParkerB
SUPER-FERRARI            1  P               GermanPirate         
SUPER FOOTBALL           1  P                      Atari
SUPERMAN                 2  P                      Atari
SURROUND                 2  P                      Atari 
SWORDQUEST Earthworld    1  P                      Atari
SWORDQUEST Earthworld    1  N Atari            Boxed+Ins
SWORDQUEST Fireworld     1  N                      Atari
SWORDQUEST Fireworld     1  N Atari            Boxed+Ins
SWORDQUEST Waterworld    1  N Atari            Boxed+Ins
TANK CITY                1  P                     Pirate
TAPEWORM                 1  P              Spectravision
TARGET FUN               1  N                      Sears
TENNIS                   2  P                 Activision 
THE CHALLENGE OF NEXAR   1  P              Spectravision
THRESHOLD                1  P                Tigervision
TITLE MATCH PROWRESTLING 1  P                   Absolute
TOWERING INFERNO         1  N                   US Games
TRICK SHOT               1  N                     Imagic
TURMOIL                  1  N                   20thCent
TUTANKHAM                2  P                    ParkerB
UNIVERSAL CHAOS          1  P                  Telegames
VANGUARD                 5  P                      Atari
VENTURE                  4  PSN                      CBS
VIDEO CHECKERS           1  P                      Atari
VIDEO CHESS              2  P                      Atari
VIDEO OLYMPICS           2  P                      Atari
VIDEO PINBALL            2  NP                     Atari
WARLORDS                 1  P                      Atari
WARPLOCK                 1  P                  GameWorld
WELTRAUMTUNNEL           1  P               GermanPirate
WINTER GAMES             1  P                       Epyx
WIZARD OF WOR            2  P                      Atari
WORD ZAPPER              2  N                     Vidtec
X-MAN                    1  P                      Gamex
WUSTENSCHLACHT           1  P               GermanPirate              
YAR'S REVENGE            3  P                      Atari
YOKO CARTRIDGE           1  N                       Yoko
ZAXXON                   2  P                        CBS

Atari 2600 Prototypes/Tests ------------------------- 24

ADVENTURE                  N             Test/Prototype?
ALPHA BEAM WITH ERNIE      N                   Prototype
CAR RACING ?               P    Prototype/Test Cartridge
CONGO BONGO                N    Prototype/Test Cartridge
COOKIE MONSTER(12-21-83)   N  Loaner cartridge-Prototype
COOKIE MONSTER             P    Prototype/Test Cartridge
DEMONDS TO DIAMONDS        P    Prototype/Test Cartridge
DUKES OF HAZZARD           N                 Atari/Proto
DUMBO FLYING CIRCUS        ?                   Prototype
HAUNTED HOUSE              N    Prototype/Test Cartridge
JOURNEY ESCAPE             N    Demo/Prototype   DataAge
KRULL EPROM (6-15-83)      N  Loaner cartridge-Prototype
MARIO BROS.                P    Prototype/Test Cartridge
MATH GRAND PRIX            P    Prototype/Test Cartridge
QUADRUN                    N                   Prototype
ROBOT TANK                 N                   Prototype
SKY JINKS                  ?                   Prototype
SOCCER (2.8.83)            N  Loaner cartridge-Prototype
SORCERER'S APP (3.28.83)   N  Loaner cartridge-Prototype
SPACE INVADERS             N             Test/Prototype?
SUBMARINE COMMANDER        N    Prototype/Test Cartridge
SUPER BREAKOUT             N    Prototype/Test Cartridge
TENNIS (EPROM) 366-01      N  Loaner cartridge-Prototype 

Atari 2600 Miscellaneous -------------------------------

Guide Books & Magazines:                               4

ATARI AGE Vol.1 May/June 1982                         US
ATARI AGE Vol.1,2 July/August 1982                    US
ATARI LOG BOOK                                        US
YAR'S REVENGE COMIC                                   US

Activision Patches:   
Freeway ("Save The Chicken Foundation")
Laser Blaster ("Commander,Federation of Laser Blasters")
River Raiders


ATARI 5200

Atari 5200 Cartridges -------------------------------- 0
    Name                Company                


Atari 5200 Prototypes ------------------------------- 10

CENTIPEDE                       Eprom/Test cartridge (?)
COUNTER MEASURES                Eprom/Test cartridge (?)
FOOTBALL		        Eprom/Test cartridge (?)
FOOTBALL                          EPROM/LOANER CARTRIDGE
GALAXIAN 		        Eprom/Test Cartridge (?)
STAR RAIDERS		        Eprom/Test Cartridge (?)
UNKNOWN PROTOTYPE               Eprom/Test Cartridge (?)


ATARI 7800

Atari 7800 Peritel Model                       Boxed+Ins

Atari 7800 Cartridges ------------------------------- 28
    Name                Company                
BALLBLAZER              Atari                  Cart Only x2
BALLBLAZER              Atari                  Boxed+Ins
COMMANDO                Atari                  Boxed+Ins
CHOPLIFTER              Atari                  Boxed+Ins x3
CRACKED                 Atari                   Cart+Ins
CROSSBOW                Atari                  Boxed+Ins x2
DESERT FALCON           Atari                  Boxed+Ins
DIG DUG                 Atari                  Boxed+Ins
DONKEY KONK Junior      Atari                  Boxed+Ins
DOUBLE DRAGON           Hes                    Cart Only
IKARI WARRIORS          Atari                  Boxed+Ins
IMPOSSIBLE MISSION      Atari                  Boxed+Ins x2
JINKS                                          Boxed+Ins
JOUST                   Atari                  Boxed+Ins
KARATEKA                Atari                  Boxed+Ins
KUNG FU                 Hes                    Cart Only
MATMANIA CHALLENGE      Atari                  Cart Only x3
MELTDOWN                Atari                  Boxed+Ins
PLANET SMASHERS         Atari                  Cart Only
SCRAPYARD DOG           Atari                  Boxed+Ins
SUPER HUEY                                     Boxed+Ins
TOWER TOPPLER           Atari                  Boxed+Ins
XEVIOUS                 Atari/Namco            Cart Only

Atari 7800 Prototypes -------------------------------- 1

ROBOTRON                Atari                  Cart Only


ATARI XL, 400,600 & 800

ATARI 600XL                                Computer Only
ATARI 800XL                                Computer Only
ATARI XL                                    Console Only
      + Light gun 

Production ROM Cartridge PCBs            Atari 800/XL/XE x2
16k Memory card blank production PCB                     x2

Atari XL Cartridges --------------------------------- 28
    Name                   Company Index     


ARCHON                       Atari   RX8092    Boxed+Ins
BARNYARD BLASTER             Atari   RX8086    Cart Only       
BATTLEZONE                   Atari   RX8077    Boxed+Ins
BLUE MAX                     Atari   RX8081    Cart Only 
BUG HUNT                     Atari   RX8087    Cart Only
CRIME BUSTER                 Atari   RX8104     Box Only
DEFENDER                     Atari   CXL4025   Cart Only
DONKEY KONG                  Atari   RX8031    Cart Only
ET PHONE HOME                Atari   RX8030    Cart Only 
FOOD FIGHT                   Atari   RX8079    Boxed+Ins
FROGGER                      Atari   MA01915   Cart Only
GALAXIAN                     Atari   CXL4024   Cart Only
GATO                         Atari   RX8090    Boxed+Ins
JOUST                        Atari   RX8044    Cart Only
JUNGLE HUNT                  Atari   RX8049    Cart Only
MILLIPEDE                    Atari   RX8048    Cart Only
MS.PAC-MAN                   Atari   RX8083    Cart Only
OIL'S WELL                   Sierra  OWL-801   Cart Only
ONE-ON-ONE BASKETBAL         Atari   RX8093    Cart Only
PENGO                        Atari   RX8045    Cart Only 
POPEYE                       Parker            Boxed+Ins
SUPER BREAKOUT               Atari   RX8006    Cart Only
TENNIS                       Atari   RX8042    Cart Only


ALPHABET ZOO (DEMO)          SpinmakerSoftware Cart Only
FACEMAKER (DEMO)             SpinmakerSoftware Cart Only
IN-STORE DEMO                Atari   CXL4019   Boxed-New
SPACE INVADERS (Tape)        Atari   CX4111    Boxed+Ins
SUPER BREAKOUT               Atari   CXL4006       Boxed

Atari XL Tapes --------------------------------------- 7

FORBIDDEN FOREST             US Gold           Boxed+Ins
HOVER BOVER                  Mastertronic      Boxed+Ins
MONTEZUMA'S REVENGE          Databyte          Boxed+Ins
SMASH HITS V.6               English Soft.     Tape Only
SPACE INVADERS               Atari             Boxed+Ins
TANIUM                       Players           Boxed+Ins
TEMPLE OF APSHAI             Epyx              Boxed+Ins

Atari XL PROTOTYPES ---------------------------------- 4

DONKEY KONG                  Atari/Nintendo    Game Only
GATEWAY TO ASPHAI            Epix              Game Only
MIDI MAZE                    Xanth/Atari       Cart Only
MISSILE COMMAND              Atari             Cart Only



ATARI 130XE                                Computer Only
      + 5"1/4 disk driver
ATARI 520 STF                                  Boxed+Ins

ATARI PORTFOLIO                                Boxed+Ins
ATARI PORTFOLIO IC CARD                        Card+Case



ATARI LYNX                                  Console Only
      + Atari Bag
ATARI LYNX II                               Console Only
ATARI LYNX II (not working)                 Console Only

LYNX Cartridges  ------------------------------------ 29
  Name                      Company   Index
AWESOME GOLF                Atari     PA2049   Boxed+Ins
BASKETBRAWL                 Atari     PA2034   Boxed+Ins
BLUE LIGHTNING              Atari     PA2020   Cart Only
BLUE LIGHTNING (Demo Card)  Atari     PA2054   Cart Only
BLOCK OUT                   Atari     PA2056       Boxed
CHECKERED FLAG              Atari     PA2053   Boxed+Ins
CHIP'S CHALLENGE (x2)       Atari     PA2028   New-InBox
CRYSTAL MINES II            Atari     PA2105   Boxed+Ins 
DRACULA                     Atari     PA2087   Boxed+Ins 
ELECTROCOP                  Atari     PA2021   Cart Only          
FUSSBALL/SOCCER             Atari     PA2037   Boxed+Ins
GAUNTLET the 3rd Encounter  Atari     PA2024   Boxed+Ins
GAUNTLET the 3rd Encounter  Atari     PA2024   New-InBox 
ISHIDO                      Atari     PA2065   Boxed+Ins       
KUNG FOOD                   Atari     PA2076   Boxed+Ins
KUNG FOOD                   Atari     PA2076   New-InBox
PAPERBOY                    Atari     PA2041   Boxed+Ins
PIT FIGHTER (x2)            Atari     PA2070   New-InBox
SCRAPYARD DOG               Atari     PA2048   Boxed+Ins
QIX (UK)                    Telegames LX102    Cart Only
SHADOW OF THE BEAST         Atari     PA2081       Boxed
STEEL TALONS                Atari     PA2104   Cart Only
STEEL TALONS                Atari     PA2104   New-InBox
TOKI                        Atari     PA2066   Cart Only
TURBO SUB                   Atari     PA2047   Cart Only
VIKING CHILD                Atari     PA2064   Boxed+Ins
ULTIMATE CHESS CHALLENGE    Telegames LX101    Boxed+Ins
XYBOTS                      Atari     PA2062   Boxed+Ins
XYBOTS                      Atari     PA2062   New-InBox
ZARLOR MERCENARY            Atari     PA2030   Boxed+Ins
ZARLOR MERCENARY            Atari     PA2030   New-InBox 


BATMAN RETURNS                                 Cart Only
CRYSTAL MINES II                               Cart Only
DINOLYMPICS                                    Cart Only
KUNG FOOD                                      Cart Only



ATARI JAGUAR 64.BIT                            Boxed+Ins

Jaguar Cartridges ------------------------------------ 3
    Name                    Company    
ALIEN vs PREDATOR           Atari                  Boxed
CYBERMORPH                  Atari              Cart Only
THEME PARK		    Bullfrog           Boxed+Ins

Jaguar Prototypes ------------------------------------ 1
ALIEN vs PREDATOR                           US Prototype


CBS COLECOVISION _______________________________________ 

CBS Colecovision                            Console Only     
CBS Colecovision (Doesn't Work)             Console Only
Module additionnel                           Module Only
      adaptateur multi-cassettes   
Expansion module #2                          Module Only

Colecovision Cartridges  ---------------------------- 36
        Name             Format Company          
2010 The Graphic Action G.      CBS/ADAM       Cart Only 
ANTARCTIC ADVENTURE         Pal Konami          Cart+Ins 
BLUE PRINT                Secam CBS            Cart Only
COSMIC AVENGER            Secam CBS            Cart Only
DESTRUCTOR                Secam CBS            Cart Only  
DONKEY KONG               Secam CBS            Cart Only    
DONKEY KONG               Secam CBS            Cart Only   
DONKEY KONG Junior        Secam CBS            Cart Only  
EVOLUTION (Sydney's)        Pal ?? CBS/ADAM    Cart Only                        
FRENZY                    Secam CBS            Cart Only
FRONT LINE                  Pal Taito          Cart Only   
GORF                      Secam CBS            Cart Only 
GYRUSS                      Pal ParkerBros     Cart Only   
JUMPMAN Junior            Secam CBS            Cart Only   
LEARNING WITH LEEPER            Sierra Online  Boxed+Ins    
LOOPING                   Secam CBS            Cart Only    
MINER 2049er                    Micro Fun      Boxed+Ins
MOUSE TRAP                Secam CBS            Cart Only   
Mr.DO!                    Secam CBS            Cart Only   
PEPPER II                 Secam CBS            Cart Only    
PITFALL                         Activision     Cart Only    
QUEST FOR QUINTANA ROO          Sunrise        Cart Only    
SAMMY LIGHTFOOT                 Sierra Online  Cart Only    
SCHTROUMPFS               Secam CBS            Cart Only    
SLITHER                   Secam CBS            Cart Only  
SPACE FURY                  Pal CBS            Cart Only
SPACE FURY                Secam CBS            Cart Only 
SPACE PANIC               Secam CBS            Boxed+Ins 
SUBROC                     Ntsc CBS/Sega       Cart Only
SUPER COBRA                 Pal Parker/Konami  Boxed+Ins
TIMEPILOT                 Secam CBS            Cart Only    
TURBO                       Pal CBS            Cart Only x2
VENTURE                   Secam CBS            Cart Only    
VICTORY                   Secam CBS             Shrinked
ZAXXON                    Secam CBS            Cart Only 
ZENJI                       Pal Activison       Shrinked

Colecovision Prototypes  ----------------------------- 9

ANTARCTIC ADVENTURE             Konami      US Cart Only
BURGERTIME                                  US Cart Only
LADY BUG                        Universal   US Cart Only
MINER 2049ER                    MicroFun    US Cart Only
QUEST FOR TIRES                 Sierra      US Cart Only
SMURF RESCUE IN GARGAMEL'S C.   Coleco      US Cart Only
SPACE FURY                      Sega        US Cart Only
TELLY TURTLE Rev.1              Carousel    US Cart Only
TURBO                           Sega        US Cart Only

COMMODORE ______________________________________________

C64 Cartridges --------------------------------------- 3

FINAL CARTRIDGE III                            Cart+Ins
JUPITER LANDER                                 Cart Only
SUPER SMASH                                    Prototype

EXELVISION _____________________________________________

EXL 100                                    Computer Only

Exl Cartridges --------------------------------------- 4
EXELBASIC                                          Boxed
TENNIS                                             Boxed
VIRUS                                              Boxed
WIZORD                                             Boxed

HANDHELD _______________________________________________

Game & Watch Type

G&W Type ------------------------------------------- 186
  Name                    Company
??? (japanese)            Bandai-Double Play  Game Only
??? (yellow-russian)      Elektronica         Boxed+Ins
AIR REVENGER              Tronica             Game Only
AIRPORT PANIC             Bandai - SolarP.    Game Only
AMAZONE                   Bandai - SolarP.    Game Only
APPLE (Game&Time)         Matsushima Kogyo    Game Only
AKURYO NO YAKATA (Jap)    Bandai              Boxed+Ins
AUTO RACE                 Casio               Game Only
BALL (Jap)                Nintendo            Boxed+Ins
BALL (Jap/1st edition)    Nintendo            Boxed+Ins
BALL (Club Nintendo)      Nintendo            Boxed+Ins x2
BALLOON FIGHT             Nintendo            Game Only
BANK RAID                 Systema             Game Only
BASKET BALL               Avispace ITV        Game Only
BASSMATE                  Probe 2000          Game Only
BASSMATE 2                Probe 2000          Boxed+Ins
BLACK JACK                Nintendo            Game Only
BOMB SWEEPER              Nintendo            Game Only
BOMB SWEEPER              Nintendo            Boxed+Ins
BOXING                    Nintendo (vs)       Game Only
BRICK GAME (E23plusMark2) ??                  Game Only
BURY THE MONSTERS         Romtec              Game Only
BMX BURNER                Grandstand          Boxed+Ins
CASIO CALCULATOR/GAME     Casio (MG-777)      Game+Ins
CEMENT FACTORY            Nintendo            Game Only
CEMENT FACTORY            Nintendo            Boxed+Ins
CHALLENGER                Lansay              Game Only
CHEF (Jap)                Nintendo            Boxed+Ins
CHEF (Key Chain)          Takara/Tomy         Boxed+Ins          
CHICKY WOGGY              Polistil            Boxed+Ins
CHIYOU NOU RYOKU (Jap)    Bandai              Boxed+Ins
COMBAT (Game&Time)        Moriaka Tokei inc.  Game Only
COSMOS                    Play&Time           Game Only
COSMO FIGHTER             Casio               Game Only
CRACKSMAN                 Liwaco              Game Only
CRAZY KONG                Grandstand          Boxed+Ins
DEEP DIVER Tri-screen     VTech,Time&Fun      Game Only
DAIDASSOU (Jap)           Bandai              Boxed+Ins
DOLPHINS                  Play&Time           Boxed+Ins
DONKEY ANGLER             Gakken              Boxed+Ins
DONKEY KONG               Nintendo            Boxed+Ins
DONKEY KONG               Nintendo (CGL)      Game Only
DONKEY KONG II            Nintendo            Boxed+Ins
DONKEY KONG II            Nintendo (US)       Boxed+Ins
DONKEY KONG 3             Nintendo (vs)       Boxed+Ins
DONKEY KONG Jr.           Nintendo            Boxed
DONKEY KONG Jr.        x2 Nintendo            Boxed+Ins
DONKEY KONG Jr. (Jap)     Nintendo            Boxed+Ins
DONKEY KONG Jr.           Nintendo (CGL)      Game Only
DONKEY KONG Jr.           Nintendo (CGL)      Game Only
DONKEY KONG Jr.           Nintendo            Game Only
DONKEY KONG HOCKEY 	  Nintendo (vs)       Boxed+Ins
DONGEONS & DRAGONS        Mattel/Tsr          Boxed+Ins
DR DENTAL (Jap)           Bandai              Boxed+Ins
DRAGON                    Ceppiratti/Tiger    Boxed+Ins
EPOCH MAN                 Epoch - 1981        Game +Ins
EPOCK MAN                 Epoch               Boxed+Ins
ESCAPE FROM THE DEVIL DOOM Bandai             Boxed+Ins
FISHERMAN                 ?? (Russian g&w)    Boxed+Ins
FIRE (first series)       Nintendo            Boxed+Ins
FIRE                      Nintendo            Boxed+Ins
FIRE                      Nintendo            Game Only
FIRE ATTACK (jap)         Nintendo            Boxed+Ins
FLAGMAN (Jap - 1st Edi)   Nintendo            Boxed+Ins
FOOTBALL                  VideoJet            Game Only
FRANKENSTEIN              Bandai - SolarP.    Game Only
FORMULA ONE RACING        Tiger               Game Only
FORMULE 1                 VideoJet            Game Only
FROGS & BUTTERFLIES       Elektronica-Russian Boxed+Ins
FUKU-CHAN                 Epoch (jap)         Boxed+Ins
GAME                      ???                 Game Only
GAME(Handball)            Game Melody         Boxed+Ins
GAME(Boxing?)             ???                 Game Only
GEKISEN U-BOAT            Bandai              Boxed+Ins
GHOSTCATCHER              Grandstand          Game Only
???(Same as Ghostcatcher) Grandstand          Game Only
GANGSTER&COP (? jap name) Bandai LSI GAME     game Only
GOLF MASTER 2             Systema             Boxed+Ins
GORGON                    Epoch               Game Only
GORGON                    Epoch               Boxed+Ins
GRADIUS                   Konami              Game Only
GREEN HOUSE            x2 Nintendo            Game Only
GUTTANG GOTTONG           Mattel              Game Only
HAMBURGER (Jap)           Takara/Joytronics   Boxed+Ins x2
HELICOPTER REVENGER       Tronica             Game Only
HERO AND PRINCESS         Systema             Boxed+Ins
HELMET (Japan)            Nintendo            Boxed+Ins
HIGHWAY                   Radio Shack         Boxed+Ins x3
HOCKEY                    ?? (Russian g&w)    Game Only
HOCKEY                    ?? (Russian g&w)    Boxed+Ins
HOCKEY SUR GLACE          Yeno/Tiger          Game Only
HOLD UP                   Tandy               Boxed+Ins
HOUND DOG                 LSI GAME            Game Only
INVADER (Model 188)       RJP                 Boxed+Ins
INVADERS OF THE MUMMY TOMB Bandai             Game Only
JET FIGHTER               Radio Shack         Boxed+Ins
JUDGE (Purple/Jap)        Nintendo            Boxed+Ins
JUNGLE                    Sunwing             Game Only
JUNGLE BOY                Pocketgame          Boxed+Ins
JUNGLE HERO               Epoch               Game Only
KING KONG JUNGLE (Jap)    Epoch               Boxed+Ins
KING KONG NEW YORK (Jap)  Epoch               Boxed+Ins
KITCHEN PANIC             Gakken              Boxed+Ins
KUNG FU                   Radio Shack         Boxed+Ins
LA RIVIERE INFERNALE      Yeno/Tiger          Game Only
LE CHIEN DE GARDE         Liwaco              Boxed+Ins
LE DINOSAURE              Orlitronic/Tiger    Boxed+Ins
LE HEROS GREC             Epoch               Game Only
LE HEROS GREC             Epoch               Boxed+Ins
LEMMINGS                  Systema             Game+Ins
LIFE BOAT (Jap)           Nintendo            Boxed+Ins
LION                      Nintendo            Game Only
LION (Jap)                Nintendo            Boxed+Ins
LION TAMER                Liwaco              Game Only
MANHOLE (Gold/Jap)        Nintendo            Boxed+Ins
MARIO BROS.               Nintendo            Game Only
MARIO BROS.               Nintendo            Boxed+Ins
MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE   Mattel electronics  Game Only
MERMAID                   Sunwing (SG-862)    Game Only
MERRY COOK                Russian             Boxed+Ins
MERRY FOOTBALLER          Russian             Boxed+Ins
MERRY FOOTBALLER          Russian             Boxed+Ins
MICKEY & DONALD           Nintendo            Game Only
MICKEY & DONALD (Jap)     Nintendo            Game Only
MICKEY MOUSE              Nintendo            Game Only
MICKEY MOUSE (red)        Electronika         Boxed+Ins
MICKEY MOUSE (white)      ?? (Russian g&w)    Game Only
MICKEY MOUSE (black)      ?? (Russian g&w)    Game Only
MONSTER PANIC (yellow)    Epoch               Game Only
MONSTER PANIC (large)     ITMC/Epoc           Boxed+Ins
MONSTER PANIC (small/Jap) Epoch               Boxed+Ins
MOTORBOAT RACE            Casio               Boxed+Ins
Mr.WOOD MAN               Epoch               Game Only
MULTIBOY GAME 4  (Jap)    Yonezawa            Boxed+Ins
NEMESIS                   Konami              Boxed+Ins
NU POGODI (Wolf Eggs)     ?? (Russian g&w)    Boxed+Ins
OCTOPUS                   Nintendo            Game Only
OCTOPUS (Jap)             Nintendo            Boxed+Ins
OCTOPUS (Key Chain)       Takara/Tomy         Boxed+Ins    
OIL GANG                  Epoch co.           Game Only
OIL PANIC                 Nintendo            Game Only
OIL PANIC (Jap)           Nintendo            Boxed+Ins
PAC-LAND                  Namco (1984)        Boxed+Ins
PAC-MAN                   Epoch(GRANDSTAND)   Game Only
PAC-MAN (Pocket)          Epoch(GRANDSTAND)   Game+Ins
PAK-PAK MAN (Pocket-green)Epoch               Game Only
PANIQUE SPACIALE          Epoch               Game Only
PARACHUTE                 Nintendo            Boxed+Ins
PARACHUTE (Jap)           Nintendo            Boxed+Ins
PARACHUTE (Key Chain)     Takara/Tomy         Boxed+Ins   
PEAU DE BANANE            Ludotronic          Game Only
PECHE AU REQUIN           Gakken              Boxed+Ins
PENGUIN                   Epoch               Game Only
PENGUIN RESTAURANT        Epoch               Boxed+Ins
PINBALL                   Gakken              Boxed+Ins
PINBALL                   Nintendo            Game Only
PIN BALL                  Tronica (PG-205)    Game Only
PINBALL                   ???                 Game Only
PIRATE                    Systema             Game Only
PIRATE                    Play&Time/Game Jeu  Boxed+Ins
PIRATE                    Sunwing             Game Only
PLANE & TANK              Tandy               Game Only
PLANE & TANK              ??? (series CG-4)   Game Only
PLANE & TANK BATTLE       Radio Shack         Boxed+Ins
POCHI TO TAMAGOHAN        Bandai              Game Only
POPEYE (broken)           Nintendo            Game Only
Q&Q                       ???                 Game Only
Q&Q (LCD card game)       series CG-4         Game Only
Q&Q (LCD carg game pink)  ???                 Game Only
RACEWAY                   Radio Shack         Boxed+Ins
RESCUE                    Play&Time           Boxed+Ins
ROBOT                     Lansay              Game Only
ROI DE LA JUNGLE          ITMC/Epoch          Game Only
ROLLET                    ???                 Game Only
SAFE BUSTER               Nintendo            Boxed+Ins
SCHTROUMPFS               Orlitronic          Game Only
SCRAMBLE (Pocket)         Epoch(GRANDSTAND)   Game Only
SHARKS                    Addex               Game Only
SEA RANGER                Avitron             Boxed
SHARK ISLAND (Jap)        Bandai              Boxed+Ins
SHELL ATTACK              ???                 Game Only
SLIMBOY SPACEQUARTZ       Tomy lc-game        Game Only 
SNOOPY                    Nintendo            Game Only
SNOOPY TENNIS             Nintendo            Game Only
SOCCER                    ???                 Game Only
SOCCER			  Tiger               Game Only
SPACE ALIEN               Radio Shack         Boxed+Ins
SPACE ALIEN               Radio Shack         Boxed+Ins
SPACE CASTLE 3Dimensions  ???                 Game Only
SPACE CRUSHER             RadioShark (Epoch)  Boxed+Ins
SPACE FIGHTER/FIRE AWAY   ???                 Game Only
SPACE MISSION (dead)      GameClock/Tronica   Game Only
SPACE PANIC               ITMC                Game Only
SPACE PANIC               Epoch               Boxed
SPACE PANIC               Epocj (Jap)         Boxed+Ins
SPACE RESCUE              GameClock/Tronica   Game Only
SPACE RESCUE              RadioShark          Boxed+Ins
SPARKY SPITBALL (Jap)     Nintendo            Boxed+Ins
SQUISH                    Nintendo            Game Only
STAR WARS                 Russian G&W         Boxed+Ins
STEALTH FIGHTER           Playtime            Game Only
SUBMARINE                 Commodoor           Game Only
SUPER HORSE RACING        ???                 Boxed+Ins
SUPER SNOOKER             Systema             Game Only
SUPER MARIO BROS          Nintendo            Game Only
SUPER MARIO BROS DISK KUN Nintendo            Boxed+Ins
SWORDS & SERPENTS         Grandstand          Game Only
TENNIS                    Game                Game Only
THE GANG  (Jap)           Takara/Joytronics   Boxed+Ins x3
THUNDERBALL               GameClock/Tronica   Game Only
TREASURE ISLAND           Tronica (3 screens) Game Only
TREMBLEMENT DE TERRE      ???                 Game Only
TROJAN HORSE              Gakken              Boxed+Ins
TOSS-UP                   Nintendo            Game Only
TOWER RESCUE              Gakken              Game Only
TOWER RESCUE              Gakken              Boxed+Ins
TURTLE BRIDGE (Japan,1st) Nintendo            Boxed+Ins
VERMIN (Jap)              Nintendo            Boxed+Ins
VOLLEY BALL               ???                 Game Only
VOYAGER Radio Game watch  Liwaco(MatsushimaK) Game Only
WATCHMAN KUROHIGE   (Jap) Tomy                Boxed+Ins
WILD HORSE                FH LCD Game         Game Only
WOLF                      Russian G&W         Game Only
ZAXXON                    Bandai              Game Only
ZAXXON (Jap)              Bandai              Boxed+Ins
ZELDA                     Nintendo            Game+Ins


SPECIAL Type --------------------------------------- 47
  Name                    Company
ALIEN ATTACK              Tomy                Game Only
ALIEN ATTACK              Coleco              Game Only
ASTRO WARS                Grandstand          Game Only
BARCODE BATTLER           Tomy                Boxed+Ins
B. GALACTICA SPACE ALERT  Mattel Electronics  Game Only
CAVEMAN                   Tomy                Game Only
COMPUTER ARCADE           RadioShack-12       Game Only
COMPUTER GIN (US)         Mattel              Boxed+Ins
COMPUTER GIN (PROTOTYPE)  Mattel              Game Only
COSMIC CLASH              TOmy                Boxed+Ins
DEMON DRIVER auto raceway Tomy                Game Only
DERBY RACE                Epoch (GameBook 77) Boxed+Ins
DESERT RACE               Tomy(Pocket Arcade) Game Only
DICTEE MAGIQUE            Texas Inst.         Game Only
DOCTEUR MABOUL            Hasbro              Game Only
ENVAHISSEURS 2            Ludotronic          Game Only
FOOTBALL                  Pintec              Game Only
FOOTBALL ELEC. PARLANT    ITMC/Yeno           Game Only
FROGGER                   CGL(Konami)         Game Only
HARRY POTTER              ???                 Boxed+Ins
HARRY POTTER              ???                 Game Only
INVADER FROM SPACE        Grandstand          Game Only
KINGMAN                   Tomy                Game Only
KNIGHT's MISSION          Tomy(Pocket Arcade) Game Only
MANIAC                    Ideal               game Only
MARIO'S Cement Factory    Nintendo            Game Only
MERLIN                    Miro                Boxed+Ins
MUSIQUE MAGIQUE           Texas Instrument    Game Only
NAVAL BATTLESHIP          MGA Entertainment   Game Only
PACKRI MONSTER            Bandai Electronics  Game Only
PINBALL                   Tandy               Game Only
PINBALL                   ???                 Game Only
PUCK MONSTER              CGL(Japan)          Game Only
PULSE MISSILE             ???                 Boxed
QUIZ WIZ #1               Coleco              Game Only
RALLY RACER (Talking)     VTech               Game Only
ROMULATOR CD game system  Manley Toy Quest    Game Only
SEA FORCE                 ???                 Game Only
SKY ATTACK                Tomytronic 3D       Game Only
SPACE INVADER             Entex Electronics   Game Only
SPEAK & SPELL             Texas Inst.         Game Only
SPEAK & SPELL(soft keys)  Texas Inst.         Game Only
SPLIT SECOND              Palitoy             Boxed+Ins
SPORTS ARENA              Tandy               Boxed+Ins
SUB CHASE                 Mattel Elec.        Game Only
TENNIS                    ENTEX (CEJI)        Boxed+Ins
THUNDERING TURBO          Tomytronic 3D       Boxed
TOUCH ME		  Atari	              Game Only	
TOUCH ME		  Atari	              Boxed+Ins	

Game & Watch Miscellaneous ............................

BALLOON FIGHT CRYSTAL                          Box Only
SUPER MARIO BROS CRYSTAL                       Box Only



SUPERMAN (x2)                        holographic overlay 



GAMATE		          Bit Corp.         Console Only

Gamate Cartridges ----------------------------------- 1
  Name                    Company

BRICK BLASTER		  Bit Corp.           Cart Only



MICROVISION               MB                  Boxed+ins
MICROVISION (US)          MB                  Console Only

 #1 Casse Brique                              Boxed
 #2 Bowling                                   Boxed
 #3 Shooting Star                             Boxed
 #4 Filpper                                   Boxed
 #5 Puissance 4                               Boxed
 #6 Bataille Navale                           Boxed+Ins
 #7 Blitz                                     Boxed+Ins
 #8 Super Casse Brique                        Boxed+Ins
 BLOCK BUSTER (us)			      Cart Only
 PINBALL (us)                                 Cart Only



GAME.COM               Tiger                  Boxed+ins

Game.com cartridges --------------------------------- 1

WILLIAM'S ARCADE CLASSICS     70-722          Boxed+Ins



SUPERVISION            Watara                 Boxed+ins

Supervision cartridges ------------------------------ 1

Classic Casino                2200-OLC0       Cart Only

HANIMEX ________________________________________________

HANIMEX                                     Console Only
     JEU-ELECTRONIQUE Modele 7771.

ITMC TeleJeu SD 90                          Console Only

Hanimex Cartridges ---------------------------------- 14
  Name                    Company    Index
CAR RACE GP               Hanimex              Boxed+Ins
CAR RACE  (black)                    PC-504    Boxed+Ins
CAR RACE  (White)         Hanimex    PC-504    Cart Only
JEU DE CONSTRUCTION       Hanimex              Boxed+Ins
MOTOR CYCLE (red box)     Hanimex    PC-502    Boxed+Ins
MOTOR CYCLE (green box)   Haniex     PC-502    Boxed+Ins
SHOOTING GALLERY          Hanimex    PC-507    Cart Only
SHOOTING GALLERY          Hanimex    PC-507    Boxed+Ins
SUBMARINE                 Hanimex    PC-505    Boxed+Ins
SUBMARINE                 Hanimex    PC-505    Boxed+Ins
SUPER SPORT               Rollet     4/305     Cart Only
SUPERSPORTIC              hanimex              Boxed+Ins
SUPER SPORTIF             Hanimex    PC-501    Boxed+Ins
SUPERBWIPEOUT             Hanimex    PC-506    Boxed+Ins

HOME ARCADE ____________________________________________

Home Arcade Cartridges ------------------------------- 4
ESCAPE                                         Cart Only
GRAND SLAM TENNIS                              Cart Only
SPACE RAIDERS                                  Cart Only
TANKS A LOT                                    Cart Only 

IBM ____________________________________________________

IBM XT                                     Computer Only
     + monitor
     + keyboard

INTELLIVISION __________________________________________

INTELLIVISION (x2)                          Console Only
INTELLIVISION                                  Boxed+Ins

VOICE SYNTHESIS MODULE (US)                        Boxed

Intellivision Cartridges ---------------------------- 49
  Name                    Company 


ADVANCED D&D              TSR                  Cart Only
ARMOR BATTLE		  Mattel	       Boxed+Ins
ASTROMASH                 Mattel               Boxed+Ins
AUTO RACING               Mattel               Cart Only
BACKGAMMON                Mattel               Boxed
BEAMRIDER                 Activision           Cart Only
BOWLING                   Mattel               Cart Only
BOXING                    Mattel               Boxed+Ins
BURGER TIME               Mattel               Cart Only 
BUZZ BOMBERS		  Mattel               Boxed+Ins     
CARNIVAL                  CBS                  Boxed
DECATHLON                 Activision           Cart Only
DEMON ATTACK              Imagic               Cart Only
DONKEY KONG               CBS                  Cart Only
DRACULA                   Imagic               Boxed+Ins
FROG BOG                  Mattel               Cart Only
GOLF                      Mattel               Cart Only
GOLF                      Mattel               Cart Only
HORSE RACING              Mattel               Boxed
LADY BUG                  CBS                  Cart Only
MISSION X                 Mattel               Cart Only
NASL SOCCER               Mattel               Cart Only
NASL SOCCER               Mattel               Cart Only
NASL SOCCER               Mattel               Cart Only
NHL HOCKEY                Mattel               Cart Only
POKER & BLACKJACK         Mattel               Cart Only
Q*BERT                    ParkerB              Cart Only
ROULETTE                  Mattel               Boxed+Ins
SEA BATTLE                Mattel               Cart Only
SKIING                    Mattel               Cart Only
SKIING                    Mattel               Cart Only
SNAFU                     Mattel               Cart Only
SOCCER                    Mattel               Boxed+Ins
SPACE ARMADA              Mattel               Boxed+Ins
SPACE HAWK                Mattel               Cart Only
STAR STRIKE               Mattel               Boxed
TENNIS                    Mattel               Boxed+Ins
TENNIS                    Mattel               Cart Only
TRIPLE ACTION             Mattel               Cart Only
TRON DEADLY DISCS         Mattel               Boxed
TRON:MAZE-A-TRON          Mattel               Cart Only
TRON:SOLAR SAILER         Mattel               Sealed
TURBO                     CBS                  Cart Only
UTOPIA                    Mattel               Cart Only
VENTURE                   CBS                  Cart Only
ZAXXON                    CBS                  Cart Only


SEWER MAN                 Interphase           Cart Only


TENNIS                    Mattel                  Sealed

MSX ___________________________________________________

MSX Sega                                  Computer Only
BEE PACK                   Hudson Soft        Cart Only x2
BEE PACK                   Hudson Soft            Boxed
SOFTCARD ADAPTATOR                            Cart Only

MSX Cartridges ------------------------------------- 14
  Name                     Company
BASEBALL CRAZE (BeeCard)   Hudson Soft        Cart Only
BOMBERMAN                  Honeybee Soft      Boxed
BOMBERMAN (BeeCard)        Hudson Soft        Boxed+Ins
CHORO Q                    Taito/SoftCard     Boxed+Ins
HYPER SPORTS               Konami             Cart Only
JETSET WILLY (BeeCard)     Hudson Soft        Cart Only
JETSET WILLY (BeeCard)     Hudson Soft        Boxed+Ins
KONAMI's TENNIS            Konami             Cart Only
MONKEY ACADEMY             Konami             Boxed+Ins
PARODIUS                   Konami             Boxed+Ins
SKY JAGUARD                Konami             Cart Only
STAR FORCE (BeeCard)       Hudson Soft        Boxed+Ins x2
STAR FORCE (BeeCard)       Hudson Soft        Boxed 
STAR SOLDIER (BeeCard)     Hudson Soft        Boxed+Ins
SUPER COBRA                Konami             Cart Only
TAKAHASHI MEIJIN (BeeCard) Hudson Soft        Boxed+Ins

MSX Miscellanous ......................................

MSX Fan Book (dec.89)                       JP Magazine

NEC ___________________________________________________

PC-Engine CoreGrafx                           Boxed+Ins
PC-Engine CoreGrafx II                        Boxed+Ins
PC-Engine SuperGrafx                       Console Only
PC-Engine GT                               Console Only
TurboGrafx PAL (European Release)             Boxed+Ins
TurboDuo CD (US)                              Boxed+Ins
DUO-R While                                Console Only
Super CDROM 2                                 Boxed+Ins        
Ten-No-Koe 2 (Saving device)                  Boxed+Ins
UFO console (Chinese Pirate) + HuCard      Console Only
TG-16 PCE Game Converter (faulty?)                Boxed

Nec AVenue Pad                              Device Only
Nec AVenue Pad                                    Boxed
Misc PC Engine Controller (with stickers)    Controller

2P MULTITAP                                 Device Only
5P MULTITAP                                 Device Only

TourVision                         Spanish Mother Board
    Tennis (TourVision)                           Boxed

PC ENGINE Hucards & CDs --------------------------- 526
  Name                      Company

PC Engine Hucards (Japan) .............................

???                       ???-NAS             Boxed+Ins 
1941                      Hudson Soft         Boxed+Ins
1943                      Naxat Soft          Boxed+Ins
ARTIST TOOL               Nec/Hudson Soft     Boxed+Ins
DUO CARD                  Nec                 Boxed+Ins
ADVENTURE ISLAND          HudsonSoft          Boxed+Ins
AERO BLASTERS             Hudson Soft(vol.33) Boxed+Ins
AFTER BURNER II           Sega/Nec            Boxed+Ins
ALDINES                   Hudson Soft(Sgfx)   Boxed+Ins
ALICE IN WONDERLAND       Face                Boxed+Ins
ALIEN CRUSH               Naxat Soft          Boxed+Ins
APPARE GATE BALL          Hudson Soft(vol.13) Boxed+Ins
ATOMIC ROBOT KID Special  UPL                 Boxed+Ins
BALLISTIX                 Coconuts/Psygnosis  Boxed+Ins
BARI BARI LEGEND          Taito               Boxed+Ins
BARUNBA                   Namcot              Boxed+Ins
BATTLE ACE                Hudson Soft(Sgfx)   Boxed+Ins
BATTLE LODE RUNNER        Hudson Soft         Boxed+Ins  
BEBALL                    Hudson Soft(vol.28) Boxed+Ins
BENKEI GAIDEN             SunSoft             Cart Only
BIKKURIMAN WORLD          Hudson Soft(vol.2)  Boxed+Ins
BLODIA                    Hudson Soft(vol.25) Boxed+Ins
BLOODY WOLF               Deco                Boxed+Ins
BLUE BLINK                Hudson Soft/NHK     Boxed+Ins
BODY CONQUEST II          Games Express       Boxed+Ins
BOMBERMAN                 Hudson Soft(vol.34) Boxed+Ins
BOMBERMAN 93              Hudson Soft(vol.56) Boxed+Ins x2
BOMBERMAN 93 SPECIAL      Hudson Soft         Cart Only
BOMBERMAN 94              Hudson Soft(vol.61) Boxed+Ins
BOMBERMAN USERS BATTLE    Hudson Soft         Cart Only
BONZE'S ADVENTURE         Taito               Boxed+Ins
BRAVOMAN                  Namco                Cart+Ins
BURNING ANGELS            Naxat Soft          Boxed+Ins
CADASH                    Taito               Boxed+Ins
CD ROM SYSTEM CARD v1.0   NEC                 Cart Only
CD ROM SYSTEM CARD v2.0   NEC                 Cart Only
CD ROM SYSTEM CARD v2.1   NEC                 Cart Only
CHIBI MARUKO CHAN         Namcot              Boxed+Ins 
CIRCUS LIDO               Uni Post (LP)       Boxed+Ins
CITY HUNTER               Sunsoft             Boxed+Ins
CORYOON                   Naxat Soft          Boxed+Ins           
CYBER COMBAT POLICE       Face                Boxed+Ins
CYBER CORE                Igs                 Boxed+Ins x3
CYBER CROSS               Face                Boxed+Ins
CYBER DODGE BALL          Tonkin House        Boxed+Ins    
CYBER KNIGHT              Tonkin House        Boxed+Ins
DAICHI KUN C. DO NATURAL  Salio               Boxed+Ins
DARIUS ALPHA (+ letter)   NEC                 Boxed+Ins
DARIUS PLUS               NEC                 Boxed+Ins
DEAD MOON                 T.S.S               Cart Only
DEEP BLUE                 Pack-In-Video       Boxed+Ins
DETANA!! TWINBEE          Konami              Boxed+Ins x3
DEVIL CRASH               Naxal Soft          Boxed+Ins
DIE HARD                  Pack-In-Video       Boxed+Ins
DIGITAL CHAMP             Naxat Soft          Boxed+Ins
DODGE DANPEI              Huson Soft (vol.52) Boxed+Ins
DON DOKO DON              Taito               Boxed+Ins
DORAEMON Arabian Nights   Hudson Soft(vol.22) Boxed+Ins
DORAEMON CraterMaze       Hudson Soft(vol.46) Cart Only
DOUBLE DUNGEONS           Masaia              Boxed+Ins
DOWNLOAD                  Nec Avenue          Boxed+Ins
DRAGON CURSE (US)         Hudson Soft         Boxed+Ins
DRAGON EGG!               NCS                 Boxed+Ins
DRAGON KID                Tonkin House        Boxed+Ins
DRAGON SABER              Namco               Boxed+Ins
DRAGON SPIRIT             Namcot              Boxed+Ins
DROP ROCK                 Deco/Data East      Boxed+Ins
DUNGEON EXPLORER          HudsonSoft          Boxed+Ins
ESP ENERGY                Masaia/NCS          Boxed+ins
ETRNAL CITY               Naxat Soft          Boxed+Ins
F1 CIRCUS                 Nichibutsu          Boxed+Ins
F1 CIRCUS 91              NBNichibutsu        Boxed+Ins
FANTASY ZONE              Sega/Nec            Boxed+Ins
FIGHTING RUN              Nichibutsu          Boxed+Ins
FINAL BLASTER             Namcot              Boxed+Ins
FINAL LAP TWIN            Namco               Boxed+Ins
FINAL SOLDIER             Hudson Soft         Boxed+Ins
FINAL SOLDIER SPECIAL     Hudson Soft         Cart Onlu
FIRE PRO WRESTLING 3 LB   Human               Boxed+Ins
FORMATION ARMED F         Big Don             Boxed+Ins
FORMATION SOCCER          Human Creative      Cart Only
GAI FLAME 		  Masaya	      Boxed+Ins
GALAGA '88                Namco               Boxed+Ins
GALAGA '90 (US)           Namco               Boxed+Ins
GOKURAKU CHUKA TAISEN     Taito               Boxed+Ins
GRANDZORT                 Hudson Soft(Sgfx)   Boxed+Ins
DAIMAKAIMURA (G'Ghost)    Nec Avenue(Sgfx)    Boxed+Ins
GENPEI TOUMADEN           Namcot              Boxed+Ins
GENPEI TOUMADEN 2         Namco               Boxed+Ins
GOMOLA SPEED              UPL comp            Boxed+Ins
GRADIUS                   Konami              Boxed+Ins
GUNHED                    Hudson Soft(vol.19) Boxed+Ins
GUNHED SPECIAL            Hudson Soft         Cart Only
HATRIS                    MicroCabin/BulletP. Boxed+Ins
HEAVY UNIT                Taito               Boxed+Ins
HONEY IN THE SKY          Face                Boxed+Ins
HONEY ON THE ROAD         Face                Boxed+Ins
HURRICANE                 Aov.Nec             Boxed+Ins
IDOL HANAHUDA FUN CLUB    Game Express (Bbox) Boxed+Ins
IDOL HANAHUDA FUN CLUB    Game Express (CDBox)Boxed+Ins
IMAGE FIGHT               Irem Corp.(vol.3)   Boxed+Ins
JACK NICKLAUS GOLF        Accolade/Victor     Boxed+Ins
JACKIE CHAN               Hudson Soft(vol.36) Boxed+Ins x2
JIMMU DENSHO YAKSA        Big Club(?)         Boxed+Ins
KAISER'S QUEST            UPL                 Boxed+Ins
KATO CHAN KEN CHAN        Hudson Soft(vol.6)  Boxed+Ins
KATTOBI TAKUHAI           Tonkin House        Boxed+Ins
KIKI KAIKAI               Taito               Boxed+Ins
KNIGHT RIDER SPECIAL      Pack-In-Video       Boxed+Ins
KUNG FU (The)             Hudson Soft(vol.1)  Boxed+Ins
KYUUKYOKU TIGER           Taito Corp.         Boxed+Ins
LADY SWORD                Game Express        boxed+Ins
LEGENDARY AXE		  Victor Musical Ind. Boxed+Ins
LEGEND OF HERO TONMA      Irem (Vol.5)        Boxed+Ins
LEGEND OF THE VALKYRIE    Namcot              Boxed+Ins
LIQUID KID                Taito               Boxed+Ins
LODE RUNNER               Pack-In-Video       Cart Only
LOST SUNHEART             I'Max               Boxed+Ins
MAGICAL CHASE             Palsoft             Boxed+Ins
MAHJONG GOKU SPECIAL      Sunsoft             Boxed+Ins
MAHJONG WARS              Home Data           Boxed+Ins
MAHJONG WARS (?)          Nichibutsu/Nihon B. Boxed+Ins
MARCHEN MAZE              Namcot              Boxed+Ins
MASHIN EIYUUDEN WATARY    Hudson Soft(vol.12) Cart Only
MASQUERADE                Masaia              Boxed+Ins
MESOPOTAMIA               Atlus               Boxed+Ins
METAL STOKER              Face                Boxed+Ins
MOMO TAROH DENSETSU       Hudson Soft(vol.21) Boxed+Ins
MOMO TAROH KATSU GEKI     Hudson Soft(vol.32) Boxed+Ins
MOMO TAROH                Hudson Soft(vol.29) Boxed+Ins
MOMO TAROH DENSETSU 2     Hudson Soft(vol.35) Boxed+Ins
MOMO TAROH                Hudson Soft(vol.45) Boxed+Ins
MOMO TAROH RPG            Hudson Soft(vol.55) Boxed+Ins
MONSTER WRESTLING         Ask Kodansha/Lenar  Boxed+Ins
MOTO ROADER               Masaya              Boxed+Ins
MOTO ROADER II            NCS                 Boxed+Ins x2
Mr.HELI                   Irem Corp.(vol.2)   Boxed+Ins
NAXAT STADIUM             Naxat Soft          Boxed+Ins
NECROS FORTRESS           Ask Kodansha        Boxed+Ins
NECTARIS                  Hudson Soft(vol.16) Boxed+Ins
NEUTOPIA                  Hudson Soft(vol.23) Boxed+Ins
NEUTOPIA 2                Hudson Soft(vol.43) Boxed+Ins
NEW ADVENTURE ISLAND      Hudson Soft(vol.49) Boxed+Ins
NEWZEALAND STORY          Taito               Boxed+Ins
NIKO NIKO RUN             NHK                 Boxed+Ins
NINJA GAIDEN              Hudson Soft         Boxed+Ins
NINJA SPIRIT              Irem Corp.          Boxed+Ins
NINJA WARRIORS            Irem                Cart Only
MAKAI HAKKENDEN SHADA     Data East           Boxed+Ins
MORITA SHOGI              Nec avenue          Boxed+Ins
OBOCCHAMA KUN             Namcot/PackInVideo  Boxed+Ins
OPERATION WOLF            Nec/Taito           Boxed+Ins
OUT LIVE                  SunSoft             Boxed+Ins
OUT RUN                   Nec/Sega            Boxed+Ins
ORDYNE                    Namcot              Boxed+Ins
OVERRIDE                  Deco                Cart Only
PAC LAND                  Namcot              Cart Only
PACHIOKUN JUBAN SHOBU     Coconuts            Boxed+Ins
PARANOIA                  Naxat Soft          Boxed+Ins
PARASOL STAR              Taito               Boxed+Ins
PARODIUS                  Konami              Boxed+Ins
P 47                      Aicom Corp.         Boxed+Ins
PC DENJIN PUNKIC CYBORG   Hudson Soft/Red     Boxed+Ins
PC GENJIN                 Hudson Soft(vol.24) Boxed+Ins
PC GENJIN 2               Hudson Soft(vol.41) Boxed+Ins
PC GENJIN 3               Hudson Soft         Boxed+Ins
PC GENJIN 3 TAIKENBAN     Hudson Soft         Cart Only
PHOTOGRAPH BOY            Irem                Boxed+Ins
POPULOUS                  Hudson Soft         Boxed+Ins
POWERDRIFT                Asmik(Sega)         Cart Only
POWER GAME                Pack-In-Video       Boxed+Ins
POWER LEAGUE              Hudson Soft         Boxed+Ins
POWER LEAGUE (GOLD CARD)  Hudson Soft         Cart Only
POWER TENNIS              Hudson Soft(vol.59) Boxed+Ins
PSYCHO CHASER             Naxal Soft          Boxed+Ins
PUZZNIC                   Taito               Boxed+Ins
RABIO LEPUS SPECIAL       VideoSystem         Boxed+Ins
RAIDEN                    Hudson Soft         Boxed+Ins
RASTAN SAGA               Taito               Cart Only
ROCK ON                   Big Club            Boxed+Ins
RTYPE I                   Hudson Soft(vol.7)  Boxed+Ins
RTYPE II                  Hudson Soft(vol.9)  Boxed+Ins
RYU KYU                   Face                Boxed+Ins
SADIKICHI NANBAN          Hudson Soft(vol.14) Boxed+Ins
SAINT DRAGON              Aicom Corporation   Boxed+Ins
SALAMANDER                Konami              Boxed+Ins
SENGOKU MAHJONG           Hudson Soft(vol.10) Boxed+Ins
SHANGHAI                  Hudson Soft(vol.4)  Boxed+Ins
SHINOBI                   Asmik/Sega          Boxed+Ins
SHUBIBIMAN                Masaia/NCS          Boxed+Ins
SHUBIBIMAN 2              Masaia/NCS          Boxed+Ins
S.C.I                     Taito               Boxed+Ins
SEKIKEHARA                Tonkin House        Boxed+Ins
SIDEARMS                  Nec Avenue/Capcom   Boxed+Ins
SILENT DEBUGGERS          Data East Corp.     Boxed+Ins
SINDIBAD                  IGS                 Boxed+Ins
SOLDIER BLADE             Hudson Soft         Boxed+Ins
SOLDIER BLADE SPECIAL     Hudson Soft         Cart Only
SON OF DRACULA            Naxat Soft          Boxed+Ins
SON SON II                Nec Avenue          Boxed+Ins
SOUKOBAN WORLD PUZZLE     Media Rings         Cart Only
SPACE HARRIER             Nec                 Boxed+Ins
SPACE INVADERS            Taito Corp.         Boxed+Ins 
SPIN PAIR                 Media Rings Corp.   Boxed+Ins
SPIRAL WAVE               Media Rings Corp.   Boxed+Ins
SPLATTERHOUSE             Namcot              Boxed+Ins
STREAM HEART'S            TGL                 Boxed+Ins
STREET FIGHTER II'        Capcom              Boxed+Ins
SUPER IDOL GRAPHIC 2      Game Express        Boxed+Ins
SUPER LONG NOSE GOBLIN    Taito               Boxed+Ins
SUPER METAL CRUSHER       Pack-In_Video       Boxed+Ins
SUPER STAR SOLDIER        Hudson Soft(vol.30) Boxed+Ins
SUSANO NO DENSETSU        Hudson Soft(vol.17) Boxed+Ins
TAIHEKI                   KSS/NHK             Boxed+Ins
TATSUJIN                  Taito/Toaplan       Boxed+Ins
TENNOKOE BANK             Hudson Soft         Boxed+Ins
TERRA CREST II            Nihon BUssan        Boxed+Ins
THUNDER BLADE             Sega/Nec            Boxed+Ins
TIGER ROAD                VMIndustries        Boxed+Ins
TIME CRUISE II            Face                Boxed+Ins
TOILET KIDS               Media Rings Corp.   Boxed+Ins
TOWER OF DRUAGA           Namcot              Boxed+Ins
TOY SHOP BOYS             VMIndustries        Boxed+Ins
TRIPLE BATTLE F1          Human Creative      Boxed+Ins
TRICKY                    IGS                 Boxed+Ins
VEIGUES                   VMIndustries        Boxed+Ins
VIGILANTE                 Irem Corp.          Cart Only
VIOLENT SOLDIER           Igs                 Boxed+Ins
WALLABY !!                Masaia	      Boxed+Ins
WAR OF THE DEAD           VictorMusicalInd.   Boxed+Ins
WINNING SHOT              Deco                Boxed+Ins
WOLFIED			  Taito		      Boxed+Ins
WONDER MOMO 		  Namcot              Boxed+Ins
WORLD BEACH VOLLEY        IGS Corp.           Cart Only
WORLD CIRCUIT             Namcot              Boxed+Ins
WORLD COURT TENNIS        Namcot              Cart Only
WORLD STADIUM BASEBALL    Namcot              Boxed+Ins
W-RING                    Naxat Soft          Boxed+Ins
XEVIOUS			  Namcot	      Boxed+Ins	      
X SERD                    Masaia              Boxed+Ins
YOUKAIDOCHUKI             Namcot              Boxed+Ins
ZIPANG                    Tecmo/PackInVideo   Boxed+Ins

Turbografx 16 Turbochips (United States) ..............

ALIEN CRUSH               Naxat Soft          Boxed+Ins
BLAZING LAZERS            Nec                 Boxed+Ins
DUNGEON EXPLORER          HudsonSoft          Boxed+Ins
CYBER CORE                Igs Soft            Boxed+Ins
GALAGA '90                Nec/Namco           Boxed+Ins
KEITH COURAGE IN a ZONES  Hudson Soft         Boxed+Ins x2
LEGENDARY AXE             Nec                 Boxed+Ins
MILITARY MADNESS          Hudson Soft         Boxed+Ins
NIGHT CREATURES           Manley & Associates Boxed+Ins
NINJA SPIRIT              Irem Corp.          Boxed+Ins
SIDEARMS                  Radiance            Boxed+Ins
SILENT DEBUGGERS          Data East Usa       Boxed+Ins
TALE SPIN                 Nec                 Boxed+Ins x2

Vistar (Korea) ........................................

Keith Courage in Alpha Z. Vistar              Cart Only   

Hong Kong Pirate HuCards ..............................

1943 Kai                  ???                 Cart Only
2 in 1 (SideArms)         ???                 Cart Only
4 in 1 (King Of Casino)   Pc-e Game           Boxed+Ins
4 in 1 (R-Type)           Pc-e Game           Boxed+Ins
4 in 1 (Bomberman)        Pc-e Game           Boxed+Ins x2
4 in 1 (Blodia)           Pc-e Game           Boxed+Ins
5 in 1                    ???                 Cart Only x3
AERO BLASTER              ???                 Cart Only
ALTERED BEAST             King                Boxed+Ins x2
BOMBERMAN                 PcGame              Cart Only x2
BOMBERMAN                 PcCart/HuGo         Boxed+Ins
FORMATION SOCCER          PcGame/HuGo         Boxed+Ins
HOT BLOOD..DODGEBALL      King                Boxed+Ins x2
GENPEI TOUMADEN           King                Boxed+Ins x2
HYPERDINE SIDE ARMS       Micro Chiper        Cart Only
HYPERDINE SIDEARMS        Pc-Game (Kabuki)    Cart Only
KYODAI MAHJONG            King                Boxed+Ins x2
KYODAI MAHJONG            King                Cart Only
KYUUKYOKU TIGER (Handle)  Micro Chiper        Boxed+Ins
KYUUKYOKU TIGER (black)   ???                 Cart Only
NINJA SPIRIT              ???                 Cart Only
P47                       Pc-Game (Kabuki)    Cart Only
ROBOKID SPECIAL           King                Boxed+Ins
SOLDIER BLADE             ??                  Cart Only
SPLATTERHOUSE             King                Boxed+Ins x2
SUPER CARD PC 4 in 1      ??                  Boxed
SUPER VOLLEY BALL         King                Cart Only
SUPER VOLLEY BALL         King                Boxed+Ins x2
TAITO CHASE HQ            King                Boxed+Ins
TAKAHASHI MEIHIN NO ...   PC-Game             Boxed
TATSUNOKO FIGHTER         King                Boxed+Ins
TIGER HELI                King                Boxed+Ins

CD-ROMs (Japan) .......................................

3x3 EYES (+VHS Tape)        Nec               Boxed+Ins
ADVANCE VARIABLE GEO        TGL               Boxed+Ins
AI CHO ANIKI                Masaya            Boxed+Ins
ALGUNOS                     Intec             Boxed+Ins
ALTERED BEAST               Sega?Nec Avenue   Boxed+Ins
ALZADICK SUMMER CARNIVAL'92 Naxat Soft        Boxed+Ins
ANE SAN                     Nec Avenue        Boxed+Ins
ART OF FIGHTING             Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
AV TANJYO (+ CD Card)       Game Express      Boxed+Ins
ASTRALUS                    Igs               Boxed+Ins
AUTO CRUSHER PALLADIUM      Pack In           Boxed+Ins
AVENGER                     Laser Soft        Boxed+Ins 
AZUKA 120% MAXIMA B. FEST.  Nec Avenue        Boxed+Ins   
BABEL                       Laser Soft        Boxed+Ins
BABY JO                     MicroWorld        Boxed+Ins
BAKUIDEN                    Sony              Boxed+Ins 
BAKURETSU HUNTER COMIC      Gengeki Mook      Book + CD
BLOOD GEAR                  Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
BOMBERMAN '94 DEMO CD       Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
BONANZA BROS                NEC Int.          Boxed+Ins
BROWNING                    Riot              Boxed+Ins
BUILDER LAND                Micro World       Boxed+Ins 
BURAI II (SAMPLE)           RiverHillSoft     Boxed+Ins
CAL II                      Nec Avenue        Boxed+Ins
CD PACHISURO BISHOJO GAMBL. Games Express     Boxed+Ins
CHIKI CHIKI BOYS            Nec Avenue        Boxed+Ins
CHO ANIKI                   Masaya/Ncs        Boxed+Ins 
COBRA                       Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
COBRA II                    Hidson Soft       Boxed+Ins
CONAN The boy in future     Riot              Boxed+Ins
COSMIC FANTASY              Laser Soft        Boxed+Ins
COSMIC FANTASY 2            Laser Soft        Boxed+Ins
COSMIC FANTASY 3            Laser Soft        Boxed+Ins
COTTON                      Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
CREST OF WOLF               Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
DAVIS CUP TENNIS            Micro World       Boxed+Ins
DEATH BRINGER               Reno/Telenet      Boxed+Ins
DEKO BOKO DENSETSU          Reno/Telenet      Boxed+Ins
DEVIL HUNTER YOKO 2         Masaya/Ncs        Boxed+Ins
DOWNLOAD 2                  Nec Avenue        Boxed+Ins
DRACULA X                   Konami            Boxed+Ins
DRAGONBALL Z                Bandai            Boxed+Ins
DRAGON KNIGHT 2             Nec Avenue        Boxed+Ins
DRAGON KNIGHT 3             Nec               Boxed+Ins
DRAGON KNIGHT & GRAFFITI    Nec Avenue        Boxed+Ins
DRAGON SLAYER L.of Heroes 2 Hudson Soft	      Boxed+Ins
DUNGEON EXPLORER II         Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
EXILE TOKI NO HASAMA        Reno              Boxed+Ins
EXILE II                    Riot/Telenet      Boxed+Ins
F1 CIRCUS SPECIAL           Nichibutsu        Boxed+Ins x2
FACEBALL                    Riverhill Soft    Boxed+Ins
FATAL FURY 2                Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
FATAL FURY SPECIAL          Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
FAR EAST OF EDEN            Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
FAR EAST OF EDEN BOMBERMAN  Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
FAUSSETE AMOUR              Naxat Soft        Boxed+Ins
FIEND HUNTER                Right Stuff       Boxed+Ins
FINAL ZONE II               Telenet           Boxed+Ins
FLASH HIDERS                Right Stuff       Boxed+Ins
FORGOTTEN WORLDS            Nec/Capcom        Boxed+Ins
GALAXY DEKA GAYVAN          Intec             Boxed+Ins
GALAXY FRAULEIN             Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
GATE OF THUNDER             Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
GENOCIDE                    Zoom/BrainGrey    Boxed+Ins
GINGA FUKEI ... SAPPHIRE    PCE Works         Boxed+Ins (bootleg)
GOD PANIC                   Teichiku          Boxed+Ins
GODZILLA                    TohoToho          Boxed+Ins
GOLDEN AXE                  Reno              Boxed+Ins
GOTZENDIENER                Gainax            Boxed+Ins
GRADIUS II                  Konami            Boxed+Ins
GRADUATION                  Nec/Aov           Boxed+Ins
GRADUATION DAY DEBUT        Nec/Aov           Boxed+Ins
GRADUATION PHOTO MIKI       Coconuts          Boxed+Ins
GULCLIGHT TDF2              Pac-In-Video      Boxed+Ins
GULLIVER BOY                Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
HARSUKOI MONOGATARI         Takuma Shoten     Boxed+Ins
HAWK F-123                  PackInVideo       Boxed+Ins
HELLFIRE-S                  Nec/Aov           Boxed+Ins
HORROR STORY                Nec               Boxed+Ins
HUDSON SOFT Demo disk       Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
HURRICANE custom            Nec Avennue.      Boxed+Ins
HYAKU MONOGATARI            Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
HYPER CATALOGUE    HCD2042  Shogakukan        Boxed+Ins
HYPER CATALOGUE 2 (SAMPLE)  Shogakukan        Boxed+Ins
HYPER CATALOGUE 4 winter93  Shogakukan        Boxed+Mag
HYPER CATALOGUE 7 summer94  Shogakukan        Boxed+Mag
IGA NINDEN GAIOU            Nichibutsu        Boxed+Ins
IQ PANIC                    IGS               Boxed+Ins
IMAGE FIGHT II              Irem              Boxed+Ins
INSANITY (CCAG Copy)                          Boxed+Ins
JACK NICKLAUS WT GOLF       Accolade/Vixtor   Boxed+Ins
JIM POWER                   MicroWorld/Lori.  Boxed+Ins
JYANTEI MONOGATARI 2        Atlus             Boxed+Ins x2
KABUKI ITOURYODAN           Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
KAZE KIRI NINJA ATION       Naxat Soft        Boxed+Ins
KIAIDAN 00                  Riot              Boxed+Ins
KISOU LOUGA                 Kogado Studio     Boxed+Ins x2
KISOU LOUGA 2               Kogado Studio     Boxed+Ins 
L-DIS                       Masaya            Boxed+Ins
LA VALEUR                   Kogado            Boxed+Ins
LAST ARMAGEDDON             Brain Grey        Boxed+Ins
LEGEND OF XANADU            Falcom            Boxed+Ins
LEGION                      Reno/Telenet      Boxed+Ins
LORD OF WARS                SystemSoft        Boxed+Ins
MACROSS 2036                Masaya            Boxed+Ins
MACROSS EIEN NO LOVE SONG   Masaya            Boxed+Ins
MAD STALKER                 Nec               Boxed+Ins              
MAGICAL DINOSAUR TOUR       VictorMusical     Boxed+Ins
MAGICOAL                    Nec/Hunex         Boxed+Ins x2
MAHJONG ON THE BEACH        Nec               Boxed+Ins
MASTER OF MONSTERS          SystemSoft        Boxed+Ins
METAMOR JUPITER             Nec/FlightPlan    Boxed+Ins
MIGHT AND MAGIC             Nec/New World C.  Boxed+Ins
MISA YAMAMURA SUSPENSE      Naxat Soft (2006) Boxed+Ins
MOONLIGHT LADY              Nec               Boxed+Ins
MONBIT                      Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
MONSTER MAKER               Nec               Boxed+Ins
MOTOROADER MC               Masaya            Boxed+Ins
MOTTEKE TAMAGO              Naxat             Disk Only
MYSTIC FORMULA              Micro Cabin Corp. Boxed+Ins
NECROMANCER                 Hudson Soft (v.5) Boxed+Ins
NEKKETSU KOUKOU CD SOCCER   Naxat Soft        Boxed+Ins
NEXZR                       Naxat Soft        Boxed+Ins
NEXZR Sp SUMMER CARNIVAL'93 Naxat Soft        Boxed+Ins
NO.RI.KO                    Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
NUMERENU YORN NO CHIISANA.  Nec               Boxed+Ins
POMPING WORLD               Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
POP `N` MAGIC               Riot              Boxed+Ins
PRINCESS MAKER 2            Nec               Boxed+Ins
PUNKIC-CYBORG CD            Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
PUYO PUYO TSU               Nec Av/Compile    Boxed+Ins
QUIZ AVENUE                 Nec Avenue        Boxed+Ins
RANMA 1/2                   Masaya            Boxed+Ins
RANMA 1/2                   Masaya            Boxed+Ins
RANMA 1/2 Captured Bridge   Masaya            Boxed+Ins
RAYXAMBER II                DataWest          Boxed+Ins
RAYXANBER III               DataWest          Boxed+Ins
RED ALERT                   LaserSoft         Boxed+Ins
ROM2 KARAOKE Volume 1       Nec Avenue        Boxed+Ins
ROM2 KARAOKE Volume 2       Nec Avenue        Boxed+Ins
ROM2 KARAOKE Volume 3       Nec Avenue        Boxed+Ins
ROM2 KARAOKE Volume 4       Nec Avenue        Boxed+Ins
ROM2 KARAOKE Volume 5       Nec Avenue        Boxed+Ins
R*TYPE COMPLETE CD          Irem              Boxed+Ins
POWER GOLF 2 GOLFER         Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
PRINCE OF PERSIA            Riverhill Soft    Boxed+Ins
PUYO PUYO CD                Nec/Aov           Boxed+Ins
PSYCHIC STORM               Laser Soft        Boxed+Ins
RAINBOW ISLAND              Nec Avenue        Boxed+Ins
RECORD OF LODOSS WAR 	    Taikenban (nfs)   Boxed+Ins
RECORD OF LODOSS WAR 2      Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
ROAD SPIRITS                Arc Co.ltd        Boxed+Ins
SAILOR MOON                 Banpresto         Boxed+Ins
SANGOKUSHI (special pack)   Naxat Soft        Boxed+Ins
SECRET OF BLUE WATER        Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
SEIYA MONOGATARI (Trial v.) Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
SEXY IDOL M. FASHION STORY  Nichibutsu        Boxed+Ins
SEXY IDOL M. YAKYUKEN NO U. Nichibutsu        Boxed+Ins
SHAPESHIFTER                Icom/TTI/Victor   Boxed+Ins
SHADOW OF THE BEAST         NEC/DMA           Boxed+Ins
SHIAWASE USAGI 2 SAILOR Z   Game Express      Boxed+Ins
SHINSETSU SHIAWASE USAGI 2  Game Express      Boxed+Ins               
SHUBIBIMAN 3                Masaya            Boxed+Ins
SIDE ARMS Special           Nec Avenue/Capcom Boxed+Ins
SLIME WORLD		    MicroWorld        Boxed+Ins
SNATCHER                    Konami            Boxed+Ins
SNATCHER Pilot Disk         Konami            Boxed+Ins
SOL MOONARGE                Irem              Boxed+Ins
SOTSUGYO II Neo Generation  RiverHill         Boxed+Ins
SPACE FANTASY ZONE          PCE Works         Boxed+Ins (bootleg)
SPLASH LAKE                 Nec               Boxed+Ins
SPRIGGAN                    Naxat Soft        Boxed+Ins
SPRIGGAN Mark.2             NaxatSoft/Compile Boxed+Ins
STAR MOBILE                 Naxat Soft        Boxed+Ins
STAR PARODIA                Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
STARTLING ODYSSEY 2         Ray Force         Boxed+Ins
STRIDER HIRYU               NecAvenue/Capcom  Boxed+Ins
SUPER ALBATROS              Laser Soft        Boxed+Ins
SUPER DARIUS                Nec/Taito         Boxed+Ins
SUPER DARIUS II             Nec/Taito         Boxed+Ins
SUPER RAIDEN                HudsonSoft/Saibu  Boxed+Ins
SPUER REAL MAHJONG PV C.    Naxat Soft/Seta   Boxed+Ins
SUPER SCHWARZSCHILD         Kogado            Boxed+Ins 
SYLPHIA                     Tonkin House      Boxed+Ins
TAGAI MAKYO 2               Hudson Soft/Red   Boxed+Ins
TECHI MUYO                  Nec/Aic           Boxed+Ins
TENSHI NO UTA 2             Riot              Boxed+Ins
TERRAFORMING                Naxat             Boxed+Ins
THERON'S QUEST              Victor/Ftl        Boxed+Ins
THE MANHOLE                 Sunsoft/ActivisionBoxed+Ins
THE PRO YAKYUU SUPER        Intec             Boxed+Ins
TOKIMEKI MEMORIAL           Konami            Boxed+Ins
TRAVEL EPULE                Riot/Telenet      Boxed+Ins
UCHUU SENKAN YAMATO         Human             Boxed+Ins
ULTRA BOX SOKANGO           Victor            Boxed+Ins
ULTRA BOX 2                 Victor            Boxed+Ins
ULTRA BOX 3                 Victor            Boxed+Ins
ULTRA BOX 4                 Victor            Boxed+Ins
ULTRA BOX 6                 Victor            Boxed+Ins
URUSEI YATSURA              Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
URUSEI YATSURA (+ Music CD) Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
VALIS II                    Laser Soft        Boxed+Ins
VALIS III                   Laser Soft        Boxed+Ins
VALIS IV                    Laser Soft        Boxed+Ins
VASTEEL                     Human             Boxed+Ins
VASTEEL 2                   Human             Boxed+Ins
YAMAMURA MISA SUSPENSE      Naxat Soft        Boxed+Ins
YOSHIMOTO SHINKIGEKI        Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
YUU YUU HAKUSHO YAMISHOUBU  Banpresto         Boxed+Ins
WINDS OF THUNDER            Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
WONDERBOY II                Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
WONDERBOY III MONSTERLAIR   Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
WONDERBOY V                 Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
WORLD CUP SUPER SOCCER      Tecmo/Media Rings Boxed+Ins
WORLD HEROES 2              Hudson Soft/SNK   Boxed+Ins
YAWARA!                     Hudson Soft/Sofix Boxed+Ins
YUANSHIN DENSETSU (JONGMA.) Nec               Boxed+Ins
Ys III                      Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
ZERO WING                   Toaplan/NaxatSoft Boxed+Ins

TURBO CD-ROMs (United States) .........................

ADDAMS FAMILY (THE)         Nec               Boxed+Ins
COTTON                      Hudson Soft.TTI   Boxed+Ins
COSMIC FANTASY II           Working Designs   Boxed+Ins
DUNGEON EXPLORER II         Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
DRAGON SLAYER               Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
GATE OF THUNDER (3-in-1.US) Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
LOOM                        NEC               Boxed+Ins
SIM EARTH                   HudsonSoft/Maxis  Boxed+Ins
Ys I & II                   Nec/Turbo Tech.   Boxed+Ins

PC ENGINE PROTOTYPES/SAMPLES ..........................

ADVANCED VG                                   JP Sample    
ART OF FIGHTING                               JP Sample
DORAEMON (SAMPLE)                           HuCard Only
FATAL FURY 2                                  JP Sample 
FLASH HIDERS                                  JP Sample
KAZE NO DENSETSU XANADU                       JP Sample
LEGEND OF XANADU                        JP Trial/Sample
MAD STALKER                                   JP Sample
SPACE FANTASY ZONE (prototype?)                  JP CDR
WORLD HEROES 2                                JP Sample
Ys III                                   US Sample/Demo

NEC Miscellaneous -------------------------------------

Guide Books & Magazines ............................ 83

COSMIC FANTASY 3 - MOOK but no CD :(           JP Guide
PC ENGINE DAIHYAKKA (63547-88)                 JP Guide
DENGEKI PC Engine (1994/2)                       JP Mag
DENGEKI PC Engine (1994/11)                      JP Mag
DENGEKI PC Engine (1995/5)                       JP Mag
DENGEKI PC Engine (1995/8)                       JP Mag 
DENGEKI PC Engine G's (1996/6)                   JP Mag 
DRAGON SPIRIT                       	       JP Guide
EMERALD DRAGON                                 JP Guide
FAR EAST OF EDEN Capsule                       Magazine
GENPEI TOUMADEN                                JP Guide
GENPEI TOUMADEN                                JP Guide
GUNHED                                         JP Guide x2
GUNHED                                    Chinese Guide 
HOW TO SIMULATION                              JP Guide
LANGRISSER                                     JP Guide
MOMOTARO DENSETSU 2                            JP Guide
MOMOTARO DENSETSU TURBO                        JP Guide
MONBIT (Ascii/Famitsu)                         JP Guide
NECROMANCER                                    JP Guide
NECROMANCER                                    JP Manga
NECROMANCER FIGURINE (+ booklet)                     JP
NEUTOPIA                                       JP Guide
PC ENGINE FAN (1990-07)                          JP Mag
PC ENGINE FAN (1990-10)                          JP Mag
PC ENGINE FAN (1991-01)                          JP Mag
PC ENGINE FAN (1991-03)                          JP Mag
PC ENGINE FAN (1991-11)                          JP Mag
PC ENGINE FAN (1992-03)                          JP Mag
PC ENGINE FAN (1992-04)                          JP Mag
PC ENGINE FAN (1992-05)                          JP Mag
PC ENGINE FAN (1992-06)                          JP Mag
PC ENGINE FAN (1992-07)                          JP Mag
PC ENGINE FAN (1992-08)                          JP Mag
PC ENGINE FAN (1992-09)                          JP Mag
PC ENGINE FAN (1993-03)                          JP Mag
PC ENGINE FAN (1993-09)                          JP Mag
PC ENGINE FAN (1994-05)                          JP Mag
PC ENGINE FAN (1994-06)                          JP Mag
PC ENGINE FAN (1994-09)                          JP Mag
PC ENGINE FAN (1995-01)                          JP Mag
PC ENGINE FAN (1995-02)                          JP Mag
PC ENGINE FAN (1995-06)                          JP Mag
PC ENGINE FAN (1995-08)                          JP Mag
PC ENGINE FAN (1995-09)                          JP Mag
PC ENGINE FAN (1995-10)                          JP Mag
PC ENGINE HINT BOOK (394)                      JP Guide
PC GENJIN                                      JP Guide
PC ENGINE Gekkan Monthly Magazine (1989-04)      JP Mag
PC ENGINE Gekkan Monthly Magazine (1989-07)      JP Mag
PC ENGINE Gekkan Monthly Magazine (1989-08)      JP Mag
PC ENGINE Gekkan Monthly Magazine (1989-09)      JP Mag
PC ENGINE Gekkan Monthly Magazine (1989-12)      JP Mag
PC ENGINE Gekkan Monthly Magazine (1990-02)      JP Mag
PC ENGINE Gekkan Monthly Magazine (1990-03)      JP Mag
PC ENGINE Gekkan Monthly Magazine (1990-04)      JP Mag
PC ENGINE Gekkan Monthly Magazine (1990-07)      JP Mag
PC ENGINE Gekkan Monthly Magazine (1990-11)      JP Mag
PC ENGINE Gekkan Monthly Magazine (1990-12)      JP Mag
PC ENGINE Gekkan Monthly Magazine (1991-11)      JP Mag
PC ENGINE Gekkan Monthly Magazine (1991-12)      JP Mag
PC ENGINE Gekkan Monthly Magazine (1992-02)      JP Mag
PC ENGINE Gekkan Monthly Magazine (1992-05)      JP Mag
PC ENGINE Gekkan Monthly Magazine (1992-09)      JP Mag
PC ENGINE Gekkan Monthly Magazine (1993-01)      JP Mag
PC ENGINE Gekkan Monthly Magazine (1993-03)      JP Mag
PC ENGINE Gekkan Monthly Magazine (1993-04)      JP Mag
PC ENGINE Gekkan Monthly Magazine (1993-05)      JP Mag
PC ENGINE Gekkan Monthly Magazine (1993-07)      JP Mag
PC ENGINE Gekkan Monthly Magazine (1993-10)      JP Mag
PC ENGINE Gekkan Monthly Magazine (1993-11)      JP Mag
PC ENGINE Final Soft Collection                JP Guide
PC ENGINE Final Soft Collection Joukan+Gekkan  JP Guide
PC ENGINE All Soft Review Catalogue vol.1      JP Guide
PC ENGINE 264 All Catalogue (PC Engine Fan)    JP Guide
R-TYPE I.II                                    JP Guide
RPG SPECIAL (Shada, WarOfTheDead, OutLive)     JP Guide
TOWER OF DRUAGA                     	       JP Guide
TURBOGRAFX-16 SECRETS                          US Guide
VALKYRIE NO DENSETSU                  	       JP Guide 
VALKYRIE NO DENSETSU (Game Book)       	        JP Book 

Japanese Flyers  .................................... 8

ADVANCED V.G.                                        JP
AEROBALSTERS                                         JP
ALGUNOS                                              JP
GRADUATION                                           JP
MOMOTAROU DENSETSU GAIDEN (2 pages)                  JP
PC ENGINE "New !" (2 pages)                          JP
PUYO PUYO CD                                         JP
YOUKAI DOUCHUUKI (4 pages)                           JP

Audio CDs, LDs & VHS ............................... 24  

1992 CD.ROM2                Human Hudson      Boxed+Ins
AI CHO ANIKI                NCS/Futureland    Boxed+Ins
ANIKI (NACL-1088)           Masaya            Boxed+Ins
AZUKA 120%                  Nec Avenue        Boxed+Ins
DRAGON KNIGHT & GRAFFITI    SM Record         Boxed+Ins
EMERALD DRAGON                                Boxed+Ins
FINAL SOLDIER SUITE         FunHouse/Hudson   Boxed+Ins
HUDSON'S CD COLLECION'92    Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
HUDSON'S CD COLLECION'93    Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
HUDSON'S CD COLLECION'94 V1 Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
HUDSON'S CD COLLECION'94 V2 Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
HUDSON'S CD COLLECION'95    Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
HUDSON PREMIUM AUDIO COLL.  5pb               Boxed+Ins
PCE PERFECT VIDEO 92'93(LD) Gametech Video    Boxed+Ins
SHUBIBIN MAN 1 & 2          Emi               Boxed+Ins
SNATCHER Promo CD                             Boxed+Ins 
SUPER DARIUS II             PC Engine World   Boxed+Ins                  
SUPER STAR SOLDIER          FunHouse/Hudson   Boxed+Ins
SUPER TAKAHASHI DOUJIN      Woodsoft          Boxed+Ins
TENGAI MAKYO Promo VHS      Hudson Soft      
VALIS III                                     Boxed+Ins

Goodies............................................. 14

BOMBERMAN'93 CASE                             Case Only
COSMIC FANTASY 2 POSTCARD                       JP Item
GALAGA PIN                                     Pin Only
GALAXY FRAULEIN YUNA                          Figurines
MARCHEN MAZE STATIONARY                       Item Only
PEACH BOY HUCARD WALLET                       Item Only x2
TAKAHASHI MEIJIN PINS (Hudson Soft)           Pins Only x3
TAKAHASHI MEIJIN Badges/Pins                    JP Item x3
VALIS II POSTCARD                               JP Item
WONDER MOMO PIN                                Pin Only

Miscellaneous ....................................... 7

COSMIC PHANTASY 2                          Jp Phonecard
DEEP BLUE                                  Jp Phonecard
GOD PANIC                                  Jp Phonecard
HUMOR NETWORK (Member Card)                   Card Only
NECROS FORTRESS (Reference Sheet)           Xerox Sheet
RANMA 1/2 TORAWARE                         Jp Phonecard

NINTENDO ______________________________________________


GAMEBOY Advance                               Boxed+Ins	
GAMEBOY Color (Europe-Purple)                 Boxed+Ins
GAMEBOY Color (US-Purple)                     Boxed+Ins
GAMEBOY                                    Console Only
GAMEBOY                                       Boxed+Ins
GAMEBOY (Japan)                               Boxed+Ins

GAMEBOY Advance TV/Video Out Unity          Device Only

Gameboy Cartridges -------------------------------- 139
  Name                       Company


BREATH OF FIRE               UbiSoft/Capcom   Boxed+Ins GBA
BREATH OF FIRE II            Ubisoft/Capcom   Boxed+Ins GBA
CHOPLIFTER II                Broderbund       Cart Only
DAIKATANA                    Kemco/Ion Strom  Boxed+Ins GBC
DUCK TALES                   Nintendo         Cart Only
GRADIUS ADVANCE              Konami           Boxed+Ins GBA
MEGAMAN BATTLE NETWORK 2     Ubisoft/Capcom   Boxed+Ins GBA
POKEMON BLUE (french)        Nintendo         Cart Only
PUZZLE BOBBLE 3 DX           Taito            Cart Only
RTYPE DX                     Irem             Boxed+Ins GBC
SEGA ARCADE GALLERY          Sega/Thq         Boxed+Ins
SUPER MARIO LAND             Nintendo         Cart Only
ZELDA Link's Awakening       Nintendo         Cart Only


AERO STAR                    Tokai            Boxed+Ins
AKAZUKIN CHA CHA             Tomy (DMG-ACCJ)  Cart Only
AKUMAJO DRACULA              Konami           Boxed+Ins
AKUMAJO DRACULA II           Konami           Boxed+Ins
AKUMAJO DRACULA CIRCLE..     Konami           Boxed+Ins GBA
ASTRO BOY                    Sega             Boxed+Ins GBA
BASEBALL KIDS                Jaleco           Boxed+Ins
BATTLE BULL                  Seta             Boxed+Ins
BOMBER BOY                   Hudson Soft      Boxed+Ins
BOMBERMAN JETTERS            Hudson           Boxed+Ins GBA
BOOBY BOYS                   Nichibutsu       Boxed+Ins
BUBBLE GHOST                 Infogrames       Cart Only
BURAI FIGHTER DELUXE         Taito Corp.      Boxed+Ins
CASTLEVANIA AKATSUKI NI MI.  Konami           Boxed+Ins GBA
CHACHAMARU PANIC             Human            Boxed+Ins
CONTRA                       Konami           Boxed+Ins
CHIKI CHIKI TENGOKU          Nacoty/JWing     Boxed+Ins
CHOH MAKAIMURA R             Capcom           Boxed+Ins GBA
DARIUS R                     PCCW/Taito       Boxed+Ins GBA
DENSETSU NO STARFY           Nintendo/Tose    Boxed+Ins GBA
DENSETSU NO STARFY 2         Nintendo/Tose    Boxed+Ins GBA
DENSETSU NO STARFY 3         Nintendo/Tose    Boxed+Ins GBA
DONKEY KONG                  Nintendo         Boxed+Ins
DORAEMON 2                   Epoch            Boxed+Ins
DOWNTOWN NEKKETSU            Technos          Boxed+Ins
DRAGON BALL                  Banpresto        Boxed+Ins GBA
DRAGON SLAYER GAIDEN         Epoch            Boxed+Ins
EIJUKUGO IDIOM TARGET 1000   Imagineer        Boxed+Ins
EIJUKUGO WORD TARGET 1900    Imagineer        Boxed+Ins
FAMICOM MINI AKUMAJOU DR.    Konami           Boxed+Ins GBA
FAMICOM MINI CLU CLU LAND    Nintendo         Boxed+Ins GBA
FAMICOM MINI DIG DUG         Namco            Boxed+Ins GBA
FAMICOM MINI ICE CLIMBER     Nintendo         Boxed+Ins GBA
FAMICOM MINI PAC MAN         Namco            Boxed+Ins GBA
FAMICOM MINI STAR SOLDIER    Hudson Soft      Boxed+Ins GBA
FINAL FIGHT ONE              Capcom           Boxed+Ins GBA
FINAL REVERSE                Toei Animation   Boxed+Ins
HOSHI NO KIRBY               Nintendo         Boxed+Ins
KIKI KAIKAI                  Taito/Altron     Boxed+Ins GBA
GAMEBOY MEMORY POWER CARD    Nintendo         Boxed+Ins
GALAGA & GALAXIAN            Namco            Boxed+Ins
GAME BOY GALLERY             Nintendo         Boxed+Ins
GAME BOY GALLERY 2           Nintendo         Boxed+Ins
GANSO!! YANCHA MARU          Irem             Boxed+Ins
GB GENJIN                    Hudson Soft      Boxed+Ins
GB GENJIN 2                  Hudson Soft      Boxed+Ins
GB GENJIN COLLECTION         Hudson Soft      Boxed+Ins
GB GENJIN LAND               Hudson Soft      Boxed+Ins
GO! GO! HITCHIKING           J.Wing           Boxed+Ins
GOLF                         Nintendo         Boxed+Ins
HYPER LODE RUNNER            Bandai           Boxed+Ins
IKARI NO YOSAI               Jaleco           Boxed+Ins
LUCKY MONKEY                 Natsume          Boxed+Ins
MAGICAL TARURUUTO KUN        Bandai           Boxed+Ins
MEDAROT KABUT v.2            Imagineer/Natsum Cart Only GBC
METROID 2                    Nintendo         Boxed+Ins
METROID FUSION               Nintendo         Boxed+Ins GBA
METROID ZERO MISSION         Nintendo         Boxed+Ins GBA
MOGARAANYA                   Nintendo         Boxed+Ins
MOMOTAROU THUNDERBOLD        Hudson Soft      Boxed+Ins
MOMOTARO DENGEKI 2           Hudson Soft      Boxed+Ins
NAMCO GALLERY Vol.2          Namco            Boxed+Ins
NAMCO GALLERY Vol.3          Namco            Boxed+Ins
NANGOKU SHOUNEN PAPUWAKUN    Enix             Boxed+Ins
NEKKETSU KOHA KUNIO KUN      Technos          Boxed+Ins
NEMESIS                      Konami           Boxed+Ins x2
NEMESIS 2                    Konami           Boxed+Ins
PAC MAN                      Namcot           Boxed+Ins
PACHINKO DATA CARD           Boss             Boxed+Ins
PARODIUS DA!                 Konami           Boxed+Ins
PAZUNIN UMININ NO PUZZLE..   Metro3D          Boxed+Ins GBA
PHALANX                      Kemco            Boxed+Ins GBA
PITMAN                       Asmik            Boxed+Ins
POCKEMON RED                 Nintendo         Boxed+Ins
POCKEMON YELLOW              Nintendo         Boxed+Ins
POCKET BOMBERMAN             Hudson           Boxed+Ins
POCKET FAMILY GB             Hudson           Boxed+Ins
POPEYE                       Sigma/King F.    Boxed+Ins
PUYO PUYO                    Compile          Boxed+Ins
PUYO PUYO 2                  Compile          Boxed+Ins
R TYPE                       Irem             Boxed+Ins
RED ARREMER GAIDEN           Capcom           Boxed+Ins
RODLAND YOUSEI MONOGATARI    Jaleco           Boxed+Ins
RUBBLE SAVER                 King Records     Boxed+Ins
SHIPPO DE BUN                Vap              Boxed+Ins
SNOW BROS. Jr.               Naxat Soft       Cart Only
SOLAR STRIKER                Nintendo         Boxed+Ins
SOLDAM                       Jaleco           Boxed+Ins
SOUKOBAN                     Pony Canyon      Boxed+Ins
SPARTAN X                    Irem             Boxed+Ins
SUPER MARIO LAND             Nintendo         Boxed+Ins
TAMAGOTCHI                   Bandai           Boxed+Ins
TEKETEKE! ASMIK-KUN WORLD    Asmik            Boxed+Ins
TENNIS                       Nintendo         Boxed+Ins
TETRIS                       Nintendo         Boxed+Ins
TOWER OF DRUAGA              Angel/Bandai     Boxed+Ins
TWIN BEE DA!                 Konami           Boxed+Ins
TWIN BEE DA!                 Konami           Cart Only
UCHI IWAI (not for sale)     Imagineer        Boxed+Ins
WARIO LAND                   Nintendo         Boxed+Ins
YOSHI'S UNIVERSAL GRAVITA.   Nintendo         Boxed+Ins GBA
ZELDA NO DENSETSU            Nintendo         Boxed+Ins
??? (Japanese Label)                          Cart Only
??? (RK150-J1.DMG-AKEJ-JPN)  Konami           Cart Only


BROKEN SWORD                 Bam/Revolution   Boxed+Ins
FINAL FANTASY 1&2            Square/Enix      Cart Only
HARVEST MOON                 Natsume          Boxed+Ins GBA
HORMIGAZ                     Infogrames       Boxed+Ins GBC
KIRBY & AND AMAZING MIRROR   Nintendo         Cart Only
MARIO KART SUPER CIRCUIT     Nintendo         Boxed+Ins GBA
METROID (Classic Nes Series) Nintendo         Cart Only
POCKET BOMBERMAN             HudsonSoft       Boxed+Ins GBC
POKEMON PINBALL              Nintendo         Boxed+Ins GBC
POKEMON RED (blue cart)      Nintendo         Boxed+Ins
PUYO POP                     THQ/Sega         Boxed+Ins GBA
RAYMAN                       UbiSoft          Boxed+Ins GBC
SHANGHAI POCKET              SunSoft          Boxed+Ins GBC
SUPER MARIO BROS DELUXE      Nintendo         Cart+Ins  GBC
SURVIVAL KIDS                Konami           Boxed+Ins GBC
WARIO LAND 2                 Nintendo         Boxed+Ins GBC
WARIO LAND 3                 Nintendo         Boxed+Ins GBC
WING COMMANDER PROPHECY      Electronic Arts  Boxed+Ins GBA
ZELDA ORACLE OF AGES         Nintendo         Boxed+Ins GBC
ZELDA ORACLE OF SEASONS      Nintendo         Boxed+Ins GBC

Game Boy Prototypes -------------------------------- 15


BOXXLE                       PROTOTYPE-EPROM  Cart Only
GBDSO                        PROTOTYPE        Cart Only
Q*BERT                       PROTOTYPE-EPROM  Cart Only
TAZ MANIA                    PROTOTYPE-EPROM  Cart Only
DAFFY DUCK                   PROTOTYPE-EPROM  EpromOnly




PENGUIN BOY                  PROTOTYPE-EPROM  Cart Only

Game Boy Miscellaneous --------------------------------

Guide Books, CDs & Magazines:

CHOU MAKAIMURA R                               JP Guide
FAMICOM MINI CD 02 - DONKEY KONG                  JP CD
FAMICOM MINI CD 07                                JP CD
GAME BOY (vol #1)                              US Comic
GAME BOY SECRETS Vol.2                         US Guide
METROID II                                     JP Guide



NES Nintendo Entertainment System (FR)     Console Only
	+ Nintendo Zapper                      Gun Only
Dendy Jr (Russian Clone) + controller      Console Only
Famicom Disk System (2x Ram Adapters)       Device Only                 
Famicom Console (Japanese)		      Boxed+Ins
Famicom Console (Japanese)		   Console Only
Famicom Controllers (Square buttons)        Device Onlu
Twin Famicom                               Console Only
3D System                                     Boxed+Ins
Network Adapter HVC050                      Device Only
Hudson Soft HECTOR'87 Controller            Device Only
Hudson Soft 'Rapid Fire' Controller         Device Only
NES to Famicom converter                    Device Only
FC POCKET CONSOLE                             Boxed+Ins
FAMICOM DUMPER BOARD                        Device Only

Famicom/Nes Cartridges & Disks  ------------------- 577
  Name                      Company

FRANCE (serial NES-xx-FRA) ............................

A BOY AND HIS BLOB          Bandai            Game+Ins
ADV. IN THE MAGIC KINGDOM   Capcom/Nintendo   Cart Only
BLACK MANTA                 Taito             Boxed
BLASTER MASTER              SunSoft           Boxed+Ins
BLUE SHADOW                 Taito             Boxed+Ins
BURAI FIGHTER		    Nintendo          Boxed
BUBBLE BOBBLE               Taito/Nintendo    Cart Only
CAPTAIN SKYHAWK             Nintendo          Cart Only 
DONKEY KONG CLASSICS        Bandai            Boxed+Ins
DRAGONBALL (french)         Bandai            Boxed+Ins
DYNABLASTER                 Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
GALACTIC CRUSADER           Bunch Games       cart Only
GALAGA                      Bandai            Cart Only
GODZILLA                    Toho              Boxed+Ins
ICE CLIMBER                 Nintendo          Cart Only
KABUKI QUANTUM FIGHTER      Nintendo          Cart Only
KICKLE CUBICLE              Nintendo          Cart Only
KID ICARUS                  Nintendo          Cart Only
LIFE FORCE SALAMANDER       Konami            Cart Only
Little Nemo DREAM MASTER    Nintendo.Capcom   Boxed+Ins
LUNAR POOL                  FCI.Pony Canyon   Boxed+Ins
LOW G MAN                   Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
MANIAC MANSION (French)     Jaleco            Boxed+Ins
MASTER CHU & DRUNKARD HU    Color Dreams      Boxed+Ins
Mc DONALD LAND              Ocean             Boxed+Ins
MEGA MAN 2                  Capcom            Boxed+Ins
MEGA MAN 3                  Nintendo          Cart Only
MOON RANGER                 Bunchgames/C.dre  Boxed+Ins
NES CLEANING KIT            Nintendo          Sealed
RESCUE THE AMBASSY MISSION  Kemco             Boxed+Ins
ROBODEMONS (x2)             Color Dreams      cart Only
ROBOWARRIOR                 Jaleco            Cart Only
RUSH'N ATTACK               Konami            Boxed
SCHTROUMPFS (les)           Infogrames        Cart Only
SHADOWGATE                  Kemco             Boxed+Ins
SILENT ASSAULT              Color Dreams      cart Only
SOLAR JETMAN                Nintendo          Cart Only
SOLSTICE                    Nintendo          Cart Only
STAR WARS                   JVC/LucasGames    Boxed
SUPER MARIO Bros. 3         Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
SWORDS and SERPENTS         Acclaim           Boxed
TOTALLY RAD                 Jaleco            Boxed+Ins
TO THE EARTH                Nintendo          Cart Only
WIZARDS & WARRIORS 3        Acclaim           Boxed+Ins
XEVIOUS                     Bandai/Namco      Cart Only
ZELDA                       Nintendo          Cart+Ins
ZELDA 2 The Adv. of Link    Nintendo          Boxed

UK (serial NES-xx-UKV) ................................

CALIFORNIA GAMES            MB                Cart Only
CASTELIAN                   Storm/Centersoft  Boxed+Ins
DIGGER T.ROCK               MB                Boxed+Ins
DONKEY KONG CLASSICS        Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
GAUNTLET II                 Mindscape         Boxed+Ins
GRADIUS                     Konami            Boxed
KIRBY'S ADVENTURE           Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
MEGAMAN 2                   Capcom            Boxed+Ins
PAC-MAN                     Namco             Boxed+Ins
PARODIUS                    Konami            Boxed+ins
PROBOTECTOR                 Konami            Cart Only
RC PRO AM                   Rare              Boxed+Ins
SILENT SERVICE              Konami            Boxed+Ins
SUPER MARIO Bros. 2         Nintendo          Cart Only
SUPER MARIO Bros. 3         Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
TOPGUN SECOND MISSION       Konami            Boxed+Ins
TRACK AND FIELD             Konami            Boxed+Ins

US (serial NES-xx-USA) ................................

BIBLE ADVENTURES            Wisdom Tree       Cart Only
GRADIUS                     Konami            Boxed+Ins
KINGS OF KINGS              Wisdom Tree       Boxed+Ins
KINGS OF KINGS              Wisdom Tree       Cart Only
LOAD RUNNER II (+converter) MicroGenius       Boxed+Ins
METAL GEAR                  Ultra             Cart+Ins
SPIRITUAL WARFARE           Wisdom Tree       Cart Only
ZANAC                       FCI/Pony          Boxed+Ins

MISC Cartridges .......................................

DUCK HUNT                   Venezuela         Boxed+Ins
HOGAN'S HALLEY              Venezuela         Boxed+Ins
RED FORTRESS                Venezuela         Boxed+Ins

JAPAN Cartridges ......................................

1942                        Capcom            Boxed+Ins
1943                        Capcom            Boxed+Ins
4 NIN UCHI MAHJONG          Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
ABADOX                      Natsume           Boxed+Ins
ADVENTURES OF HOTTER MAN    Use Corpotarion   Boxed+Ins
AFTER BURNER                Sunsoft           Cart Only
AIGIINA NO YOGEN            Vic Tokai         Boxed+Ins
AIRWOLF                     Kyougo Boueki     Boxed+Ins
AIR FORTRESS                Hal Lab.          Boxed+Ins
AKUMAJOU DENSETSU           Konami            Boxed+Ins
ALIEN SYNDROME              Sunsoft           Boxed+Ins
ALTERED BEAST               Asmik             Boxed+Ins
ABARENBO TENGU              Kaze/Meldac       Boxed+Ins
ARGUS                       Jaleco            Boxed+Ins
ARGUS NO SENSHI             Tecmo             Boxed+Ins
ARTELIUS                    Nihon Bussan      Boxed+Ins
ASMIK KUN LAND              Asmik             Boxed
ASO: ARMORED SCRUM OBJECT   SNK               Boxed
ASTRO FANG                  A-Wave            Boxed+Ins
ASTRO ROBO SASA             Mass Tael/Ascii   Boxed+Ins
ATHENA                      SNK               Boxed+Ins
ATLANTIS NO NAZO            Sunsoft           Boxed+Ins
ATTACK ANIMAL GAKUEN        Pony Canyon       Boxed+Ins x2
BABEL                       Namco             Boxed+Ins
BALLOON FIGHT               Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
BALTRON                     Toei              Boxed+Ins
BANANA                      JVC/Victor        Boxed+Ins
BASEBALL                    Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
BASEBALL (pulse)            Nintendo          Cart Only
BASEBALL (pulse)            Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
BIRD WEEK                   Lenar/Toemiland   Boxed+Ins
BOKOSUKA WARS               Ascii Corp.       Boxed+Ins
BOMBER KING                 Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
BOMBERMAN                   Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
BOOBY KIDS                  Nihon Bussan      Boxed+Ins
BOULDER DASH                Data East         Boxed+Ins
BRAIN SHIP GUL              dB-Soft           Boxed+Ins
BURAI FIGHTER               Taito             Boxed+Ins
BURGER TIME                 Namcot            Boxed+Ins
B WINGS                     Data East         Boxed+Ins 
CASTLE QUEST                Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
CHACK'N POP                 Taito             Boxed+Ins
CHALLENGER                  Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
CASTLE EXCELLENT            ASCII Ent.        Boxed+Ins
CHUKA TAISEN                Taito             Boxed
CIRCUS CHARLIE              Konami            Boxed+Ins
CITY CONNECTION             Jaleco            Boxed+Ins
CLU CLU LAND                Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
COCORON                     Takeru            Boxed+Ins
COCORON                     Takeru            Boxed
CONTRA                      Konami            Boxed+Ins
COSMIC EPSILON              Asmiik            Boxed+Ins
COSMIC WARS                 Konami            Boxed+Ins
COSMO GENESIS               Ascii             Cart Only
CRAZY CLIMBER               Nichibutsu        Boxed
CRAZY CLIMBER               Nichibutsu        Boxed+Ins
CRISIS FORCE                Konami            Boxed+Ins
DAI KAIJUU : DEBURAS        Deco              Boxed+Ins
DAI MEIRO MEIKYU NO TATSU.  Epoch             Boxed+Ins
DAIKU NO GENSAN             Irem              Boxed+Ins
DAIMASHIKYO GALIOUS         Konami            Boxed+Ins
DEEP DUNGEON IV             Asmik             Boxed+Ins
DENGEKI BIG BANG!           Vic Tokai         Boxed+Ins
DEVIL WORLD                 Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
DEVIL WORLD (Pulse)         Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
DEVIL WORLD (Pulse)         Nintendo          Cart Only
DEZAEMON                    Athena            Boxed+Ins
DIG DUG                     Namco             Boxed+Ins
DIG DUG 2                   Namco             Boxed+Ins
DON DOKO DON                Taito             Boxed+Ins
DON DOKO DON 2              Taito             Boxed+Ins
DONKEY KONG (pulse)         Nintendo          Cart Only
DONKEY KONG  (pulse)        Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
DONKEY KONG 3 (pulse)       Nintendo          Cart Only
DONKEY KONG 3 (pulse)       Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
DONJEY KONG Jr. (pulse)     Nintendo          Boxed+Ins x3
DONJEY KONG Jr. (silver)    Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
DONKEY KONG Jr. NO SANSU... Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
DOOR DOOR                   Enix              Boxed+Ins
DOUBLE DRAGON II            Technos Japan     Boxed+Ins
DRAGON BALL DAIMOU FUKKATSU Bandai            Boxed+Ins
DRAGON BALL SHEN LONG NO N. Bandai            Boxed+Ins
DRAGON BUSTER               Namco             Boxed+Ins x2
DRAGON BUSTER II            Namco             Boxed+Ins
DRAGON NINJA                Namcot            Boxed+Ins
DRAGON QUEST                Enix              Boxed
DRAGON QUEST II             Enix              Boxed+Ins
DRAGON QUEST III            Enix              Boxed
DRAGON QUEST IV             Enix              Boxed+Ins
DRAGON QUEST IV Limited ed. Enix              Boxed+Ins
DRAGON SCROLL               Konami            Boxed+Ins x3
DRAGON SLAYER IV            Namcot/Falcom     Boxed+Ins
DRAGON SPIRIT               Namco             Boxed+Ins
DREAM MASTER                Namcot/Prismzone  Boxed+Ins
DUCK HUNT                   Nintendo          Boxed
EGGER LAND MEIKYU           Hal               Boxed+Ins
ELNARK NO ZAIHOU            Towachiki         Boxed+Ins
ESPER DREAM 2               Konami            Boxed+Ins
EXCITE BIKE                 Nintenco          Boxed+Ins
EXED EXES                   Tokuma Soft       Boxed+Ins
EXED EXES (Silver)          Tokuma Soft       Boxed+Ins
EXERION                     Jaleco            Boxed+Ins
F1 RACE (Silver)            Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
FAMILY BLOCK                Athena            Boxed+Ins
FAMILY CIRCUIT '91          Namcot            Boxed+Ins
FAMILY JOCKET               Namcot            Boxed
FAMISTA '88                 Namcot            Boxed+Ins
FAMISTA '89                 Namcot            Boxed+Ins
FAMISTA '91                 Namcot            Boxed 
FANTASY ZONE                Sunsoft           Boxed+Ins
FARIA FUUIN NO TSURUGI      Game Arts/HiScore Boxed+Ins
FC GENJIN                   Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins x2
FINAL FANTASY               Square            Boxed+Ins
FINAL FANTASY II            Square            Boxed+Ins x2
FINAL FANTASY III           Square            Boxed+Ins
FINAL MISSION               Natsume           Boxed+Ins
FLAPPY                      DB-Soft           Boxed+Ins
FLYING HERO                 Epic              Boxed+Ins
FORMATION Z                 Jaleco            Boxed+Ins
FUDOU MYOUOU DEN            Taito (TFCFM0590) Boxed+Ins
FUZZICAL FIGHTER            Sigma             Boxed+Ins x2
GALAGA                      Namco             Boxed+Ins
GALAXIAN                    Namcot            Boxed+Ins x2
GEGEGE NO KITAROU           Bandai/Tose Soft  Boxed+Ins
GEIMOS                      Wixel/Ascii       Boxed+Ins
GENPEI TOUMADEN BOARDGAME   Namco             Boxed+Ins  
GETSU FUUMA DEN             Konami            Boxed+Ins
GAMBARE GOEMON              Konami            Boxed+Ins x2
GEKIKAME NINJADEN TMNT      Konami            Boxed+Ins fakeBox
GOD SLAYER                  SNK               Boxed+Ins
GOEMON 2                    Konami            Boxed+Ins
GOLF                        Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
GOLF (pulse)                Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
GOLF CLUB BIRDIE RUSH       Deco              Cart Only
GOMOKU NARABE (Pulse)       Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
GRADIUS ARCHIMENDES         Konami            Cart Only
GRADIUS ARCHIMENDES         Konami            Boxed+Ins
GRADIUS II                  Konami            Boxed+Ins
GREAT BATTLE CYBER          Banpresto         Boxed+Ins
GUARDIC GAIDEN              Irem              Cart Only
GUARDIC GAIDEN              Irem              Boxed+Ins
GUARDIC GAIDEN (+ map)      Irem              Boxed+Ins
GUN NAC                     Tonkin House      Boxed+Ins
GUNHED                      Varie Corp.       Boxed+Ins
GYRODINE                    Taito             Boxed+Ins
HAJA NO FUUIN               Ascii             Boxed+Ins
HIRYU NO KEN                Culture Brain     Boxed+Ins
HOGAN'S ALLEY               Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
HOGAN'S ALLEY (silver)      Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
ICE CLIMBER                 Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
IKARI WARRIORS              KAC               Boxed+Ins
IKARI WARRIORS  III         KAC               Boxed+Ins
INSECTOR X                  Taito             Boxed+Ins
JACKIE CHAN                 Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
JARUAS                      Taito             Cart Only
JJ TODIBASE DAISAKUSEN II   Square            Boxed+Ins
JOY MEGA FIGHT              Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
KAGE NO DENSETSU            Taito             Boxed+Ins
KAME NO ONGAESHI            Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
KAMEN NO NINJA AKAKAGE      Shouei/Toei       Boxed+Ins
KAMEN NO NINJA HANAMARU     Capcom            Boxed+Ins
KINGS KNIGHT                Square            Boxed+Ins
KING KONG 2                 Konami            Boxed+Ins
LORD OF KING (THE)          Jaleco            Boxed+Ins
HEAVY BARREL                Deco              Boxed+Ins
HECTOR'87                   Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
HENSEI TENSAI BAKABON       Namco             Boxed
HIRYU NO KEN II             Culture Brain     Boxed+Ins
HITLER NO FUKKATSU          Capcom            Boxed+Ins
HOSHI NO KIRBY              Nintendo/HAL      Boxed+Ins
HOSTAGES EMBASSY MISSION    Kemco             Boxed+Ins
HYPER OLYMPIC (TONOSAMA)    Konami            Boxed+Ins                   
ICE CLIMBER                 Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
IDE MEIJIN NOJISSEN MAHJONG Capcom            Boxed+Ins
IMAGE FIGHT                 Irem              Boxed+Ins
JAJAMARU NINPOU CHOU        Jalecp            Prototype
JUJU DENSETSU               Taito/Disco       Boxed+Ins
JUVEI QUEST (large box)     Namco             Boxed+Ins
LAGRANGE POINT              Konami            Boxed+Ins
LITTLE NEMO THE DREAM MAS.  Capcom            Boxed+Ins
LODE RUNNER                 Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins x2
LODE RUNNER (color label)   Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
LUPIN SANSEI PANDORA NO...  Namcot            Boxed+Ins
MACROSS                     Namco/Bandai      Boxed+Ins
MAD CITY                    Konami            Boxed+Ins
MAGICAL TARUROTOKUN         Bandai            Cart Only
MAHJONG (pulse)             Nintenco          Cart Only
MAHJONG (pulse)             Nintenco          Boxed+Ins
MAHJONG (Chinese pulse)     Nintenco          Cart Only
MAHJONG TAISEN              Nichibutsu        Boxed+Ins
MAGICAL TARURUUTO KUN 2     Bandai            Boxed+Ins
MAGMAX                      Nichibutsu        Boxed+Ins
MAKAIMURA                   Capcom            Cart Only
MAKAIMURA                   Capcom            Boxed+Ins
MARIO BROS (pulse)          Nintendo          Cart Only
MARIO BROS (pulse)          Nintendo          Boxed+Ins x2
MARIO BROS (silver)         Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
MAKAIZIMA                   Capcom            Boxed+Ins
MASUZOE YOUICHI ASAMADE     Coconut/C-Dream   Boxed+Ins
MASYO                       Irem              Boxed+Ins
MATEN DOUJI                 Quest             Boxed+Ins
MAX WARRIOR                 VAP               Boxed+Ins
METAFIGHT                   SunSoft           Boxed+Ins
METAL FLAME PSY BUSTER      Jaleco            Boxed+Ins
METAL GEAR                  Konami            Boxed+Ins x2
METRO CROSS                 Namco             Boxed
MIGHTY ATOM ASTRO BOY       Konami            Boxed+Ins x2
MIGHTY BOMBJACK             Tecmo             Boxed+Ins
MIGHTY FINAL FIGHT          Capcom            Cart Only
MOAI KUN                    Konami            Boxed+Ins
MOMOTAROU DENSETSU          Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
MONSTER MAKER               Sofel             Boxed+Ins
MOTHER                      Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
MUGEN SENSHI VALIS          Takuma Soft       Boxed+Ins
MUSASHI ROAD                Yutaka            Boxed+Ins
NEMO PAJAMA HERO            Capcom            Boxed
NEKKETSU KOUHA KUION KUN    Technos Japan     Boxed+Ins
NINJA CRUSADERS             Sammy             Boxed+Ins
NINJA KUN                   Jaleco            Boxed+Ins
NINJA RYUKENDEN             TECMO             Boxed+Ins
NINJARAHOI!        (HSP-34) Ascii/Login Soft  Cart Only
NUTS & MILK                 Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
ONYANKO TOWN                Ponyca            Boxed+Ins
OTAKU NO SEIZA     (MAM-OQ) M&M Company       Boxed+Ins
PAC LAND                    Namco             Boxed+Ins
PAC MAN                     Namco             Boxed
PACHINKO DAISAKUSEN         C*Dream           Boxed+Ins
PARASOL HENBEE              Epoch             Boxed+Ins
PARODIUS                    Konami            Boxed+Ins
PENGUIN MONOGATARI          Konami            Boxed+Ins
PINBALL (Pulse)             Nintendo          Boxed+Ins 
PINBALL (Pulse)             Nintendo          Boxed+Ins 
PIZZA POP!                  Jaleco            Boxed+Ins
PLAYCHOICE 10 - TROJAN                        Cart Only
POPEYE (pulse)              Nintendo          Cart Only x2
POPEYE (pulse)              Nintendo          Boxed+Ins x2
POPEYE (silver)             Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
POPEYE ENGLISH (pulse)      Nintendo          Cart Only
POPEYE ENGLISH (pulse)      Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
POWER BLAZER                Taito 	      Boxed+Ins
PRESIDENT NO SENTAKU        Hot-B             Boxed+Ins
PRISONERS OF WAR            KAC               Cart Only
PRO YAKYUU FAMISTA          Namcot            Boxed+Ins
PRO YAKYUU FAMISTA '87      Namcot            Boxed+Ins
PUNCH OUT GOLD              Nintendo           Cart+Ins
PUYO PUYO                   Tokuma/Compile    Boxed+Ins
QUARS                       Konami            Boxed+Ins
QUEST OF KI                 Namco/Game Studio Boxed+Ins
QUINTY                      Namco             Boxed+Ins
RADIA SENKI REIMEIHEN       Temco             Boxed+Ins
RAF WORLD                   Sunsoft           Boxed+Ins
RAID ON BUNGELING BAY       Hudson Soft/Bro.  Boxed+Ins
RAINBOW ISLAND              Taito             Boxed+Ins
REIGEN DOUSHI               Pony Canyon       Boxed+Ins
ROBOKKO WARS                IGS/Taito         Boxed
ROCKMAN                     Capcom            Boxed+Ins
ROCKMAN 3                   Capcom            Boxed+Ins
ROCKMAN 4                   Capcom            Boxed+Ins
ROCKMAN 5                   Capcom            Boxed+Ins
ROCKMAN 6                   Capcom            Boxed
ROD LAND                    Jaleco            Boxed+Ins
ROLLING THUNDER             Namcot            Boxed+Ins
SANRIO CARNIVAL             Sanrio            Boxed+Ins
SALADA NO KUNI NO TOMATO..  Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
SD GUNDAM                   Bampresto         Cart Only
SD GUNDAM 3                 Yutaka            Boxed+Ins
SD GUNDAM 4                 Yutaka            Boxed+Ins
SAIYUUKI WORLD II           Jaleco            Boxed+Ins (no tray)
SALAMANDER                  Konami            Boxed+Ins x2
SECROSS                     Nichibutsu        Boxed+Ins
SENJOU NO OOKAMI            Capcom            Boxed+Ins
SHARP BOX - SUPER MARIO B.  Nintendo          Cart Only
SHARP DONKEY KONG JR M.CART Sharp             Cart Only
SHIN JINRUI THE NEW TYPE    Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
SKY DESTROYER               Taito             Boxed+Ins
SKY KID                     Namco             Boxed+Ins
SOCCER (Silver)             Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
SOLOMON NO KAGI             Tecmo             Boxed+Ins
SOLOMON'NO KAGI 2           Tecmo             Boxed+Ins
SOLSTICE                    Epic Sony Rec.    Boxed+Ins
SON SON                     Capcom            Boxed+Ins
SPACE DEFENCE FORCE         Hal               Boxed
SPACE HARRIER               Takara            Boxed+Ins
SPACE HUNTER                Kemco             Boxed+Ins
SPACE INVADERS              Taito             Boxed+Ins
SPARTAN X                   Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
SPELUNKER                   Irem              Boxed+Ins
SPELUNKER 2                 Irem              Boxed
SPLATTERHOUSE WANPAKU GRA.  Namcot            Boxed+Ins x2
SPOT                        BPS               Boxed+Ins
SQUARE NO TOM SAWYER        Square            Boxed+Ins
SQOON                       Irem              Cart Only
SQOON                       Irem              Boxed+Ins
SUGORO QUEST                Technos Japan     Boxed+Ins
SUPER CONTRA                Konami            Boxed+Ins
SUPER SPRINT                Altron            Boxed+Ins
STAR FORCE                  Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
STAR JUSTER                 Namcot            Boxed+Ins x2
STAR SOLDIER                Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
STAR SOLDIER PRIZE VERSION  Hudson Soft       Cart Only
STAR WARS                   Namcot            Boxed+Ins
SUPER CHINESE               Namco             Boxed+Ins
SUPER CHINESE 3             Culture Brain     Boxed+Ins
SUPER MARIO BROS.           Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
SUPER MARIO BROS 3          Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
SUPER STAR FORCE            Tecmo (TCF-ST)    Boxed+Ins x3
SUPER XEVIOUS 2             Namcot            Boxed+Ins
SWEET HOME                  Capcom            Boxed+Ins
TAG TEAM PRO-WRESTLING      Namcot            Boxed+Ins
TAIYO NO YUSHA FIREBIRD     Irem              Boxed+Ins
TAKAHASHI MEIJIN III        Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
TATAKAI NO BANKA            Capcom            Boxed+Ins
TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTL. Konami            Boxed+Ins
TENNIS                      Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
TENNIS (Pulse)              Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
TERAO NO DOSUKOI OOZUMOU    Jaleco            Prototype
TERAO NO DOSUKOI OOZUMOU    Jaleco            Boxed+Ins
TERRA CRESTA                Nichibutsu        Cart Only
TERRA CRESTA                Nichibutsu        Bpxed+Ins
TETRASTAR THE FIGHTER       Taito             Boxed+Ins 
TETRIS                      Bullet Proof      Cart Only
TETRIS FLASH                Nintendo/Tose     Boxed+Ins
THEXDER                     Square            Boxed+Ins
THEXDER                     Square            Boxed
THUNDERBIRDS                Pack in Video     Boxed+Ins
TIGER HELI                  Ponyca            Boxed+Ins
TOM SAWYER NO BOUKEN        Seta/Winkysoft    Boxed+Ins
TOP GUN                     Konami            Boxed+Ins
TOP MANAGEMENT              Koei              Boxed+Ins
TOTSUZEN MACHOMAN           Vic Tokai         Boxed+Ins
TOWER OF DRUAGA             Namcot            Boxed+Ins
TRANSFORMERS CONVOY NO...   Takara            Boxed+Ins
TWINBEE                     Konami            Boxed+Ins
UCHUUSEN            (JF-16) Jaleco            Cart Only
URBAN CHAMPION              Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
ULTIMA                      Ponyca/Origin     Boxed+Ins
ULTIMA KYOUFU NO EXODUS     Ponyca/Origin     Boxed+Ins
VALKYRIE NO BOKEN TOKI NO.. Namcot            Boxed+Ins x2
VOLGUARD 2                  Db-Soft           Cart Only
YIE AIR KUNG FU             Konami            Boxed+Ins
YOUKAIDOUCHUUKI             Namco             Boxed+Ins
WAI WAI WORLD               Konami            Boxed+Ins
WAI WAI WORLD 2             Konami            Boxed+Ins
WANPAKU DUCK YUME BOUKEN    Capcom            Boxed+Ins
WARPMAN                     Namcot            Boxed+Ins
WESTERN KIDS                Visco             Boxed+Ins
WITS                        Athena            Boxed+Ins
WOMAN OF MARUSA             Capcom            Boxed+Ins
WRECKING CREW (Silver)      Nintendot         Boxed+Ins
XEVIOUS                     Namcot            Boxed+Ins x3
Ys                          Falcom            Boxed+Ins
YUME PENGUIN MONOGATARI     Konami            Boxed+Ins
ZELDA NO DENSETSU           Nintendo          Boxed+Ins

PIRATE Cartridges -------------------------------------

3 IN 1                                        Cart Only
42 IN 1                                       Cart Only
52 IN 1                                       Cart Only
FAMILY KID                                    Cart Only
MARIO YANCHA MARU                             Cart Only
PAO CHIN TIEN                                 Cart Only
STREET FIGHTER V                              Cart Only
STREET FIGHTER TURBO S                        Cart Only
SUPER 4 IN 1                                  Cart Only

JAPANESE DiskCards - Famicom Disk System (FDS) --------

ADIAN NO TSUE (+book)       Sunsoft  SSD-ADA  Boxed+Cov
AI SENSHI NICOLE            Konami   KDS-AIN   Complete x2
AKUMAJO DRACULA             Konami   KDS-AKM   Complete
AKUMAJO DRACULA             Konami   KDS-AKM   Complete
APPLE TOWN STORY            Dog      SQF-APT   Complete x2
ARUMANA NO KISEKI           Konami   KDS-ARM  Boxed+Cov
ARUMANA NO KISEKI           Konami   KDS-ARM   Complete
BASEBALL                    Nintendo FMC-BAS  Boxed+Cov
BASEBALL                    Nintendo FMC-BAS     Sealed
B.CHALL! GO!GO! BOWLING     Jaleco   JFD-GGB  Disk Only
BIG CHALLENGE JUDO          Jaleco   JFD-CJS  Boxed+Cov
BISHOJO ALIEN BATTLE        Hacker             Complete
BISHOJO MAHJONG CLUB        Nintendo FMC-MJA  Boxed+Cov
BREEDER                     Soft Pro SFC-BRE   Complete
BUBBLE BOBBLE               Taito    TFD-BUB  Boxed+Cov
CLEOPATRA NO MAHOU          Square   SQF-CLO   Complete
COCONA WORLD                Sofel    SFL-CCN   Complete
DEAD ZONE                   Sunsoft  SSD-DZN  Boxed+Ins  
DEEP DUNGEON                Square   SQF-DPD   Complete
DIRTY PAIR                  Bandai   BAN-DPR  Boxed+Cov
Dr.CHAOS                    Ponyca   PNF-DRC     Sealed
Dr.CHAOS                    Ponyca   PNF-DRC   Complete
DRACULA II                  Konami   KDS-DRK  Boxed+Cov
DRACULA II                  Konami   KDS-DRK   Complete
EGGER LAND                  Hal      HAL-EGL  Disk Only
EGGER LAND                  Hal      HAL-EGL     Sealed
ELECTRICIAN                 Kemco    KSC-ELC  Disc Only
ESPER DREAM                 Konami   KDS-ESP  Boxed+Cov
EXCITING BASQUET            Konami   KDS-EKB  Boxed+Cov
EXCITING BILLARD            Konami   KDS-EKS   Complete
EXCITING SOCCER             Konami   KDS-ESC  Boxed+Ins
FALSION                     Konami   KDS-FAL   Complete x3
FALSION                     Konami   KDS-FAL     Sealed
FGP -  F1 RACE              Nintendo FSC-FRGE  Complete
FGP -  F1 RACE Disk Writter Nintendo FSC-FRGE  Complete
FGP 2 -  3D HOT RALLY       Nintendo FSC-TDRE  Complete
FIRE BARN (No cov)          Hal      HAL-FBM  Boxed+Ins
FUUN SHORIKEN               Jaleco   JFD-SAM   Complete
GAKURAKU YUUHI GAME ...     Sofel    SFL-GTG  Boxed+Cov
GOLF                        Nintendo FMC-GLF   Complete
GOLF                        Nintendo FMC-GLF     Sealed
GOLF JAPAN                  Nintendo FSC-GFJE  Complete
GOLF US                     Nintendo FSC-GFUE  Complete
GOLF US GOLD/DISK KUN       Nintendo FSC-GSUE  Complete
GREEN BERET                 Konami   KDS-GRN   Complete
GYRUSS                      Konami   KDS-GRS     Sealed
HALLEY WARS                 Taito    TFD-HAL  Boxed+Cov
ICE HOCKEY                  Nintendo FMC-ICE  Boxed+Cov
 (Face B)                   Konami   ???-???          -
ICE HOCKEY                  Nintendo FMC-ICE  Boxed+Cov
 (Face B) GINGA DENSHOU     ImagineerIMA-GIN          -
ICE HOCKEY (face B)         Konami   ???-???          -
ICE HOCKEY                  Nintendo FMC-ICE     Sealed
KARATE CHAMP                Deco     DFC-KAR   Complete
KICK CHALLENGER AIR FOOT    Vap      VAP-AFT   Complete  (wrong box)
KIETA PRINCESS              WaveJack IMA-KIE   Complete
KIKI KAIKAI                 Taito    TFD-KIK  Boxed+Cov
KIKI KAIKAI                 Taito    TFD-KIK  Boxed+Ins +Toys
KINEKO                      Irem     IFD-KIN     Sealed
KINNIKUMAN (No Cov)         Bandai   BAN-KNM   Complete
KNIGHT LORE                 Jaleco   JFD-KLM  Boxed+Cov
KNIGHT LORE                 Jaleco   JFD-KLM   Complete
LEGEND OF ZELDA 2 (THE)     Nintendo FMC-LNK  Boxed+Cov
LIPSTICK #1                 Mimi.pro ???-???  Disc Only
MAHJONG                     Nintendo FMC-MJA  Boxed+Ins
MAHJONG                     Nintendo FMC-MJA     Sealed
MAHJONG KAZOKU              Irem     IFD-MJK  Boxed+Cov
MAJONG GOKUU                Ascii    ASC-GKU  Boxed+Cov
MARCHEN VEIL                Sunsoft  SSD-MVL   Complete
MEIKYU JIN DABABA           Konami   KDS-MIK   Complete x2
MEIKYU JIN DABABA           Konami   KDS-MIK  Boxed+Cov
METROID                     Nintendo FMC-MET  Boxed+Cov x2
METTO MAGU                  Dog      SQF-MTM   Complete
MOERO TWINBEE               Konami   KDS-TIN  Boxed+Cov
MONTY ON THE RUN            Jaleco   JFD-MDD  Boxed+Cov
NANKIN NO ADVENTURE         Sunsoft  SSD-NAD  Boxed+Cov
NAZE NO KABE                Konami   KDS-NZN  Boxed+Ins     
NAZURA LAND SPECIAL V.2     Sunsoft  SSD-NZB  Boxed+Cov
NAZURA LAND SPECIAL V.3     Sunsoft  SSD-NZC  Boxed+Ins
NAZO NO MURA SANEJOU        Nintendo FMC-NMJ  Boxed+Cov
OTHELLO                     Kawada   KWD-OTH   Complete
OTOCKY                      Ascii    ASC-OTO   Complete
PACHINKO GRAND PRIX         Deco     DFC-PGP  Boxed+Cov
PALETA NO KAGAMI            Nintendo FMC-PTM  Boxed+Ins
PALETA NO KAGAMI            Nintendo FMC-PTM  Boxed+Ins
PALETA NO KAGAMI            Nintendo FMC-PTM     Sealed
PRO GOLFER SARU             Bandai   BAN-PGS   Complete
PUTT PUTT GOLF              PackInV. PAC-PPG  Boxed+Cov
PUYO PUYO                   Compile  GTS-PYO  Disk Only
REFLECT WORLD               EastCube ECF-RWD   Complete
REPLICART                   Taito    TDF-REP   Complete
RELICS:ANKOKU YOUSAI(+book) BothTec  BTC-RLC   Complete
ROGER RABBIT                Kemco    KSC-RRR   Complete x2
SAILOR SUIT GIRL            Hacker                Boxed
SAMURAI SWORD               Capcom   CAP-SMU   Complete
SEIKEN PSYCHO CALIBUR       ImagineerIMA-MAJ   Complete
SECTION Z                   Capcom   CAP-SCZ   Complete
SECTION Z (x2)              Capcom   CAP-SCZ  Boxed+Cov
SEIKEN SICO KARIBER         ImagineerIMA-MAJ  Boxed+Cov
SHIN ONIKESHIMA 2           Nintendo FMC-ON2  Disc Only
SHIN ONIKESHIMA : ZENDEN    Nintendo FMC-ON2  Boxed+Cov x2
SILVIANA                    Pack-in  PAC-SIL   Complete
SOCCER                      Nintendo FMC-DCC  Boxed+Cov x2
SUISHO NO RYU (Dragon)      Dog      SQF-SSD   Complete
SUPER BOY ALLAN             SunSoft  SSD-ALN  Boxed+Cov
SUPER LOAD RUNNER           Irem     IFD-SLR   Complete
SUPER MARIO BROS            Nintendo FMC-SMA   Complete x3
SUPER MARIO BROS            Nintendo FMC-SMA     Sealed
SUPER MARIO BROS 2          Nintendo FMC-SMB   Complete x2
SUPER MARIO BROS 2 (face B) Nintendo ???-???          -
TANTEI CLUB PART.2          Nintendo FMC-TD3   Complete
TANTEI CLUB PART.2          Nintendo FMC-TD4  Boxed+Cov
TENNIS                      Nintendo FMC-TEN   Complete
TAMA & FRIENDS : 3 CHOUME.  Bandai   BAN-UTM  Boxed+Cov
TAROT                       Scorpion SCO-TAR  Boxed+Cov
TIME TWIST KOUHEN           Nintendo FMC-TT2  Boxed+Ins
TITANIC MYSTERY             Gakken   GAT-TIT   Complete
TODIBASE DAISAKUSEN         Dog      SQF-TDS   Complete x2
TOPPLE ZIP                  Bothtec  BTC-TPZ   Complete
ULTRAMAN KURABU             Bandai   BAN-ILC  Boxed+Cov
ULTRAMAN 2                  Bandai   BAN-UL2  Boxed+Cov
VOLLEYBALL                  Nintendo FMC-VBW   Complete
VOLLEYBALL                  Nintendo FMC-VBW     Sealed
VS. EXCITEBIKE              Nintendo FMC-EBD     Sealed x2
YUU MAZE                    Taito    TFD-UMZ   Complete
WINTER GAMES                Ponyca   PNF-WIN   Complete
ZANAC                       Ponyca   PNF-ZAN   Complete
ZELDA NO DENSETSU           Nintendo FMC-ZEL   Complete x2

- Disk Writter Cards -------------------------------- 7

FALSION                     Konami   KDS-FAL   Complete
KIKI KAIKAI                 Taito    TDF-KIK   Complete
PROGOLFER SARU              Bandai   BAN-PGS   Complete
SD GUNDAM WORLD             Bandai   BAN-SG1   Complete
SD GUNDAM WORLD MAP COLL.   Bandai   BAN-SG2   Complete
TOPPLE ZIP                  Bothtec  BTC-TPZ   Complete

- Discards --- Box Only ---- not included in total ----
GREEN BERET                 Konami   KDS-GRN  Box Only!
MARCHEN VEIL                Sunsoft  SSD-MVL  Box Only!
??? (no label)                  ?       ?     Disc Only

- Discards with errors ----- not included in total ----
???                         Bps      BPS-IGO  Disk Only
???                         Nintendo FMC-TC2  Disk Only
ELECTRICIAN                 Kemco    KSC-ELC  Disk Only
KIKIKAIKAI                  Taito    TFD-KIK  Disk Only
MARCHEN VEIL                Sunsoft  SSD-MVL  Disk Only
METROID                     Nintendo          Disk Only
SD GUNDAM WARS              Bandai   BAN-SGW  Disk Only
ZELDA - THE HYRULE FANTASY  Nintendo          Disk Only

- Discards --- Pirates --------------------------------
??? (Blue disk)           Mitsuya (Pirate Quick Disque)
BARBARIAN                   Tiger (Pirate)        Boxed
BLACK                       Niniendo              Boxed
GYRUSS                      Pirate DiskDoctor Boxed+Cov
MOONBALL                    (Pirate)              Boxed

8BIT MUSIC POWER            Riki              Boxed+Ins
FELIX THE CAT               (Clone)               Boxed
PINBALL QUEST  (NES-P9-AUS) Jaleco/Mattel     Boxed+Ins    
MAGIC CARPET                Pirate ?          Cart Only
HYDRON (double ender)	    CCE               Cart Only
SHEN FENG MARIO BROS        (Naked SMB Clone) Cart Only
TIGERTRON 4 JOGOS (Phantom) Brazilian Pirate  Boxed+Ins

PROTOTYPES/SAMPLES --------------------------------- 30


? (no label-need testing)                    Eprom Only
AVENGER                                      Eprom Only
FLYING WARRIORS             Culture Brain     Cart Only
KABUKI                      ??               Eprom Only 
KIWI KRAZE                  Taito             Cart Only
RESCUE [NES Ver 01] 18th Jul./1989            Cart Only
ZANAC                       FCI               Cart Only


?? II (unknown proto)       Sachen            Cart Only
AMAGON                      Aicom             Cart Only
B WINGS                                       Cart Only
BASEBALL STARS                                Cart Only
BIRD WEEK                                     Cart Only
EXERION                     Jaleco            Cart Only
FINAL MISSION                                 Cart Only
GETSU FUUMA DEN             Konami            Cart Only
GRADIUS                                       Cart Only
HOKUTO NO KEN                                 Cart Only
HYDLIDE                                       Cart Only
LEGEND OF CAGE                                Cart Only
MAD CITY                                      Cart Only
MADOOLA NO TSUBASA                            Cart Only
METAL GEAR                  Konami            Cart Only
MIGHT & MAGIC               New World         Cart Only
ONYANKO TOWN                                  Cart Only
QUINTY                      Game Freaks       Cart Only
SAINT SEIYA                                   Cart Only
STAR SOLDIER (Contest/Caravan Prototype?)     Cart Only
TWINBEE                     Konami            Cart Only
TWINBEE 3                   Konami            Cart Only

Famicom/Nes Miscellaneous -----------------------------

Guide Books/Audio CDs/Magazines:

1943                                           JP Guide
3D HOT RALLY                                   JP Guide
AKUMAJO DRACULA                                JP Guide
BOMB JACK 3 (WC-06)                            JP Comic
BOMBERMAM                                      JP Guide
CAPTAIN N (vol #1)                             US Comic
CAPTAIN N (vol #2)                             US Comic
COMMANDO                                       JP Guide
CONTRA                                   Thailand Guide
DRAGON BUSTER                                  JP Guide
DRAGON QUEST SUITE (BY30-5121)                    JP CD x2
DRAGON QUEST                                   JP Guide
DRAGON QUEST                                   JP Guide
DRAGON QUEST                                JP Gamebook
DRAGON QUEST II                                JP Guide
DRAGON QUEST II SOUNDTRACK                      JP Tape
DRAGON QUEST II SOUNDTRACK                        JP CD
DRAGON QUEST II SUITE                             JP CD
DRAGON QUEST III                               JP Guide
DOKI DOKI PANIC                                JP Guide
FAMILY COMPUTER MAGAZINE (1986.10.03 - no.15)    JP Mag
FAMILY COMPUTER MAGAZINE (1988.02.19 - no.4)     JP Mag
FAMILY COMPUTER MAGAZINE (1991.01.25 - no.2)     JP Mag
FAMILY COMPUTER MAGAZINE (1991.02.08 - no.3)     JP Mag
FAMILY COMPUTER MAGAZINE (1993.04.02 - no.7)     JP Mag
FAMILY COMPUTER MAGAZINE (1993.04.16 - no.8)     JP Mag
FAMILY COMPUTER MAGAZINE (1993.04.30 - no.9/10)  JP Mag
FAMILY COMPUTER MAGAZINE (1993.05.28 - no.11)    JP Mag
FAMILY COMPUTER MAGAZINE (1993.06.11 - no.12)    JP Mag
FAMILY COMPUTER MAGAZINE (1994.01.07 - no.1/2)   JP Mag
FAMILY COMPUTER MAGAZINE (1994.2)                JP Mag
FAMILY COMPUTER MAGAZINE (1994.02.18 - no.4)     JP Mag
FAMILY COMPUTER MAGAZINE (1994.03.18 - no.6)     JP Mag
FAMILY COMPUTER MAGAZINE (1994.04.29 - no.9)     JP Mag
FAMILY COMPUTER MAGAZINE (1994.9/10)             JP Mag
FAMILY COMPUTER MAGAZINE (1994.12)               JP Mag
FAMILY COMPUTER MAGAZINE (1994.07.01 - no.13)    JP Mag
FAMILY COMPUTER MAGAZINE (1994.10.21 - no.21)    JP Mag
FAMILY COMPUTER MAGAZINE (1995.02.24 - no.4)     JP Mag
FAMILY COMPUTER MAGAZINE (1995.06.16 - no.12)    JP Mag
FAMILY COMPUTER MAGAZINE (1995.06.30 - no.13)    JP Mag
FAMILY COMPUTER MAGAZINE (1995.08.25 - no.17)    JP Mag
FAMILY COMPUTER MAGAZINE (1995.11.17 - no.23)    JP Mag
FAMILY COMPUTER MAGAZINE (1996.04.19 - no.8)     JP Mag
FAMICOM MAGAZINE (1990.09.21 - vol 18.19)        JP Mag
FAMICOM MAGAZINE (1990.10.12 - vol 20.21)        JP Mag
FINAL FANTASY III  (PSCR-5252)              JP Audio CD
GHOSTS AND GOBLINS (WC-09)                     JP Comic
GRADIUS                                        JP Guide
GRADIUS NOVEL FUTABASHA                         JP Book
KERU NAGURU                                    JP Guide
KID ICARUS (WC-40)                             JP Comic
LEGEND OF ZELDA (WC-15)                        JP Comic
LEGEND OF ZELDA vol.4 (WC-08)                  JP Comic
LEGEND OF ZELDA 2 (WC-36)                      JP Comic
LEGEND OF ZELDA 2 (WC-40)                      JP Comic
MAKAIMURA                                      JP Guide
METROID                                        JP Guide
MIGHTY BOMBJACK                                JP Guide
MOTHER (63901-51)                              JP Guide
NAZO NO MURASAMEJO (WC-22)                  JP Comic x2
NINJA JAJAMARU KUN vol.12 (WC-20)              JP Comic
NINTENDO FUN CLUB NEWS (Winter 1987 Vol.1 #4)    US Mag
NINTENDO FUN CLUB NEWS (Feb-Mar 1988 Vol.1 #5)   US Mag
NINTENDO FUN CLUB NEWS (Apr-May 1988 Vol.2 #6)   US Mag
NINTENDO FUN CLUB NEWS (Jun-Jul 1988 Vol.2 #7)   US Mag
NINTENDO GAMES SECRETS Vol.2                   US Guide
NINTENDO! GAME STRATEGIES                      US Guide
NINTENDO POWER PIN                             US Promo
NINTENDO POWER (Jul-Aug 1988 vol.1)              US Mag
NINTENDO POWER (Sep-Oct 1988 vol.2)              US Mag
ROCKMAN SPECIAL CD                                JP CD
ROCKMAN 4 (P390)                               JP Comic
SECTION Z                                      JP Guide
SENJOU NO OOKAMI                               JP Guide
STAR FORCE                                     JP Guide
SUPER LODE RUNNER                              JP Guide
SUPER MARIO BROS                               JP Guide
TECHNIQUES vol.1 (WC-02)                       JP Comic
TITANIC MYSTERY                                JP Guide
TWIN BEE                                       JP Guide
VALKYRIE NO BOUKEN                             JP Guide
YOUKAI DOCHUKI                                 JP Guide
ZELDA - SMALL GAME POSTER                     JP Poster
ZELDA THE HYRULE FANTASY                       JP Guide

Famicom/NES Miscellaneous

AKUMAJO DRACULA II                             JP Flyer
ARGUS                                          JP Flyer
BANPRESTO FAMICOM ERASERS                         Loose
BANPRESTO FAMICOM ERASERS                         Boxed
DEAD ZONE                                      JP Flyer
DONKEY KONG (Cereal commercial?)         Animation Cell
DONKEY KONG                                   JP Eraser
DRAGON QUEST II                                JP Flyer
CAPTAIN N - Kid Icarus       Original US Animation Cell
CHALLENGER                                     JP Flyer
DISK KUN MINI STATIONARY (3D Hot Rally Prize)        JP
DISK WRITER                                    JP Flyer
DR MARIO                                   JP Phonecard
DRAGON QUEST                               JP Shitajiki
DRAGON QUEST III                           JP Phonecard
EXCITE BIKE BOARDGAME                          JP Boxed
EXCITE BIKE PLAYING CARDS                      JP Boxed
F1 RACE                                        JP Flyer
FAMICOM (Square Buttons?)                      JP Flyer ?
FAMICOM BASIC                                  JP Flyer 
FAMICOM BASIC V3                               JP Flyer x2
FAMICOM DISK SYSTEM                            JP Flyer x2
FAMICOM HISTORY STICKERS                             JP
FAMICOM MENKO CARDS (LOT)                            JP
FAMICOM MINI CARDS (470 cards)                 JP Cards
FAMILY BASIC                                   JP Flyer
FAMILY BASIC RECORDER                          JP Flyer
FINAL FANTASY                             JP Phonecard
FINAL FANTASY                             JP Phonecard
FINAL FANTASY                             JP Phonecard
FINAL FANTASY III                         JP Phonecard
FINAL FANTASY IV                          JP Phonecard
FORMATION Z                                   JP Eraser
GALAXIAN                                      JP Eraser
GALL FORCE                                     JP Flyer
GOLF US                                        JP Flyer
GOLF JAPAN                                     JP Flyer
GREEN BERRET                                   JP Flyer
ICE CLIMBER                                   JP Eraser
KAETTEKITA MARIO BROS.                         JP Flyer
MAJO DENSETSU II                               JP Flyer
MAKAIMURA (Token Coin)                          JP Item
MAKAIMURA MODEL KIT                            JP Boxed
MAKAIMURA MODEL KIT                         Korea Boxed
MAKAIMURA PENCIL CASE                           JP Item 
MAKAIMURA KENSHI FIGURINES                           JP
MARIO BROS                                     JP Flyer
MARIO BROS                               Animation Cell
MARIO STAMPS                                         JP
METROID                                        JP Flyer
NAKAYAMA MIHO NO TOKIMEKI..                    JP Flyer
NAMINA NO SOUKOBAN                             JP Flyer
NAZO NO KABE BLOCK KUZISHI                     JP Flyer
PENGUIN KUN                                JP Shitajiki
REFLECT WORLD                                  JP Flyer
RIPPLE ISLAND PENCIL CASE                       JP Item
ROCKMAN (Clear Files)                           JP Item  
ROCKMAN (Token Coin)                            JP Item
SEIKEN DENSETSU EXCALIBUR (unreleased)         JP Flyer
SKY KID                                    JP Shitajiki
SPACE INVADERS                                JP Eraser
SUPER LODE RUNNER                              JP Flyer
SQUARE FDS 3D GLASSES                          JP Boxed
SUPER MARIO BROS                           JP Phonecard
SUPER MARIO BROS                           JP Phonecard
SUPER MARIO BROS                           JP Phonecard
SUPER MARIO BROS BOARDGAME                     JP Boxed
SUPER MARIO BROS CASE                      JP Case Only
SUPER MARIO BROS MODEL KIT                     JP Boxed
SUPER MARIO BROS MODEL KIT                     JP Boxed
SUPER MARIO BROS MODEL KIT                     JP Boxed
SUPER MARIO BROS MODEL (KUPPA)                 JP Boxed
SUPER MARIO BROS MODEL (MARIO)                 JP Boxed
SUPER MARIO BROS 2                             JP Flyer
SUPER MARIO BROS 2                         JP Shitajiki
SUPER MARIO BROS 2                         JP Phonecard
SUPER STAR FORCE                               JP Flyer
SUPER XEVIOUS                              JP Shitajiki
SUPER XEVIOUS BOARDGAME                        JP Boxed
SUPER XEVIOUS SOUNDTRACK (LP)               JP Complete
TOWER OF DRUAGA                               JP Eraser
TWINBEE                                        JP Flyer
VOLLEYBALL                                     JP Flyer
ZELDA NO DENSETSU                              JP Flyer

Famicom Disk Writter manuals

Pachinko GP                                   Data East  
SOCCER KONAMI CUP                                Konami x2
TENNIS                                           Konami
ZANAC                                            Ponyca 



SUPER NINTENDO (European model)               Boxed+Ins
SUPER FAMICOM                              Console Only
SUPER FAMICOM                              Console Only
SUPER NINTENDO (US 'mini' model)           Console Only
NTT DATA MODEM                        Device+Controller
ACCLAIM WIRELESS CONTROLLER                 Device Only
BOMBERMAN MULTIPAD (Hudson Soft)            Device Only
SUPER FAMICOM CASE                            Case Only
GAME DOCTOR 3                               Device Only
MEGADRIVE ADAPTER                             Boxed+Ins
POWER SF MEMORY (Torneki No Daibouken)        Boxed+Ins
NES TO SNES CONVERTER                         Boxed+Ins
FC ADAPTER (POKEFAMI)                         Boxed+Ins

Super Famicom/Super NES Cartridges  --------------- 480
  Name                      Company


ADDAMS FAMILY               Ocean             Boxed+Ins
BATTLETOADS BATTLEMANIACS                     Boxed+Ins
B.O.B                                         Boxed+Ins
BUBSY                                         Boxed+Ins
CLAY FIGHTER                Ocean/Interplay   Cart Only
DARIUS TWIN                 Taito             Cart Only
EARTHWORM JIM 2             Shiny Ent/Virgin  Cart Only
ILLUSION OF TIME (French)   Enix              Boxed+Ins
KING ARTHURS WORLD          Jaleco            Boxed+Ins
MAGICAL QUEST               Capcom                Boxed
MEGAMAN X                   Capcom                Boxed
MYSTIC QUEST LEGEND         Square	      Cart Only
NINTENDO SCOPE 6            Nintendo          Cart Only
POP'n TWIN BEE Rainbow Bell Konami                Boxed
SECRET OF EVERMORE (French) SquareSoft        Boxed+Ins
SUPER Empire Strikes Back   LucasArts         Boxed+Ins
SUPER R-TYPE                Nintendo/Irem     Boxed+Ins 
SUPER Return Of The Jedi    LucasArts         Boxed+Ins
SUPER ADVENTURE ISLAND      Hudson Soft       Cart Only
SUPER MARIO KART            Nintendo          Cart Only
SUPER SOCCER                Nintendo              Boxed
TAZ MANIA                   Thq               Cart Only
TEMPLE DU SOLEIL            Infogrames            Boxed
TERRANIGMA (French version) Nintendo/Quintet  Boxed+Ins
TINY TOON ADV. BUSTS LOOSE  Konami            Boxed+Ins
TRODDLERS                   Storm             Cart Only
TWIN BEE                    Konami            Boxed+Ins
YOSHI'S ISLAND              Nintendo          Boxed+Ins


AXELAY                      Konami            Cart Only
BLAZEON                     Atlus             Boxed+Ins
BUGS BUNNY RABBIT RAMPAGE   Sunsoft           Cart Only
D - FORCE                   Asmik             Boxed+Ins
DONGEON MASTER              JVC               Boxed+Ins
DIG & SPIKE                 Hudson Soft       Cart Only
EARTH DEFENSE FORCE         Jaleco            Cart Only
FIRST SAMURAI               Kemco             Cart Only
GREAT CIRCUS MISTERY (the)  Capcom            Cart Only
GUNFORCE                    Irem              Cart Only
KRUSTY SUPER FUN HOUSE      Acclaim           Cart Only
MAGICAL QUEST (the)         Capcom            Cart Only
NBA LIVE `95                ElectronicArts    Cart Only
POCKY & ROCKY               Natsume           Boxed+Ins
SONIC BLAST MAN             Taito             Cart Only
STARFOX                     Nintendo          Cart Only
STREET FIGHTER II           Capcom            Cart Only
SUPER 3D NOAH'S ARK         Wisdom Tree       Cart Only
T2 the arcade game          Ljn		      Cart Only
YOSHI SAFARI                Nintendo          Cart Only


3D BALLZ                    Media Rings Corp. Boxed+Ins
2 in 1 (DIRTY CHALLENGER)   ??                    Boxed
4 in 1 (SFC-D1)             ??                Boxed+Ins
46 OKUMEN MONOGATARI (EVO)  Enix/Almanic      Boxed+Ins
ACE O NERAE 3D TENNIS       Telenet           Boxed+Ins
ACROBAT MISSION             Teichiku          Boxed+Ins
ACTRAISER                   Enix              Boxed+Ins
ACTRAISER 2                 Enix              Boxed+Ins
AIR MANAGEMENT              Koei              Boxed+Ins
AIR MANAGEMENT 2            Koei              Boxed+Ins
AKUMAJO DRACULA XX          Konami            Boxed+Ins
ALBERT ODYSSEY              SunSoft           Boxed+Ins
ALBERT ODYSSEY 2            SunSoft           Boxed+Ins
ALICE PAINT ADVENTURE       Epoch/Disney      Boxed+Ins
AMERICAN BATTLE DOME        Tsukuda Original  Boxed+Ins
ANIMAL BURANDEN BRUTAL      Kemco             Boxed+Ins
AKUMAJO DRACULA             Konami            Boxed+Ins
AQUTALLION                  Temco Products    Boxed+Ins
ARCUS SPIRITS               Sammy/Wolf Team   Boxed+Ins
AREA 88                     Capcom            Cart Only
AREA 88                     Capcom            Boxed+Ins
ARETHA                      Yanoman           Boxed+Ins
ARKANOID DOH IT AGAIN       Taito             Boxed+Ins
ASAMESHIMAE NYANKO          JForce/Zamuse     Boxed+Ins
ASHITA NO JOE               Kac/Wave          Boxed+Ins
ASSAULT SUITS VALKEN        Masaya/NCS        Boxed+Ins
ASTRO GO! GO!               Meldac/Kaze       Boxed+Ins
AXELAY                      Konami            Boxed+Ins
BAHAMUT LAGOON              SquareSoft        Boxed+Ins
BAKUJO MONOGATARI           PackInVideo       Boxed+Ins
BAKUTO DODGERS              Bullet Proof Soft Boxed+Ins
BARBAROSSA                  Sammy             Boxed+Ins
BARCODE BATTLER SENKI       Epoch             Boxed+Ins
BASEBALL'96                 Konami            Boxed+Ins
BASTARD !!                  Cobra Team        Boxed+Ins
BATMAN RETURNS              Konami            Boxed+Ins
BATTLE CROSS                Imagineer         Boxed+Ins
BATTLE DOGDE BALL II        Banpresto         Boxed+Ins
BATTLE MOBILE               Sacom             Boxed+Ins
BATTLE ROBOTS               Banpresto         Boxed+Ins
BATTLE TYCOON               Right Stuff       Boxed+Ins
BATTLE ZEQUE DEN            Asmik             Boxed+Ins
BATTLETECH                  Victor            Boxed+Ins  
BLAZEON                     Atlus             Boxed+Ins       
BLUE CRYSTALROD (THE)       Namcot            Boxed+Ins
BLUES BROTHERS (THE)        Kemco/Titus       Boxed+Ins
BOMBUZAL                    Kemco/MirrorSoft  Boxed+Ins
BONKERS                     Capcom            Boxed+Ins
BRAIN LORD                  Enix              Boxed+Ins
BRANDISH                    Koei              Boxed+Ins
BREATH OF FIRE              Capcom            Boxed+Ins
BREATH OF FIRE II           Capcom            Boxed+Ins
BURAI HACHIGYOKU NO ...     Igs               Boxed+Ins
BUSHI SEIRYUUDEN            T&ESoft           Boxed+Ins
CACOMA KNIGHT               DataM Polystar    Boxed+Ins
CALIFORNIA GAMES II         Epyx/Hect         Boxed+Ins
CARD MASTER RIMUASRIA'SEAL  Halken            Boxed+Ins
CB CHARA WARS               Banpresto         Boxed+Ins
CHAOS SEED                  Taito             Boxed+Ins
CHO ANIKI                   Masaya            Boxed+Ins
CHO MAHOUTAIRIKU WOZZ       Bps/Red           Boxed+Ins 
CHOHMAKAIMURA               Capcom            Boxed+Ins
CHRONO TRIGGER              Squaresoft        Boxed+Ins
CHRONO TRIGGER (Sample Rom) Squaresoft        Cart Only
CLOCK TOWER                 Human             Boxed+Ins
CLOCKWORKS                  Tokoma Shoten     Boxed+Ins
CRAYON SHIN CHAN            Bandai            Boxed+Ins
CRYSTAL BEANS DUNGEON EXP.  Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
COMBATRIBES (THE)           Technos Japan     Boxed+Ins
CONTRA SPIRITS              Konami            Boxed+Ins
CORON LAND                  Yumedia           Boxed+Ins
COSMOGANG THE PUZZLE        Namcot            Boxed+Ins
COSMOGANG THE VIDEO         Namcot            Boxed+Ins
COSMO POLICE GALIVAN        Cream/Nichibutsu  Boxed+Ins      
COTTON 100% (+ CD)          DataM P./Success  Boxed+Ins x2
CYBER KNIGHT                Tonkin House      Boxed+Ins
CYBER KNIGHT 2              Tonkin House      Boxed+Ins
DAIKAIJUU MONOGATARI        Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
DAN ZARB                    Yutaka            Boxed+Ins
DARIUS FORCE                Taito             Boxed+Ins
DARIUS TWIN                 Taito             Boxed+Ins
DARK HALF                   Enix              Boxed+Ins
DARK KINGDOM                Telenet           Boxed+Ins
DEMON'S BLAZON              Capcom            Boxed+Ins
DERBY STALLION II           Ascii Soft        Boxed+Ins
DEZAEMON                    Athena            Boxed+Ins
DIMENSION FORCE             Asmik             Boxed+Ins
DORABOCCHAN                 Naxat Soft        Boxed+Ins
DOSSUN! GANSEKI BATTLE      I'Max             Boxed+Ins
DRAGON BALL 3               Bandai            Cart Only
DRAGON BALL Z: TOTSUGEKIHEN Bandai            Boxed+Ins
DRAGON BALL Z: SuperSeiya D Bandai            Boxed+Ins x2
DRAGON KNIGHT 4             Banpresto         Boxed+Ins
DRAGON SLAYER Leg.of Heroes Falcom/Epoch      Boxed+Ins
DRAGON QUEST III            Enix              Boxed+Ins
DRAGON QUEST V              Enix              Boxed+Ins
DRAGON QUEST VI             Enix              Boxed+Ins
DORAEMON 2                  Epoch Co.         Boxed+Ins
DUAL ORB                    I'Max             Boxed+Ins
DUAL ORB 2                  I'Max             Boxed+Ins
DUNGEON MASTER              Vistor/Ftl        Boxed+Ins
EARTH LIGHT LUNAR STRIKE    Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
EAST FAR OF EDEN ZERO       Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
ELFARIA                     Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
ELNARD                      Produce/Enix      Boxed+Ins
EMERALD DRAGON              Media Works       Boxed+Ins
EMIT Vol.1                  Koei              Boxed+Ins
EMIT Vol.2                  Koei              Boxed+Ins
EARTH LIGHT                 Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
F-ZERO                      Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
F1 GRAND PRIX PART II       Video System      Cart Only
FARLAND STORY 2             Banpresto             Boxed
FIGHTER HISTORY MIZOGUCHI K Data East         Boxed+Ins           
FIGHTING ELEVEN 2           Konami            Boxed+Ins
FINAL FANTASY IV            Square            Boxed+Ins x2
FINAL FANTASY V             Square            Boxed+Ins
FINAL FANTASY VI            Square                Boxed
FINAL FIGHT                 Capcom            Boxed+Ins
FINAL FIGHT 2               Capcom            Boxed+Ins
FINAL FIGHT GUY             Capcom                Boxed
FIRE EMBLEM MONSHOU NO NAZO Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
FLYING HERO                 Sofel             Boxed+Ins x2
FRONT MISSION GUN HAZARD    Squaresoft/Omiya  Boxed+Ins
FORTUNE QUEST               Zamuse            Boxed+Ins
FRONT MISSION               Squaresoft        Boxed+Ins
FURAI NO SIREN              Chunsoft          Boxed+Ins
GAIA GENSOUKI               Enix              Boxed+Ins x2
GALAXY WARS                 Imagineer/Univer. Boxed+Ins
GAMBARE ! DAIKU NO GENSAN   Irem              Boxed+Ins
GAN GAN GACHAN              Magifact          Boxed+Ins
GAROU DENSETSU (FATAL FURY) Takara            Boxed+Ins
GAROU DENSETSU 2 ANATANARU  Takara            Boxed+Ins
GDLEEN                      Seta              Boxed+Ins
GENOCIDE 2                  Kemco             Boxed+Ins
GINGA EIYUU DENSETSU        Tokuma Shoten     Boxed+Ins
GO GO ACKMAN 2              Banpresto         Boxed+Ins
GOD                         Imagnineer        Boxed+Ins x2
GOKUJOU PARODIUS            Konami            Boxed+Ins
GON                         Bandai            Cart Only
GON                         Bandai            Boxed+Ins
GOOF TROOP                  Capcom            Boxed+Ins
GOEMON 2                    Konami            Boxed+Ins
GOHKETSUJI ICHIZOKU         Atlus             Boxed+Ins
GRADIUS III                 Konami            Boxed+Ins
GREAT BATTLE II LAST FIGHT. Banpresto         Boxed+Ins
GREAT BATTLE III            Banpresto         Boxed+Ins x2
GREAT BATTLE IV             Banpresto         Boxed+Ins
GREAT BATTLE GAIDEN 2       Banpresto         Boxed+Ins          
GULLIVER BOY                Bandai            Boxed+Ins
GUNDAM CROSS DIMENSION 0079 Bandai            Boxed+Ins x2
GUNFORCE                    Irem              Boxed+Ins
GUNMAN'S PROOF              Ascii             Boxed+Ins
HAGANE                      Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
HAMELIN NO VIOLIN HIKI      Enix              Boxed+Ins
HANSEI ZARUJIRO KUN NO ...  Natsume           Boxed+Ins
HARAPEKO BAKKA              Magical           Boxed+Ins
HARO! PACMAN                Namcot            Boxed+Ins
HARLEY'S HUMONGOUS ADV.     Altron            Boxed+Ins 
HAT TRICK HERO              Taito                 Boxed
HEBEREKE NO POPUUN          SunSoft           Boxed+Ins   
HEISEI INU MONOGATARI BOW   Takara            Boxed+Ins    
HIENSEI SHIN ONIGASHIMA #1  Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
HIOHDEN                     WolfTeam          Boxed+Ins
HOKUTO NO KEN 6             Shouei/Toei       Boxed+Ins
HOLY STRIKER                Hector            Boxed+Ins
HOOK                        Epic/Sony         Boxed+Ins
HYPER ZONE                  Halken            Boxed+Ins
IDEO NO HI                  Shouei                Boxed
IKARI NO YOUSAI             Jaleco            Boxed+Ins
JAKI CRUSH                  Naxat Soft        Boxed+Ins
JAMMES                      Carrozeria        Boxed+Ins
JERRY BOY                   Epic/Sony         Boxed+Ins
JIGSAW PARTY                Hori Electric     Boxed+Ins
JIKKYOU OSHABERI PARODIUS   Konami            Boxed+Ins
JOE & MAC                   Deco              Boxed+Ins
JUNGLE WARS 2               PonyCanyon        Boxed+Ins
JYUTEI SENKI                Enix              Boxed+Ins
KEEPER                      Datam             Boxed+Ins
KENYUU DENSETSU YAIBA       Banpresto         Boxed+Ins
KID KLOWN IN CRAZY CHASE    Kemco             Boxed+Ins
KIDOU SOUKOU DION           Vic Tokai         Boxed+Ins
KIGURUMI DAIBOUKEN          Hect/Axes Art     Boxed+Ins
KIKI KAIKAI NAZO NO KURO... Natsume           Boxed+Ins
KIKOU KEISATSU METAL JACK   Atlus             Boxed+Ins
KING OF DRAGON (THE)        Capcom            Boxed+Ins
KING OF MONSTERS            Takara/SNK        Boxed+Ins
KING OF MONSTERS 2          Takara/SNK        Boxed+Ins
KINGYO CHUUIHOU             Jaleco            Boxed+Ins
KIRBY BOWL                  Nintendo/Hal      Boxed+Ins
KOURYUUKY (SHVC-QG)         Koei              Boxed+Ins
LADY STALKER                Taito             Boxed+Ins x2
LAGOON                      Kemco             Boxed+Ins
LAST BIBLE III              Atlus/MIT         Boxed+Ins
LEADING JOCKEY 2            Carrozzeria       Boxed+Ins
LEGEND OF BISHIN ZOKU       Magifact          Boxed+Ins
LEMMINGS                    SunSoft           Boxed+Ins
LITTLE MASTER               Takuma Shoten     Boxed+Ins
LODE RUNNER TWINS           T&ESoft           Boxed+Ins 
LOST VIKINGS                T&ESoft/Interplay Boxed+Ins
MARIO PAINT (+ mouse)       Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
MACROSS                     Zamuse            Boxed+Ins
MADOH MONOGATARI RPG        T.Shoten/Compile  Boxed+Ins
MAGIC SWORD                 Capcom            Boxed+Ins
MAGICAL DROP                Data East         Boxed+Ins
MAGICAL TARUROROKUN         Bandai            Boxed+Ins
MAGMA BRABAN                Ask Kodansha      Boxed+Ins
MAHOU POI POI POITTO!       Takara/Metro      Boxed+Ins
MAHOUJIN GURU GURU          Enix              Boxed+Ins
MAHOUJIN GURU GURU 2        Enix              Boxed+Ins
MAKERUNA! MAKENDOU          Datam Polystar    Boxed+Ins
MARERUNE! MAKENDOU 2        Datam Polystar    Boxed+Ins
MARIO & WARIO               Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
MARVELOUS                   Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
MATSUMURA KONIHIRO DEN      Shouei            Boxed+Ins
MAZINGER-Z                  Bandai            Boxed+Ins
MELFAND STORIES             Ascii/Sting       Boxed+Ins
METAL MAX 2                 Data East         Boxed+Ins
MICKET MANIA                Capcom/WaltDisney Boxed+Ins
MICKEY NO MAGICAL AD.       Capcom                Boxed
MIRACLE GIRLS               Takara            Boxed+Ins
MINI YONKU POWER WGP 2      Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
MIZUKI SHIGERU NO YOUKAI..  KSS               Boxed+Ins
MONSTER MAKER III           Sofel             Boxed+Ins x2
MUSCLE BOMBER               Capcom            Boxed+Ins
MOTHER 2                    Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
MOTOKOCHAN NO WONDER KITC.  Ajinomo           Boxed+Ins
MR DO!                      Imagineer             Boxed
MUSIC TSUKURU KANADEERU     Ascii Soft        Boxed+Ins
MUSYA                       Datam Polystar    Boxed+Ins
MYSTIC ARK                  Enix              Boxed+Ins x2
NANGOKU SHOUNEN PAPUWAKUN   Daft/Enix         Boxed+Ins
NOBUNAGA NO YABO HAODEN     Koei              Boxed+Ins
NEUGIER UMI TO KAZE NO K... WolfTeam          Boxed+Ins
NEW YATTAMAN                Yutaka            Boxed+In
NICHIBUTSU ARCADE CLASSICS  Nichibutsu        Boxed+Ins
NIGHT OF KAMAITACHI         Chun Soft         Boxed+Ins
NINJA WARRIORS AGAIN        TAITO             Boxed+Ins
NOSFERATU                   Seta              Boxed+Ins
OGRE BATTLE English Vers.   Katoco E03-NTSCJ  Cart Only
OLIVIA'S MYSTERY            Altron            Boxed+Ins
ORAGA LAND SHUSAI BEST FAR. Vic Tokai         Boxed+Ins
OSSU KARATEBU               Culture Brain     Boxed+Ins
OTOBOKE NINJA COLOSEUM      Intec             Boxed+Ins
P MAN                       Kemco/Titus       Boxed+Ins
PAC IN TIME                 Namcot            Boxed+Ins
PACHINKO WARS               Coconut Japan         Boxed
PANEL DE PON                Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
PANIC IN NAKAYOSHI WORLD    Bandai            Boxed+Ins
PARODIUS                    Konami            Boxed+Ins
PHALANX                     Kemco/Zoom        Boxed+Ins
PINOCCHIO                   Capcom/Disney     Boxed+Ins
PIPE DREAM                  BPS/Lucasfilm     Boxed+Ins
POP'N TWINBEE               Konami            Boxed+Ins
POPOITTO HEBEREKE           Sunsoft           Boxed+Ins
POWER SOUKOBAN              Thinking Rabbit   Boxed+Ins
PRINCE OF PERSIA            Broderbund Soft.  Boxed+Ins
PUYO PUYO                   Compile/Banpresto Boxed+Ins
PUYO PUYO 2 REMIX           Compile           Boxed+Ins
PUZZLE BOBBLE               Taito             Boxed+Ins
PSYCHO DREAM                Riot/Telenet          Boxed
Q-BERT 3                    Vap Game          Boxed+Ins
RACOON RASCAL               Masaya            Boxed+Ins
RAIDEN DENSETSU             ToeiAnimation     Boxed+Ins x2
RANMA 1/2 BAKURETSU RENTOU  Masaya            Boxed+Ins
RANMA 1/2 (RA)              Masaya            Boxed+Ins             
ROCK & ROLL RACING          Interplay             Boxed
ROCKMAN X                   Capcom            Boxed+Ins
ROCKETEER (The Adventures..)IGS/Novalogic     Boxed+Ins
ROMANCING SAGA 2            Squaresoft        Boxed+Ins
ROMANCING SAGA 3            Squaresoft        Boxed+Ins
RUSHING BEAT                Jaleco            Boxed+Ins
RPG SCHOOL SUPER DANTE      Ascii Sofy        Boxed+Ins x2
RPG TSUKURU 2               Ascii Soft            Boxed
RPM RACING                  Victor/Interplay  Boxed+Ins
RTYPE 3 - THIRD LIGHTNING   Irem              Boxed+Ins
RUIN ARM                    Bandai/Tose       Boxed+Ins
SAISOKU BATTLE              Bullet Proof      Boxed+Ins
SAME GAME                   Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
SAMURAI SPIRITS             Takara            Boxed+Ins
SANDRA NO DAIBOUKEN         Namcot            Boxed+Ins
SANGOKUSHI SEISHI TENBU...  Wolfteam          Boxed+Ins
SANSARA NAGA 2              Victor            Box +Cart
SD F1 GRAND PRIX            Video System      Boxed+Ins
SD GREAT BATTLE             Banpresto         Boxed+Ins
SD GUNDAM GENERATION COLO.  Bandai (Sufami)   Boxed+Ins
SD GUNDAM GNEXT             Bandai            Boxed+Ins
SD GUNDAM V (SHVC-GM)       Bandai                Boxed
SD HIRYU NO KEN             Culture Brain     Boxed+Ins
SENGOKU DENSHOU             Data East         Boxed+Ins
SF MEMORY CASSETTE          Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
SHICHYUSUI... SHINTO BENKYO Banpresto         Boxed+Ins
SHIEN THE BLADE CHASER      Dynamic           Boxed+Ins
SHIKI EIYUUDEN              Outrigger         Boxed+Ins
SHIN MOMOTARO DENSETSU      Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
SHIN SEIKOKU LAWARES        Yuyaka            Boxed+Ins
SHINSEIKI GPX CYBER FORMULA Takara            Boxed+Ins
SHUTOKO BATTLE 2            Bullet Proof Soft Boxed+Ins
SHUTOKO BATTLE '94          Bullet Proof Soft Boxed+Ins
SHUUSHOKU GAME              Imagineer(AIMJ)   Boxed+Ins
SHYONEN ASHIBE              Takara            Boxed+Ins
SILVA SAGA II               Seta              Boxed+Ins
SIM EARTH                   Maxis/Imagineer   Box +Cart
SLAM DUNK 2                 Bandai            Boxed+Ins
SLAYERS                     Bonpresto         Boxed+Ins
SM TEACHER HITOMI Vol.2     Seibu Planning    Cart Only
SM CHOKYOSHI HITOMI Vol.2   Seibu Kikaku      Boxed+Ins
SMASH TV                    Ascii/Beam Soft   Boxed+Ins
SOLSTICE II                 Epic/Sony Records Boxed+Ins
SONIC BLAST MAN             Taito             Boxed+Ins
SONIC WINGS                 Video System      Boxed+Ins
SOUND NOVEL MAKER           Ascii Soft        Boxed+Ins
SOTSUGYOU BANGAIHEN         Head Room/KSS     Boxed+Ins
SOUKOUHIHEI VOTOMS          Takara            Boxed+Ins
SOUL BLADER                 Enix/Quintet      Boxed+Ins
SPACE FUNKY BOB             Electronic Arts   Boxed+Ins
SPACE INVADERS              Taito             Boxed+Ins
SPARKSTER                   Konami            Boxed+Ins
STAR FOX                    Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
STELLAVIEW 8M MEMORY PACK   Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
STREET FIGHTER II           Capcom            Boxed+Ins
STREET FIGHTER II TURBO     Capcom            Boxed+Ins
STRIKE GUNNER               Athena            Boxed+Ins
SUPAPON                     Yutaka            Boxed+Ins              
SUPER ALESTE                Toho/Compile          Boxed
SUPER ALESTE                Toho/Compile      Boxed+Ins
SUPER BACK TO THE FUTURE 2  Toshiba EMI       Boxed+Ins
SUPER BOMBERMAN             Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
SUPER BOMBERMAN 2           Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
SUPER BOMBERMAN 3           Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
SUPER BOMBERMAN 4           Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins x2
SUPER BOMBERMAN 5           Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
SUPER BOMBERMAN P. BOMBER W Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins x2
SUPER CHASE HQ              Taito             Boxed+Ins
SUPER CHINESE WORLD         Culture Brain     Boxed+Ins
SUPER DOG FIGHT F14 TOMCAT  Pack-In-Video     Boxed+Ins    
SUPER DONKEY KONG           Nintendo              Boxed
SUPER DAIKOKAI              Koei              Boxed+Ins
SUPER DRAKKHEN              Kemco             Boxed+Ins
SUPER EDF                   Jaleco            Boxed+Ins
SUPER GAME BOY              Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
SUPER GENJIN                Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
SUPER GENJIN 2              Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
SUPER GUSSUN OYOYO          Irem/Banpresto    Boxed+Ins x2
SUPER KICK OFF              Anco/Misawa       Boxed+Ins
SUPER LINEARBALL            Hiro              Boxed+Ins
SUPER NAZO PUYO RURUU NO RU Compile/Banpresto Boxed+Ins
SUPER NAZO PUYO 2           Compile           Boxed+Ins
SUPER MARIO WORLD           Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
SUPER MARIO KART            Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
SUPER METROID               Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
SUPER PANG                  Capcom            Boxed+Ins
SUPER POWER LEAGUE          Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
SUPER R*TYPE                Irem              Boxed+Ins x2
SUPER SNAKEY                Yojigen           Boxed+Ins
SUPER SOUKOBAN              Pack-In-Video     Boxed+Ins
SUPER STRIKE EAGLE          Akmik/Microprose  Boxed+Ins
SUPER SWIV                  Coconuts Japan    Boxed+Ins
SUPER TEKKYU FIGHT          Banpresto         Boxed+Ins x2
SUPER VALIS                 Laser Soft        Boxed+Ins x3
SUPER VG                    TGL               Boxed+Ins
SUPER WAGYAN                Namcot            Boxed+Ins
SUPER WAGYAN LAND 2         Namcot            Boxed+Ins
SUPER WRESTLER ANGELS       Imagineer         Boxed+Ins
SUZUKA 8 HOURS              Namcot            Boxed+Ins
SYNDICATE                   Electronic Arts   Boxed+Ins
SYVALION                    Toshiba Emi       Boxed+Ins
TACTICS OGRE                Quest             Boxed+Ins
TALES OF PHANTASIA          Namco             Boxed+Ins
TATAKAE GENSHIJIN 2         Data East         Boxed+Ins
TEKKAMAN BLADE              Interbec          Boxed+Ins
TETSUWA ATOM                Zamuse/Banpresto  Boxed+Ins
THUNDER SPIRIT              Toshiba/Tecnosoft Boxed+Ins
THUNDERBIRDS                Cobra Team        Boxed+Ins
TINY TOON ADVENTURES        Konami            Boxed+Ins
TOP MANAGEMENT 2            Koei              Boxed+Ins
TOP RACER                   Kemco                 Boxed
TORUNEKO NO DAIBOUKEN       ChunSoft          Boxed+Ins
TOTTEMO LUCKYMAN            Bandai            Boxed+Ins        
TWINKLE LITTLE STAR         Pony Canyon Inc   Boxed+Ins
UFO HERO YAKISOBAN          Dentsu Inc        Boxed+Ins
UFO HERO YAKISOBAN          -not for sale-    Boxed+Ins x2
ULTIMA SAVAGE EMPIRE        Origin Systems    Boxed+Ins
ULTRAMAN (v.01)             Bandai            Boxed+Ins
UMIHARA KAWASE              TNN/NHK           Boxed+Ins
USHIO TO TORA               Yukata            Boxed+Ins
VERNE WORLD                 Dual/Banpresto    Boxed+Ins
VILLGUST KIETA SHOUJO       Bandai/Winkysoft  Boxed+Ins
VORTEX                      Pack In Video     Boxed+Ins
VS COLLECTION               Bottom Up         Boxed+Ins
WAGYAN PARADISE             Namco             Boxed+Ins
WAKU WAKU SKI WONDERSHOOT   Human Entertain.  Boxed+Ins
WALLY O SAGASE!             Tomy              Boxed+Ins
WILDTRAX                    Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
WING COMMANDER              Ascii/Origin      Boxed+Ins
WOLFENSTEIN 3D              Imagineer         Boxed+Ins
WONDER PROJECT J            Enix              Boxed+Ins            
WORLD HEROES                Sunsoft/Snk       Boxed+Ins
WRECKING CREW '98           Nintendo          Boxed+Ins x2
WIZARDRY 6                  Ascii             Boxed+Ins
XARDION                     Asmik             Boxed+Ins
YAM YAM                     Bandai/Pandora    Boxed+Ins
YAMADON WONDER DREAMLAND    Takuma Soft       Boxed+Ins
YOSHI ISLAND                Nintendo              Boxed
YOSHI NO COOKIE             Nintendo              Boxed
YS III WANDERERS FROM YS    Falcom/TonkinHo.  Boxed+Ins
YS IV MASK OF THE SUN       Falcom/TonkinHo.  Boxed+Ins
YS V                        Falcom/TonkinHo.  Boxed+Ins
YU YU HAKUSHO               Namco             Boxed+Ins
YUJIN NO FURI-FURI GIRLS    Pow               Boxed+Ins x2
YUJIN JANJU GAKUEN 2        Varie             Boxed+Ins
YUYU NO QUIZ DE GO!GO!      Taito Corp.       Boxed+Ins
ZAN III                     WolfTeam          Boxed+Ins
ZELDA                       Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
ZERO 4 CHAMP RR             Media Rings       Boxed+Ins
ZIG ZAG CAT                 Den'Z             Boxed+Ins
ZOOL NO YUME BOUKEN         Infocom/Gremlin   Boxed+Ins

Misc Pirates/Bootlegs (NTSC)

5-in-1                                            Boxed (not working?)
6-in-1                                            Boxed
AERO THE ACROBAT                              Boxed+Ins
COOL SPOT                                         Boxed
DEATH & RETURN SUPERMAN                               ?
GEORGE FOREMAN BOXING                             Boxed
MICKEY MANIA                                      Boxed
MORTAL KOMBAT                                     Boxed
MORTAL KOMBAT 3                                       ?
SUPER 5-in-1 (Raiden, Aladdin...)                 Boxed
SUPER 7-in-1 (Sonic,Mario...)                     Boxed
SUPER PUNCH OUT                               Boxed+Ins

SNES/SFC PROTOTYPES -------------------------------- 22


BOBBY'S WORLD               Hi-Tech           Cart Only            
CYBERNATOR                                    Cart Only
DEATH OF SUPERMAN                             Cart Only
DEATH VALLEY RALLY                            Cart Only
FIREPOWER 2000                                Cart Only
LOST VIKINGS                                  Cart Only
MICKEY PLAYTOWN ADV         Hi-Tech           Cart Only
PEACE KEEPERS               Jaleco            Cart Only
SUPER STAR WARS                               Cart Only
SUPER SWIV                                    Cart Only 
TETRIS ATTACK               Nintendo          Cart Only 
YOGI BEAR                                        EPROMs


MEGALOMANIA                 Sensible          Cart Only


CLOCK TOWER                 Human             Cart Only
FINAL FIGHT GUY             Capcom            Cart Only
GOKUJOU PARODIUS            Konami            Cart Only
KIDOU SOUKOU DION           Vic Tokai         Cart Only
NINJA RYUKENDEN             Tecmo             Cart Only
R-TYPE III                  Irem              Cart Only
SUPER EDF                   Jaleco            Cart Only
SUPER CHINESE WORLD 2       Culture Brain     Cart Only
SUPER FORMATION SOCCER SERA Human             Cart Only

Super Famicom/Super NES Miscellaneous -----------------

Guide Books/Audio CDs/Magazines:

ACTRAISER Vol.1                                JP Comic
ACTRAISER Vol.2                                JP Comic
ACTRAISER Vol.3                                JP Comic
AKUMAJOU DRACULA X                             JP Guide
ASSAULT SUIT VALKEN (Famicom Weekly)           JP Guide
BATTLE ROBOTS TACTICAL BOOK                    JP Guide
CB SUPER CHARACWARS                            JP Guide
CHOU MAKAIMURA                                 JP Guide
CONTRAT SPIRITS                             JP CD Audio
COTTON 100%                                 JP CD Audio
CYBER KNIGHT 2                                 JP Guide
DAITANA TWINBEE (Vol.1)                        JP Comic
DAITANA TWINBEE (Vol.2)                        JP Comic
DRAGON QUEST (CGAG 5)                          JP Comic
DUNGEON MASTER MANGA                           JP Comic
ELFARIA (69912-19)                             JP Guide
ELNARD                                         JP Comic
FAMICON MAG (vol.18-19)                     JP Magazine
FAMICON MAG (vol.20-21)                     JP Magazine
FINAL FANTASY V                            JP Phonecard
FINAL FANTASY VI Vol.1                         CD Audio
FINAL FIGHY GUY                                CD Audio
GOKETSUJI ICHIZOKU                          JP CD Audio
GOKUJYO PARODIUS                            JP CD Audio
HOOK                                       JP Phonecard
HUMAN SUPER F2/SOCCER                       JP CD AUdio 
POP'N TWINBEE                               JP CD Audio x2
POP'N TWINBEE GRAFFITI                      JP CD Audio
POP'N TWINBEE                                  JP Guide
ROCKMAN SOUNDTRACK                             CD Audio
SHIN MOMOTAROU DENSETSU                        JP Guide
STREET FIGHTER II (Bandai/Capcom)              JP Comic
SUPER BOMBERMAN (4 Koma)                       JP Comic
SUPER BOMBERMAN 3 (4 Koma, Part 2)             JP Comic
SUPER BOMBERMAN 4 (4 Koma)                     JP Comic
SUPER MARIO (4 Koma MANGA THEATER 5)           JP Comic
SUPER METROID                                  JP Guide
SUPER NES GAMES SECRETS Vol.3                  US Guide
THE SUPER FAMICOM (1991.02.08 - n.3)        JP Magazine
THE SUPER FAMICOM (1991.11.29 - n.23)       JP Magazine
THE SUPER FAMICOM (1993.12.24 - n.3)        JP Magazine
THE SUPER FAMICOM (1993.08.06 - n.14)       JP Magazine
THE SUPER FAMICOM (1993.10.01 - n.17)       JP Magazine
THE SUPER FAMICOM (1993.10.15 - n.18)       JP Magazine
THE SUPER FAMICOM (1993.10.29 - n.19)       JP Magazine
THE SUPER FAMICOM (1993.12.24 - n.23)       JP Magazine
THE SUPER FAMICOM (1994.02.04 - n.2)        JP Magazine
THE SUPER FAMICOM (1994.03.04 - n.4)        JP Magazine
THE SUPER FAMICOM (1996.11.11 - n.20)       JP Magazine
YU YU HAKUSHO (Promotional CD)              JP CD Audio
WONDER PROJECT J (Official Guide Book)         JP Guide
WONDER PROJECT J (manga - Vol.3)               JP Comic
WEEKLY FAMITSU (1987.09.04 - n.18)               JP Mag
WEEKLY FAMITSU (1987.09.18 - n.19)               JP Mag
WEEKLY FAMITSU (1988.11.11 - n.22)               JP Mag
WEEKLY FAMITSU (1991.12.06)                      JP Mag
WEEKLY FAMITSU (1991.07.24)                      JP Mag
WEEKLY FAMITSU (1992.07.24)                      JP Mag
WEEKLY FAMITSU (1992.07.31)                      JP Mag
WEEKLY FAMITSU (1993.03.12)                      JP Mag
WEEKLY FAMITSU (1993.03.26)                      JP Mag
WEEKLY FAMITSU (1993.05.28)                      JP Mag
WEEKLY FAMITSU (1993.06.18)                      JP Mag
WEEKLY FAMITSU (1994.02.11)                      JP Mag
WEEKLY FAMITSU (1994.05.27)                      JP Mag
WEEKLY FAMITSU (1994.11.25)                      JP Mag

Miscellaneous Boxes:

COMBATRIBES                                      US Box
DAI BAKUSHOU .. SALARY MAN  Taito                JP Box
DARIUS TWIN                                      US Box
DINO WARS                                        JP Box
ILLUSION OF GAIA                              US Box+In
PHALANX                                          US Box
POPFUL MAIL                 Falcom           JP Box+Ins
PRIME GOAL 2                Namcot           JP Box+Ins
SEIKEI DENSETSU 2           Squaresoft           JP Box
SOULD BLAZER                                     US Box
STREET FIGHTER (x5)         Original US  Animation Cell
STAR WARS                                        US Box

Miscellaneous Items:

BATTLE BLAZE                                 JP Hanbill
BLAZEON                                 US CES Handbill
BOMBERMAN 2 STATIONARY SET                     
CACOMA KNIGHT                           US CES Handbill
CHO MAKAIMURA BLOCNOTE                          JP Item
CHO MAKAIMURA PUZZLE                            JP Item
HISTORICAL WAR SIM (Koei)                    JP Hanbill
METAL JACK                              US CES Handbill
MUSYA                                   US CES Handbill
STAR FOX (US TShirt)                        Tshirt Only



VIRTUAL BOY                                Console Only

Virtual Boy Cartridges  ----------------------------- 6
  Name                      Company
BOMBER MAN (??? jap)        Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
MARIO CLASH                 Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
MARIO's TENNIS              Nintendo          Cart Only
RED ALARM                   Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
RED ALARM (Jap)             Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
TELEBOXER                   Nintendo          Boxed+Ins
VERTICAL FORCE              Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins



SUPER 64 (STARWARS edition)                   Boxed+Ins

Nintendo 64 Cartridges  ---------------------------- 14
  Name                      Company


BOMBERMAN HERO                 Hudson Soft    Boxed+Ins
MISCHIEF MAKER                 Treasure/Enix  Boxed+Ins
MYSTICAL NINJA starring goemon Konami         Boxed+Ins
POKEMON STADIUM                Nintendo       Boxed+Ins
STAR WARS RACER                LucasArts      Boxed+Ins
ZELDA Ocarina of time          Nintendo       Boxed+Ins
ZELDA Majora's mask            Nintendo       Boxed+Ins


BOMBERMAN HERO                 Hudson Soft    Boxed+Ins
DENRYUU IRAIRA BOU (Sample)    Hudson Soft    Boxed+Ins
POKEMON STADIUM 2              Nintendo       Boxed+Ins
SIN AND PUNISHMENT             Treasure       Boxed+Ins
SUPER MARIO 64                 Nintendo       Boxed+Ins
YOSHI                          Nintendo       Boxed+Ins
WONDER PROJECT J2              Enix           Boxed+Ins x2



GAMECUBE (UK) Zelda Edition                   Boxed+Ins
GAMECUBE (US)                              Console Only
GAME BOY PLAYER                             Device Only

GameCube Games  -----------------------------------  11
  Name                      Company

UK (PAL) Games

ZELDA                          Nintendo       Boxed+Ins 

US (NTSC) Games 

ALIEN HOMINID                  O3             Boxed+Ins
BATTALION WARS                 Nintendo       Boxed+Ins
GEIST                          Nintendo       Boxed+Ins
FF CRYSTAL CHRONICLES          Square Enix    Boxed+Ins
LEGO STAR WARS                 LucasArts      Boxed+Ins
MARIO KART DOUBLE DASH!!       Nintendo           Boxed
METROID PRIME                  Nintendo       Boxed+Ins
METROID PRIME 2                Nintendo       Boxed+Ins
P.N.03                         Capcom         Boxed+Ins

JP (NTSC) Games

TOWER OF DRUAGA (PROMO)        Namco          Boxed+Ins

Gamecube Miscellaneous --------------------------------

NR Reader (blank dev disk)                    Disk Only



DS (US System - red)                           Boxed+Ins

DS Games  ------------------------------------------- 12 
  Name                         Company

ADVANCE WARS - Dual Strike     Nintendo        Boxed+Ins


ANIMAL CROSSING                Nintendo        Boxed+Ins
ELITE BEAT AGENTS              Nintendo/iNis   Boxed+Ins
FINAL FANTASY III              Square Enix     Boxed+Ins
MY SIMS                        EA              Boxed+Ins
PHOENIX WRIGHT ACE ATTORNEY    Capcom          Boxed+Ins
THE SIMPOSONS GAME             EA              Boxed+Ins
ZELDA - Phantom Hourglass      Nintendo        Boxed+Ins


GAME CENTER CX                 Namco           Boxed+Ins
NI NO KUNI (SPEELBOOK EDITION) Namco           Boxed+Ins
TINGLE NO BALLOON FIGHT        Nintendo        Boxed+Ins
ZEKKYOU SENSHI SAKEBUREIN      Nintendo        Boxed+Ins  

PONGS TYPE _____________________________________________

ADMAN GRANDSTAND TVG-2600 MKII              Console Only
     + 2 controls
     + Light gun

ADMAN GRANDSTAND TV GAME MODEL 3000                Boxed
ATARI PONG                                     Boxed+Ins
ATARI/TELEGAMES PONG                        Console Only
ATARI SUPER PONG			    Console Only
BINATONE  TV MASTER MK6 (01-4907)              Boxed+Ins
          + Light gun
BOOTS AUDIO TELEVISION GAME TG100                  Boxed
HARVARD MINI COLOUR TV GAME (HL H-5)               Boxed
INTERSTATE MINI TV GAME 1104                   Boxed+Ins
INTERSTATE (+Light gun)                     Console Only
MAGNAVOX ODYSSEY 100                        Console Only
MAGNAVOX ODYSSEY 200                           Boxed+Ins
MATCHROBOT                                  Console Only
Societe Occitane Electronique de Toulouse 
RADOTIN Electronic TV Game                  Console Only
RADOTIN Modele 3011                            Boxed+Ins
RADOTIN Tele-Sports                         Console Only
SEB (x5)                                   Consoles Only
     + Light gun
SOUNDIC (+ 2 carts)                         Console Only
TANDY - TV SCOREBOARD                       Console Only
Unusual TELEGAME system                     Console Only
Comes with a hand drawn Circuit Diagram
VIDEO 3000 Interton Electronic              Console Only
VIDEOJEU 20 Philips                         Console Only
VIDEOMASTER VISIOSCORE                         Boxed+Ins

VIDEOMASTER SUPERSCORE                         Boxed+Ins
VIDEOTRONIC II  (model 3338)                 Console+Ins

ODYSSEY ________________________________________________

Magnavox Odyssey Console                        Complete

ODYSSEY 1 Cartridges --------------------------------- 6
 Name                   Index
CARTRIDGE                #1                    Cart only
CARTRIDGE                #2                    Cart only
CARTRIDGE                #3                    Cart only
CARTRIDGE                #4                    Cart only
CARTRIDGE                #5                    Cart only
CARTRIDGE                #6                    Cart only

ROWTRON ________________________________________________

ROWTRON Television Computer system           Console+Ins

Rowtron Cartridges ----------------------------------- 6
 Name                   Index
CIRCUS                  #14                    Boxed+Ins
COWBOY                  #24                        Boxed
FLAG CAPTURE/MEMORY     #18                    Cart Only
FOUR IN A ROW           #6                     Boxed+Ins
REVERSI                 #16                 Box+Ins Only 
SPORTING SHOTGUN        #11                    Boxed+Ins
VIDEO PINBALL           #17                    Boxed+Ins

SEGA ___________________________________________________


CARD CATCHER                                   Boxed+Ins

SC3000 Cartridges ------------------------------------ 2
CONGO BONGO                                    Boxed+Ins
PACAR                                          Boxed+Ins



Master System SUPER COMPACT                  Console Only

The Sega 3D Glasses                                 Boxed

Sega Master System Cartridges ------------------------ 54
  Name                     Company


AFTER BURNER               Sega                     Boxed
ASTERIX                    Sega                     Boxed
BANK PANIC                 Sega Card                Boxed
BONANZA BROTHERS           Sega                 Boxed+Ins
CAPTAIN SILVER             Data East            Boxed+Ins
CHOPLIFTER                 Sega/Broderbund      Boxed+Ins
CYBER SHINOBI (The)        Sega                 Boxed+Ins
DOUBLE DRAGON              Technos              Boxed+Ins
F16 FIGHTER                Sega Card            Boxed+Ins
GALAXY FORCE               Sega                     Boxed
GHOST HOUSE                Sega Card            Boxed+Ins
GLOBAL DEFENSE             Sega                 Boxed+Ins
GOLFAMANIA                 Sega                 Boxed+Ins
GREAT VOLLEYBALL           Sega                 Boxed+Ins
HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMP         Sega                 Boxed+Ins
LASER GHOST                Sega                 Boxed+Ins
MARKSMAN/TRAP/SAFARI SHOOT Sega                     Boxed
MY HERO                    Sega Card                Boxed
PARLOUR GAME               Sega                     Boxed
POWER STRIKE               Sega                 Boxed+Ins
POWER STRIKE 2             Sega/Compile         Boxed+Ins
PRO WRESTLING              Sega                 Boxed+Ins
QUARTET                    Sega                 Boxed+Ins
R-TYPE                     Irem/Sega                Boxed
SCHTROUMPFS (LES)          Infogrames/Sega      Boxed+Ins
SHOOTING GALLERY           Sega                 Boxed+Ins
SUPER SMASH TV             Flying Edge              Boxed
TEDDY BOY		   Sega Card            Boxed+Ins
TRANSBOT                   Sega Card                Boxed
WONDERBOY III              Sega                     Boxed
WONDERBOY IN MONSTER LAND  Sega                 Boxed+Ins
WORLD SOCCER               Sega                 Boxed+Ins
ZILLION II                 Sega                 Boxed+Ins


20 em 1                    Sega/Tec Toy          Cart+Ins
CHOPLIFTER (DEMO)          Sega                 Cart Only
F16 FIGHTING FALCON        Sega Card            Boxed+Ins
F16 FIGHTING (DEMO)        Sega                 Cart Only
GREAT BASEBALL (DEMO)      Sega                 Cart Only
GREAT FOOTBALL (DEMO)      Sega                 Cart Only
MAZE HUNTER 3-D		   Tonka/Sega		Boxed+Ins
MISSILE DEFENSE 3-D        Sega                 Boxed+Ins
MY HERO                    Sega Card            Boxed+Ins
NUCLEAR CREATURE (BRASIL)  Sega/Tec Toy             Boxed
SCRAMBLE SPIRITS           Sega                 Boxed+Ins
SHOOTING GALLERY (DEMO)    Sega                 Cart Only
SPACE HARRIER 3-D          Tonka/Sega           Boxed+Ins
SPY VS SPY                 Sega Card            Boxed+Ins
TRANSBOT                   Sega Card            Boxed+Ins
ZAXXON 3-D		   Tonka/Sega           Boxed+Ins


ALIEN SYNDROME             Sega                 Boxed+Ins
BLADE EAGLE                Sega                 Boxed+Ins
FANTASY ZONE II            Sega          G-1329 Boxed+Ins
HS KIMEGUMI                Sega                 Boxed+Ins
HOKUTONO KEN               Sega          G-1303     Boxed
TRI FORMATION		   Sega                 Boxed+Ins

JAPANESE SC-3000 or SG-1000 Series

BANK PANIC                 Sega My card         Boxed+Ins



Game Gear (x2)                                  Boxed+Ins

Game Gear Cartridges --------------------------------- 21
  Name                     Company

BERLINWALL (?)             Kaneko      T-33017  Cart Only
CASTLE OF ILLUSION         Sega                 Boxed+Ins
CHESS MASTER (the)         -                    Boxed+Ins
COLUMNS                    Sega                 Cart Only
DEVILISH                   Genki           JAP  Cart+Ins            
DR.ROBOTNIK's MEAN BEAN M. Sega/Compile         Cart Only
DYNAMITE HEADDY            Treasure(?)          Cart Only
LEMMINGS                   -                    Cart Only
LUCKY DIME CAPER (the)     Sega                 Boxed+Ins
MARBLE MADNESS             Tengon/Domark        Boxed+Ins
OUT RUN                    Sega                 Cart Only
OUT RUN EUROPA             Sega                 Boxed+Ins
POPILS                     Tengen               Cart Only
SHINOBI                    Sega                 Boxed+Ins
SONIC THE HEDGEHOG         Sega                 Boxed+Ins
SONIC 2                    Sega                 Cart Only
SONIC CHAOS                Sega                 Boxed+Ins
SUPER KICK OFF             -                    Boxed+Ins
SUPER MONACO GP            Sega                 Cart Only
TOM & JERRY The movie      Sega                 Cart Only
WORLD CUP SOCCER           Tengen               Cart Only



MEGADRIVE 16bit (x2)                         Console Only
NOMAD Genesis                                Console Only
Master System MODULE                          Module Only

	(c)1993 Western technologies
	+ SegaDev32 3.5' floppy disk

MEGA CD I                                       Boxed+Ins
MEGA CD-R (blank disk)               	              New

Megadrive Cartridges + CDs -------------------------- 128
  Name                         Company


BATTLE SQUADRON                ElectronicArts   Boxed
BUCK ROGERS                    SSI              Boxed+Ins
ISHIDO                         Accolade         Boxed+Ins
SHINING IN THE DARKNESS        Sega             Boxed+Ins
SONIC 2 (Demo)                 Sega             Boxed+Ins
SUNSET RIDERS                  Konami           Boxed+Ins
THUNDER FORCE III              Technosoft       Boxed+Ins


ALISIA DRAGOON                 GameArts         Boxed+Ins            
CORPORATION                    Virgin Games     Boxed+Ins
DECAP ATTACK                   Sega             Boxed
FAERY TALE                     ElectronicArts   Boxed
FATAL LABYRINTH                Sega             Boxed
FORGOTTEN WORLD                Sega             Boxed+Ins
GYNOUG                         Sega/Ncs Corp.   Boxed+Ins
HERZOG ZWEI                    Sega             Boxed
LIGHT CRUSADER (GREEN ROD)     Sega             Boxed+Ins
Mr NUTZ                        Ocean            Boxed+Ins
RANGER X                       Sega             Boxed+Ins
ROCKER KNIGHT ADVENTURES       Konami           Boxed+Ins
SONIC & KNUCKLES               Sega             Boxed+Ins
SONIC COMPILATION              Sega             Boxed+Ins
SPLATTERHOUSE 2                Namco            Game Only
STAR CONTROL                   Ballistic        Boxed+Ins
STREET FIGHTER II'             Capcom           Boxed+Ins
SUB TERRANIA                   Sega/Zyrinx      Boxed+Ins
TALMIT's ADVENTURE             Namco            Boxed
THUNDER FORCE II               Technosoft       Boxed+Ins
THUNDER FORCE IV               Technosoft       Boxed+Ins
TRUXTON                        Sega/Toaplan     Boxed+Ins
WONDERBOY 3 Monster Lair       Sega             Boxed+Ins
WONDERBOY in Monster World     Westone/Sega     Boxed+Ins
ZERO WING                      Sega/Toaplan     Boxed+Ins


AEROBLASTER                    Kaneko           Boxed+Ins
ALEX KIDD                      Sega		Boxed+Ins
ARROW FLASH                    Sega             Boxed+Ins
ATOMIC ROBO KID                UPL              Boxed+Ins
BATTLE MANIA (repro)           Vic Tokai        Boxed+Ins
BATTLE MANIA DAIGINJO (repro)  Vic Tokai        Boxed+Ins
BARE KNUCKLE II                Sega             Boxed+Ins
CONTRA THE HARD CORPS (repro)  Konami           Boxed+Ins
DAIMAKAIMURA                   Sega/Capcom	Boxed+Ins
DANGEROUS SEED                 Namcot           Boxed+Ins x2
DARIUS 2                       Taito            Boxed+Ins
DARWIN 4081		       Data East/Sega   Boxed
DINOLAND                       Wolfteam         Boxed+Ins
DYNAMITE HEADDY                Treasure         Boxed+Ins
ELEMENTAL MASTER               Technosoft       Boxed+Ins x2
ELIMINATE DOWN (repro)         Soft Vision      Boxed+Ins
ESWAT                          Sega             Boxed+Ins
EX-RANZA                       Sega             Boxed+Ins
FORGOTTEN WORLDS               Sega             Boxed+Ins
GAIARES                        Reno/Telenet     Boxed+Ins x2
GHOSTBUSTERS                   Sega/Activision  Boxed+Ins
GLEY LANCER (repro)            NCS              Boxed+Ins
GOLDEN AXE II                  Sega             Boxed+Ins
GRANADA                        Wolfteam         Boxed+Ins
GRAND HURICAN                  ??		Boxed               
GUNSTAR HEROES                 Sega             Boxed+Ins
GUNSTAR HEROES (Demo Cart)     Sega             Cart Only
HEAVY UNIT                     Toho/Kaneco      Boxed+Ins
KLAX                           Namcot/tengen    Boxed+Ins
KUJAKU-OH		       Makoto Ogino     Boxed
KYUUKYOKU TIGER                Taito/Toaplan    Boxed+Ins
MAGICAL TARU RUTO KUN          Sega             Boxed
MASTER OF WEAPON               Taito            Boxed+Ins
MEGATECH GHOULS'N GHOSTS                        Cart Only
MEGATECH LAST BATTLE                            Cart Only 
MEGATECH THUNDERBLADE                           Cart Only 
MUSHA ALESTE                   Toaplan/Compile  Boxed+Ins
MUSHA ALESTE (repro)           Toaplan/Compile  Boxed+Ins
PHELIOS                        Namcot           Boxed+Ins
RAIDEN TRAD                    Micronet/Seibu   Boxed+Ins
SAME! SAME! SAME!              Toaplan          Boxed+Ins
SHINING FORCE                  Sega/Climax      Boxed+Ins
SHINING FORCE II               Sega             Boxed+Ins
SHINING IN THE DARKNESS        Sega             Boxed+Ins
SHITEN MYOUOU                  Sigman Ent.Inc   Boxed+Ins
SLAP FIGHT MD (repro)          Tengen           Boxed+Ins
SPACE HARRIER II               Sega             Boxed+Ins
SPACE INVADERS '90             Taito Corp.      Boxed+Ins
STEEL EMPIRE                   Hot-B            Boxed+Ins
STRIDER HIRYU                  Sega             Boxed+Ins
THUNDER FORCE III              Technosoft       Boxed+Ins x2
THUNDER FORCE IV               Technosoft       Boxed+Ins
V-FIVE (repro)                 Tengen           Boxed+Ins
VALIS SD                       Laser Soft       Boxed+Ins
VAMPIRE KILLER (repro)         Konami           Boxed+Ins
VERYTEX                        Asmik            Boxed+Ins
WARDNER NO MORI SPECIAL        Visco            Boxed+Ins
WHIP RUSH                      Sega             Boxed+Ins


BLACK HOLE ASSAULT             Sega             Boxed
DUNE                           VIRGIN           Cd - Only
KEIO FLYING SQUADRON           JVC              Boxed+Ins
ROAD AVENGER                   Sega             Boxed+Ins
SEGA CLASSICS (Arcade c.)      Sega             Boxed+Ins
SILPHEED                       GAME ARTS        Boxed+Ins
SONIC CD                       Sega             Boxed+Ins


AFTER BURNER III               CRI              Boxed+Ins
AISLE LORD                     WolfTeam         Boxed+Ins
BARI-ARM                       Human Ent.       Boxed+Ins
COSMIC FANTASY STORIES         Telenet          Cd - Only
DENNIN-ALESTE                  Compile          Boxed+Ins
DEVASTATOR                     Wolfteam         Boxed+Ins
DRAGON'S LAIR                  ReadySoft/Epic.  Boxed+Ins
DUNGEON MASTER 2 SKULLKEEP     Victor Int.      Boxed+Ins
EARNEST EVANS                  Wolfteam         Boxed+Ins
FINAL FIGHT CD                 Sega/Capcom      Boxed+Ins
HEROIC LEGEND OF ARSLAN        Sega             Boxed+Ins
KEIO YUGEKITAI (Demo Version)  Victor           Boxed+Ins
MAHOU NO SHOUJO SILKY LIP      Riot             Boxed+Ins
SOL-FEACE                      Wolfteam         Boxed+Ins
SOULSTAR                       Core Design      Boxed+Ins
TENBU MEGACD SPECIAL (+ CD)    WolfTeam         Boxed+Ins
TENKAFUBU                      Game Arts        Boxed+Ins
VAY                            Sims             Boxed+Ins

* 32X.

METAL HEAD                     Sega             Boxed+Ins
STAR WARS Arcade               Lucas Arts/Sega  Boxed+Ins


BALLZ                          -            US Prototype
BATTLECORPS (CD)               JVC          US CDR
POWERBALL                      Namco        US Prototype 
SOULSTAR (CD)                  Core Design  US CDR
THUNDERSTRIKE (CD)             JVC          US CDR
TOY STORY                      Disney       US PRototype


SUPER MARIO BROS               ???              Boxed



Sega SATURN                                     Boxed+Ins
Sega SATURN CD-R (blank disk)			Boxed+Ins
SS Controller Satelitte                       Device Only

Saturn  CDs ------------------------------------------ 85
  Name                         Company


CLOCKWORK KNIGHT               Sega             Boxed+Ins
DARIUS II                      Sega/Taito       Boxed+Ins
DARIUS GAIDEN                  Acclaim/Taito    Boxed+Ins
ENEMY ZERO                     Warp             Boxed+Ins
GALACTIC ATTACK                Acclaim          Boxed+Ins
GUARDIAN HEROES                Sega             Boxed+Ins
GUN GRIFFON                    GameArts         Boxed+Ins
KEIO 2 FLYING SQUADRON         JVC              Boxed+Ins
NIGHTS into dreams...          Sega             Boxed+Ins
PANZER DRAGOON 2 Zwei          Sega             Boxed+Ins
PARODIUS                       Konami           Boxed+Ins
SEGA RALLY                     Sega             Boxed+Ins
SHINING THE HOLY ARK           Sega             Boxed+Ins
ULTIMATE MORTAL KOMBAT 3       GT               Boxed+Ins
VIRTUA FIGHTER 2               Sega             Boxed+Ins


AFTERBURNER II                 Sega             Boxed+Ins
ASSAULT SUIT LEYNOS 2          Masaya/Ncs       Boxed+Ins
ASTRA SUPERSTARS               Sunsoft          Boxed+Ins  
ASTRAL                         Sega             Boxed+Ins
AZEL Panzer Dragoon RPG        Sega             Boxed+Ins
BOMBERMAN FIGHT!!              Hudson Soft      Boxed+Ins
BOMBERMAN SS                   Hudson Soft      Boxed+Ins
BUBBLE SYMPHONY                Ving             Boxed+Ins
CAPCOM GENERATION 1            Capcom           Boxed+Ins
CHRISTMAS NIGHTS               Sega             Boxed+Ins
COTTON 2 Magical Night Dreams  Success          Boxed+Ins
COTTON BOOMERANG               Success          Boxed+Ins
DARIUS GAIDEN                  Taito            Boxed+Ins
DETANA TWINBEE YAHHO           Konami           Boxed+Ins
DEZAEMON 2                     Athena           Boxed+Ins
DODONPACHI                     Atlus            Boxed+Ins
DONPACHI                       Atlus            Boxed+Ins
FANTASTIC PINBALL              TecnoSoft        Boxed+Ins
GALAXY FORCE 2                 Sega             Boxed+Ins
GARDIAN FORCE                  Success          Boxed+Ins
GUARDIAN HEROES                Sega/Treasure    Boxed+Ins
GEKIRINDAN the travel shooting Taito/Virgin     Boxed+Ins
GOIKEN MUYO ANARCHY (Sample)   ???              Boxed
GOKUJOU PARODIUS DA! DEL PACK  Konami           Boxed+Ins
GOLDEN AXE - THE DUEL          Sega             Boxed+Ins
GOSSUN OYOYO S                 Xing Ent.        Boxed+Ins
GRADIUS DELUXE PACK            Konami           Boxed+Ins
GULLIVER BOY                   Hudson Soft      Boxed+Ins
GUNBIRD                        Psikyo           Boxed+Ins
HYPER REVERTHION               Technosoft       Boxed+Ins
LAYER SECTION                  Taito            Boxed+Ins
LETHAL ENFORCERS II            Konami           Boxed+Ins
LINKLE LIVER STORY             Nex Ent.         Boxed+Ins
MACHI (Sample)                 Chun Soft        Boxed+Ins
MACROSS                        Emotion/Jasmac   Boxed+Ins
METAL BLACK                    Ving/Taito       Boxed+Ins
PANZER DRAGOON                 Sega             Boxed+Ins
PANZER DRAGOON II              Sega             Boxed+Ins
PARODIUS forever with me       Konami           Boxed+Ins
PRIKURA DAISAKUSEN             Atlus            Boxed+Ins
PUYO PUYO SUN                  Compile          Boxed+Ins
PUZZLE BOBBLE 3                Taito            Boxed+Ins
RADIANT SILVERGUN              Treasure         Boxed+Ins
ROCKMAN 8                      capcom           Boxed+Ins
SALAMANDER DELUXE PACK +       Konami           Boxed+Ins
SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI             Atlus            Boxed+Ins
SHIN SHINOBI DEN               Sega             Boxed+Ins     
SILHOUETTE MIRAGE              Treasure         Boxed+Ins
SILHOUETTE MIRAGE (SAMPLE)     Treasure         Boxed+Ins
SNATCHER                       Konami           Boxed+Ins
SONIC WINGS SPECIAL            MediaQuest       Boxed+Ins
SOUKYUGURENTAI                 8ing/Raizing/ea  Boxed+Ins
SPACE HARRIER                  Sega             Boxed+Ins
STEAMGEAR MASH                 Takara           Boxed+Ins
STRIKERS 1945                  Spikyo           Boxed+Ins
TAITO CHASE HQ PLUS S.C.I      Taito            Boxed+Ins
THOR SEIREIOUKIDEN             Sega             Boxed+Ins
THUNDER STORM FX               Wolfteam         Boxed+Ins
VAMPIRE HUNTER                 Capcom           Boxed+Ins
VIRTUA FIGHTER Remix (Corean)  Sega/Samsung     Boxed+Ins
WAKU WAKU PUYO PUYO DUNGEON    Compile          Boxed+Ins
WOLF FANG                      Xing             Boxed+Ins
WOLFCHILD                      Core D./Victor   Boxed+Ins
WONDER 3 Arcade Gears          Xing             Boxed+Ins
WAKU WAKU SEVEN                Sunsoft          Boxed+Ins


NASCAR 3                                   SAMPLE-DEV CDR
SHINING THE HOLY ARK (US Beta) White Disk       Game Only

Sega Saturn Miscellaneous ------------------------------

Detana Twinbee Yahoo Soundtrack                       JP



Sega DREAMCAST (Europe:Pal)                         Boxed
Sega DREAMCAST (USA:Ntsc)                    Console Only
GDRom (Giga Byte Disc Recordable) x4           Disks Only

Dreamcast CDs ---------------------------------------- 26
  Name                         Company

BANGAI-O                       Treasure/Esp     Boxed+Ins
CHUCHU ROCKET                  Sega             Boxed+Ins
EVOLUTION                      Esp/UbiSoft      Boxed+Ins
GIGAWING                       Capcom           Boxed+Ins
GUNBIRD 2                      Capcom           Boxed+Ins
PHANTASY STAR ONLINE           Sega             Boxed+Ins

CHUCHU ROCKET                  Sega             Boxed+Ins
CRAZY TAXI                     Sega             Boxed+Ins
GAUNTLET LEGENDS               Midway           Boxed+Ins
JET GRIND RADIO                Sega             Boxed+Ins
POWER STONE 2                  Capcom           Boxed+Ins
RESIDENT EVIL:CODE VERONICA    Capcom           Boxed+Ins
SEGA GT                        Sega             Boxed+Ins
SEGA TENNIS 2K2                Sega             Boxed+Ins
SONIC ADVENTURE                Sega             Boxed+Ins
SOUL CALIBUR                   Namco            Boxed+Ins
SOUL REAVER:LEGACY OF KAIN     Sega/Eidos       Boxed+Ins   

DUX                            Hucast.net       New
CAPCOM vs SNK MILLENIUM F2000  Capcom           Boxed+Ins
GIGA WING                      Capcom           Boxed+Ins
GODZILLA GENERATIONS           Sega/Toho        Boxed+Ins
IKARUGA                        Treasure/Esp     Boxed+Ins
KING OF FIGHTERS'99 EVOLUTION  SNK              Boxed+Ins
MAIKEN X                       Atlus            Boxed+Ins
MARS MATRIX                    Capcom           Boxed+Ins
SPACE CHANNEL 5                Sega             Boxed+Ins

SINCLAIR ________________________________________________

SINCLAIR president (calculator)                    Boxed
SINCLAIR Cambridge Memory (Calculator)   Calculator Only

ZX81                                       Computer Only
ZX81                                       Computer Only
    + soft Keyboard
    + printer ALPHACOM 32 (or fax?)
    + 16k RAM module
    + ZX Interface 2 (cartridge & Joystick module)
    + Peritel (Scart) adaptator
1016 Sinclair Timex Module 16k                     Boxed
ZX Spectrum+                               Computer Only

Zx Tapes -------------------------------------------- 42
  Name                  Company

5 programmes pour jouer ZX81                   Boxed+Ins
ALIEN DESTROYER         Kuma Computers         Boxed+Ins
BEAMRIDER               Activision             Boxed+Ins
BOMBJACK                Encore                 Boxed+Ins
BMX SIMULATOR           Code Master            Boxed+Ins
CHEQUERED FAG           Psion                  Boxed+Ins
CHESS THE TURK(French)  OCP                    Boxed+Ins
DARK FUSION             Gremlin                Boxed+Ins
DOOMSDAY CASTLE         Fantasy Software       Boxed+Ins
EDITOR/ASSEMBLER        OCP                    Boxed+Ins
ELITE                   Firebird               Boxed+Ins
ENDURO                  Activision             Boxed+Ins
FEUD                    Bulldog Soft.          Boxed+Ins
FIRESTORM               ASL                    Boxed+Ins
GAUNTLET                US Gold                Boxed+Ins
GILLIGAN'S GOLD         Ocean                  Boxed+Ins
H.E.R.O                 Activision             Boxed+Ins
KNIGHT LORE             Ultimate               Boxed+Ins
KNOCK OUT               Americana              Boxed+Ins
KONAMI COIN-OP HITS     Konami                 Boxed+Ins
LOMBRIX                 ERE                    Boxed+Ins
MARIO BROS.             Ocean                  Boxed+Ins
MAKE-A-CHIP             Incognito Soft.E6/S    Boxed+Ins
MOON ALERT              Ocean                  Boxed+Ins
NIGHTSHADE              Ultimate               Boxed+Ins
NODES OF YESOD          Odin                   Boxed+Ins
OH MUMMY                Gem Software           Boxed+Ins
RICOCHET                Mastertronic           Boxed+Ins
RIVER RAID              Activision             Boxed+Ins
ROAD BLASTERS           US Gold                Boxed+Ins
ROCK'N WRESTLE          Melbourne house        Boxed+Ins
SPIKE                   Firebird               Boxed+Ins
THE WILD BUNCH          Firebird               Boxed+Ins
PEOPLE FROM SIRIUS      US Gold                Boxed+Ins
Spectrum 128- 4 PACK                           Boxed+Ins
Spectrum 128- 6 PACK                           Boxed+Ins
SUPER SPACE INVADERS    Taito                  Tape Only
TREASURE ISLAND         Mr Micro               Boxed+Ins
WITCHFIEND/ODDJOB EDDIE Strobe                 Boxed+Ins
ZXAS                    BUG-BYTE               Boxed+Ins
ZXDB                    BUG-BYTE               Boxed+Ins 
ZX Spectrum+ Guide-Cassette de L'utilisateur   Boxed+Ins

ZX Cartridges ---------------------------------------- 5
  Name                  Company      Index     Status
BACKGAMMON              Psion        G22/R     Boxed+Ins
CHESS                   Psion        G10/R     Boxed+Ins
HUNGRY HORACE           Psion        G13/R     Boxed+Ins
JET PACK                Ultimate     G27/R     Boxed+Ins
PLANETOIDS              Psion        G12/R     Boxed+Ins

SNK ____________________________________________________


Neo Geo Console (Not working)                  Boxed+Ins

Neo Geo Games --------------------------------------- 16
  Name                Company       Index      Status


ASO II                SNK           NGCD-007   Boxed+Ins
CYBER-LIP             SNK           NGCD-010   Boxed+Ins
FUUN MOKUSHIROKU      SNK           NGCD-059   Boxed+Ins
GAROU DENSETSU 3      SNK           NGCD-069   Boxed+Ins
GHOST PILOTS          SNK           NGCD-020   Boxed+Ins
KING OF FIGHTERS '94  SNK           NGCD-055   Boxed+Ins
KING OF FIGHTERS '95  SNK           NGCD-084   Boxed+Ins
LAST RESORT           SNK           NGCD-024   Boxed+Ins
REAL BOUT FATAL FURY  SNK           NGCD-095   Boxed+Ins
PULSTAR               SNK           NGCD-089   Boxed+Ins
SONIC WINGS 2         VIDEO SYSTEM  NGCD-075   Boxed+Ins       
TOP HUNTER            SNK           NGCD-046   Boxed+Ins
VIEWPOINT             SNK/Sammy     AICD-051   Boxed+Ins


ANDRO DUNOS           SNK                      Boxed+Ins
MUTATION NATION       SNK           NGCD-014E  Boxed+Ins

NEO GEO miscellaneous...................................

FATAL FURY POSTCARD                              JP Item
FATAL FURY 2 POSTCARD                            JP Item
FATAL FURY SPECIAL POSTCARD                      JP Item

SONY ____________________________________________________


Sony Playstation                                Boxed+Ins

Playstation CDs ------------------------------------- 110
  Name                     Company              


ARMORED CORE               From Software        Boxed+Ins
BUST-A-MOVE 2     Platinum Taito/Acclaim        Boxed+Ins
BUYS-A-MOVE 4              Taiti/Acclaim        Boxed+Ins
COLONY WARS                Psygnosis            Boxed+Ins
FINAL FANTASY VII          SquareSoft           Boxed+Ins
GRAN TURISMO      Platinum PolyphonyDigital     Boxed+Ins
GRANDIA                    GameArts/UbiSoft     Boxed+Ins
MEGA MAN X3                Capcom               Boxed+Ins
MEGA MAN X4                Capcom               Boxed+Ins
MICRO MACHINES V3          Codemasters          Boxed+Ins
RAYSTORM                   Taito                Boxed+Ins
RAYCRISIS                  Taito/JVC            Boxed+Ins  
R*TYPE DELTA               Irem                 Boxed+Ins
STARBLADE a                Namco                Boxed+Ins
STIDER 2                   Capcom/Virgin        Boxed+Ins
TIME CRISIS                Namco                Boxed+Ins
VIEWPOINT                  Electronic Arts      Boxed+Ins
XEVIOUS 3D/G               Namco                Boxed+Ins


AKUMAJO DRACULA X          Konami               Boxed+Ins
ASSAULT SUIT VALKEN 2      Masaya               Boxed+Ins
BATTLE ATHLETESS GTO       IPC                  Boxed+Ins
BLOCK KUZUSHI              Island Creations     Boxed+Ins
BOKAN GO GO GO             Banpresto            Boxed+Ins
BOKAN TO IPPATSU! DORONBO  Banpresto            Boxed+Ins
BOKU NO NATSUYASUMI        Millenium Kitchen    Boxed+Ins
CAPCOM GENERATION Vol.3    Capcom               Boxed+Ins
CHORO Q JET RAINBOW WINGS  Takara               Boxed+Ins
COOLY SKUNK                Ukiotei/Visit        Boxed+Ins
COTTON Original            Success              Boxed+Ins
CRIME CRACKERS 2           Sony                 Boxed+Ins
CUTE POTATOES              Irem                 Boxed+Ins
DARIUS G                   Taito                Boxed+Ins
DETANA TWINBEE YAHHOO!     Konami               Boxed+Ins
DEZAEMON KIDS              Athena               Boxed+Ins  
DRAGON VALOR               Namco                Boxed+Ins
EINHANDER                  SquareSoft           Boxed+Ins
FORGET ME NOT PALETTE      Enterbrain           Boxed+Ins
GALAXIAN 3                 Namco                Boxed+Ins
GRADIUS GAIDEN             Konami               Boxed+Ins
GUNBARL                    Namco                Boxed+Ins
GUNDAM 0079                Bandai               Boxed+Ins
GUNNERS HEAVEN             Sony                 Boxed+Ins
JIKKYO OSHABERI PARODIUS   Konami               Boxed+Ins
JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE   Capcom               Boxed+Ins
JUMPING FLASH              Sony                 Boxed+Ins
IMAGE FIGHT/X-MULTUPLY     Xing/Irem            Boxed+Ins
LIFESCAPE                  Mitsui Bussan        Boxed+Ins
MACROSS VF-X               BigWest              Boxed+Ins
MAGICAL HOPPERS            CrystalDyn./Bandai   Boxed+Ins
METAL SLUG                 SNK                  Boxed+Ins
METAL SLUG X               SNK/Sony             Boxed+Ins
Mobile suit GUNDAM v2.0    Bandai               Boxed+Ins
MOTTEKE TAMAGO GANBARE KA. NaxatSoft            Boxed+Ins
NAMCO MUSEUM ENCORE        Namco                Boxed+Ins
NAMCO MUSEUM Volume 2      Namco                Boxed+Ins
NAMCO MUSEUM Volume 5      Namco                Boxed+Ins
NEO SUPER ROBOT WARS       Banpresto            Boxed+Ins
OMEGA BOOST                SCEI                 Boxed+Ins
PARODIUS Deluxe Pack       Konami               Boxed+Ins
PARODIUS PARO WARS         Konami               Boxed+Ins
PHILOSOMA                  Sony                 Boxed+Ins
POP`n`POP                  Taito                Boxed+Ins
POPOLOCROIS                Sony                 Boxed+Ins
PULIRULA                   Xing/Taito           Boxed+Ins
PUZZLE BOBBLE 4            Taito                Boxed+Ins
RAIDEN DX                  Hamster/Seibu Kaiha. Boxed+Ins
RAIDEN PROJECT             Seibu Kaihatsu inc.  Boxed+Ins
RAYCRISIS                  Taito                Boxed+Ins 
SEPTENTRION                Human                Boxed+Ins
SEXY PARODIUS              Konami               Boxed+Ins
SILHOUETTE MIRAGE          Treasure             Boxed+Ins
SOL DIVIDE                 Atlus                Boxed+Ins
SOULMASTER                 Koei                 Boxed+Ins
STAHLFEDER                 Santos               Boxed+Ins
STAR IXIOM                 Namco                Boxed+Ins
STRIDER 2                  Capcom               Boxed+Ins
STRIKERS 1945 II           Psikyo               Boxed+Ins
SUPER ROBOT SHOOTING       Banpresto            Boxed+Ins
TAMAGOTCHI                 Bandai               Boxed+Ins
TATSUNOKO FIGHT            Takara               Boxed+Ins
TEKKEN 3                                        Boxed+Ins
THE SHOOTING               Cyberdreams/D3       Boxed+Ins
TIME BOKAN (TO IPPATSU!)   Banpresto            Boxed+Ins
TIME BOKAN (DESU YO)       Banpresto            Boxed+Ins
THUNDERFORCE V             TecnoSoft            Boxed+Ins
TONDEMO CRISIS             Polygon Magic        Boxed+Ins
TOPOLO                     Artdink              Boxed+Ins
TWINBEE TAISEN PUZZLE      Konami               Boxed+Ins
TWO TENKAKU                Sony/ClubDep         Boxed+Ins
WILD ARMS                  Sony                 Boxed+Ins
WIZARDRY VII               SCEI                 Boxed+Ins
XEVIOUS 3D/G+              Namco                Boxed+Ins
YU-GI-OH! MONSTER CAPSULE  Konami               Boxed+Ins
ZEITGEIST                  Taito                Boxed+Ins
ZERO DIVIDE                Zoon                 Boxed+Ins
???                        Tomy                 Game Only
??? (SLPS00202)            Sanyo/Octagon        Boxed+Ins


CHRONO CROSS                SquareSoft          Boxed+Ins
CONTRA Legacy Of War        Konami/Appaloosa    Boxed+Ins
DOOM                        Id/Williams         Boxed+Ins
DRAGON WARRIOR VII          Enix                Boxed+Ins
FINAL FANTASY VIII          SquareSoft          Boxed+Ins
GEKIOH shooting king        Natsume             Boxed+Ins
GRANSTREAM SAGA             Quintet/Shade/THQ   Boxed+Ins
INCREDIBLE CRISIS           Polygon Magic       Boxed+Ins
MOBILE LIGHT FORCE          Xs/Psikyo           Boxed+Ins
SPACE SHOT                  Agetec/A1 games     Boxed+Ins
STAR FIGHTER SANVEN         Agetex/A1 games     Boxed+Ins
TAIL CONCERTO               Atlus               Boxed+Ins

Playstation misc ----------------------------------------

AKUMAJO NENDAIKI                                 JP Guide
BOOMBOTS Original Art/Painting                     US Art
DARIUS GAIDEN                                JP Phonecard



Playstation 2 (US-NTSC)                         Boxed+Ins
Playstation 2 Slim (JAPAN-NTSC)                 Boxed+Ins

PS2 DVD-R47ps MASTER DISC                       Boxed+Ins  

Playstation 2 Games --------------------------------- 107
  Name                        Company              


ARGUS NO SENSHI               Tecmo             Boxed+Ins
CHAOS FIELD NEW ORDER         Milestone Inc.    Boxed+Ins
CHIKYUU BOUEIGUN (v.31)       D3 Publisher      Boxed+Ins
CHO ANIKI                     Global A Ent.     Boxed+Ins
DREAM MIX TV WORLD FIGHTERS   Hudson            Boxed+Ins
EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 2         D3 Publisher      Boxed+Ins
GEKISHA BOY 2                 Irem              Boxed+Ins
KA                            SCEI              Boxed+Ins
KA 2 LET'S GO TO HAWAI        SCEI              Boxed+Ins
ONECHANBARA 2 (vol.90)        D3 Publisher      Boxed+Ins
ONIMUSHA 2                    -PROMO-           CD Only
PANZER DRAGOON                SegaAges2500      Boxed+Ins
RADIRGY PRECIOUS              MileSTone         Boxed+Ins
REZ                           Sega/UGA          Boxed+Ins
TERRA CRESTA                  Hamster           Boxed+Ins
SKY GUNNER (Trial version)    Atlus             Boxed+Ins
STAR SOLDIER                  Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
TORO TO KYUUJITSU             -PROMO-           CD Only
XII STAG                      Taito             Boxed+Ins


AIRBLADE                      Namco             Boxed+Ins
BLOOD OMEN 2                  Eidos/CrystalD    Boxed
BLOWOUT                       Majesco           Boxed+Ins
CAPCOM CLASSIC COLLECTION     Capcom            Boxed+Ins
CAPCOM FIGHTING EVOLUTION     Capcom            Boxed+Ins
CASTLEVANIA (lament of Inn.)  Konami            Boxed+Ins
CASTLEVANIA (Curse of Darkn.) Konami            Boxed+Ins
CASTLE SHIKOGAMI 2            Xs                Boxed+Ins
CLOCK TOWER 3                 Capcom            Boxed+Ins
CRIMSON TEARS                 Capcom            Boxed+Ins
DEUX EX The Conspiracy        Eidos             Boxed+Ins
DEVIL MAY CRY                 Capcom            Boxed+Ins
DRAGON QUEST VIII             Square Enix       Boxed+Ins
EYE TOY (+ camera)            Sony              Boxed+Ins
FANTAVISION                   Sony              Boxed+Ins
FINAL FANTASY XII             Square Enix       Boxed
FINAL FIGHT STREETWISE        Capcom            Boxed+Ins
FRONT MISSION 4               Square Enix       Boxed+Ins
GOD OF WAR                    Sony/SSM          Boxed+Ins
GOD OF WAR II                 Sony/SSM          Boxed+Ins
GRADIUS III & IV              Konami            Boxed+Ins
GRADIUS V                     Konami            Boxed+Ins
GRAFFITI KINGDOM              Taito/HotB        Boxed+Ins
GRAND THEFT AUTO III          Rockstar/Dma      Boxed+Ins
GRAND THEFT AUTO VICE CITY    Rockstar          Boxed+Ins
GRAND TURISMO 3 A-SPEC        Sony/Polyphony    Boxed+Ins
GUNGRAVE                      Red/Sega          Boxed+Ins
GUNGRAVE OVERDOSE             Red/Mastiff       Boxed+Ins
HEAVENLY GUARDIAN             UFO/Starfish      Boxed+Ins
HERDY GERDY                   Eidos/Core        Boxed+Ins
INCREDIBLES (THE)             THQ               Boxed+Ins
KATAMARI DAMACY               Namco             Boxed+Ins
KINGDOM HEART                 SquareSoft        Boxed+Ins
KINGDOM HEART 2               SquareSoft        Boxed+Ins
LORD OF THE RINGS - Rt King   EA Games          Boxed+Ins
MAGIC PENGEL                  Agetec/Taito      Boxed+Ins
MAXIMO VS ARMY OF ZIN         Capcom            Boxed+Ins
METAL GEAR SOLID 2            Konami            Boxed+Ins
METAL GEAR SOLID 3            Konami            Boxed+Ins
NEO CONTRA                    Konami            Boxed+In
NIGHTSHADE                    Sega              Boxed+Ins
NIGHTMARE OF DRUAGA           Namco             Boxed+Ins
ODIN SPHERE                   Atlus/Vanillaware Boxed+Ins
OKAMI                         Capcom            Boxed+Ins
ONI                           Rockstar/Bungie   Boxed+Ins
ONIMUSHA WARLORDS             Capcom            Boxed+Ins
ONIMUSHA 2 SAMURAI'S DESTINY  Capcom            Boxed+Ins
ONIMUSHA 3 DEMON SIEGE        Capcom            Boxed+Ins
PIRATES CARABBEAN WORLD'S END Disney            Boxed+Ins
RAD (Robot Alchemic Drive)    Enix              Boxed+Ins
RAIDEN III                    UFO               Boxed+Ins
RESIDENT EVIL CODE:VERONICA   Capcom            Boxed+Ins
R*TYPE FINAL                  Fresh Games/Irem  Boxed+Ins
ROBOTECH BATTLECRY            Tdk/Harmony       Boxed+Ins
ROMANCING SAGA                Square Enix       Boxed+Ins
SAMURAI LEGEND MUSASHI        Square Enix       Boxed+Ins
SEGA CLASSICS COLLECTION      Sega              Boxed+Ins
SHADOW HEARTS COVENANT        Midway            Boxed+Ins
SHINOBI                       Sega/Overworks    Boxed+Ins
SILPHEED                      GameArts/Treasure Boxed+Ins
SILENT HILL 2                 Konami            Boxed+Ins
SILENT HILL 3                 Konami            Boxed+Ins
SILENT HILL 4                 Konami            Boxed+Ins
SIREN                         Sony              Boxed
SPLASHDOWN (20aug2001-Version B1.8)             Dev Disk
STAR WARS JEDI STARFIGHTER    LucasArts         Boxed+Ins
STREET FIGHTER ALPHA ANTHOL.  Capcom            Boxed+Ins 
STRETCH PANIC                 Treasure          Boxed+Ins
SUPER BUST A MOVE 2           Taito/Ubisoft     Boxed+Ins
TAITO LEGENDS 2               Taito/Destineer   Boxed+Ins
VIEWTIFUL JOE                 Capcom            Boxed
VIEWTIFUL JOE 2               Capcom            Boxed+Ins
WAY OF THE SAMURAI            SPike/Bam!        Boxed+Ins
WE LOVE KATAMARI              Namco             Boxed+Ins
WILD ARMS 3                   Sony              Boxed+Ins
XENOSAGA EPISODE 1            Namco             Boxed+Ins
XIANIDE                       Ertain            Boxed+Ins
ZONE OF THE ENDERS            Konami            Boxed+Ins


EVIL TWIN                     Ubi Soft          Boxed+Ins
GRADIUS IV		      Konami		Boxed+Ins
HARRY POTTER 2 (french)       EA Games          Boxed+Ins
ICO                           Sony              Boxed+Ins
MAXIMO			      Capcom            Boxed+Ins
Mr MOSKEETO                   FreshGames        Boxed+Ins
REZ                           Sega              Boxed+Ins
SEIGNEUR DES ANNEAUX (french) EA Games          Boxed+Ins
SHOX                          EA Sports         Boxed+Ins
SILPHEED		      GameArts/Treasure Boxed+Ins

Playstation 2 prototypes ------------------------------ 2

GUITAR HERO 2                                US Disk Only
TRUE CRIME STREET                            US Disk Only



PSP (US)                                     Console Only

PSP UMDs --------------------------------------------- 21
  Name                        Company              


APE ESCAPE ON THE LOOSE       Sony              Boxed+Ins
CASTLEVANIA DRACULA X         Konami            Boxed+Ins
GO! SUDOKU                    Ubisoft           Boxed+Ins
HAMERRIN' HERO                Atlus             Boxed+Ins
LEMMINGS                      Sony              Game Only
LOCO ROCO                     Sony              Boxed+Ins
LUMINES                       Ubisoft           Game Only
ME & MY KATAMARI              Namco             Boxed+Ins
MEGAMAN POWERED UP            Capcom            Boxed+Ins
MIDWAY ARCADE TREASURES       Midway            Boxed+Ins
PLATYPUS                      Mumbo Jumbo       Boxed+Ins
PATAPON                       Sony              Boxed+Ins
RIDGE RACER                   Namco             Boxed+Ins
SPACE INVADERS EXTREME        Taito             Boxed+Ins
TOKOBOT                       Tecmo             Boxed+Ins
VALKYRIE PROFILE LENNETH      Square Enix       Boxed+Ins


DARIUS BURST                  Taito             Boxed+Ins
GOKU MAKAIMURA                Capcom            Boxed+Ins
STAR SOLDIER                  Hudson Soft       Boxed+Ins
SENGOKU ACE III               XNauts/Psikyo     Boxed+Ins
UMIHARA KAWASE PORTABLE       TNN               Boxed+Ins

PSP PROTOTYPES ---------------------------------------- 2

B-BOY                         FreeStyle         Disk Only
LOCOROCO                      Sega              Disk Only



Playstation 3 (US-NTSC)                         Boxed+Ins

Playstation3 CDs ------------------------------------- 23
  Name                        Company              


SIREN BLOOD CURSE             Sony              Boxed+Ins


3D DOT GAME HEROES            Atlus Co.         Boxed+Ins
ASSASSIN'S CREED              Ubisoft           Boxed+Ins
BIOSHOCK                      2K Games          Boxed+Ins
CATHERINE                     Atlus             Boxed+Ins
CHILD OF EDEN                 Ubisoft           Boxed+Ins
EARTH DEFENSE FORCE INSECT A  D3Publisher       Boxed+Ins
FIFA 08 SOCCER                EA Sports         Boxed+Ins
FOLKLORE                      Sony              Boxed+Ins
GHOSTBUSTERS                  Atari             Boxed+Ins
GOD OF WAR III                Sony              Boxed+Ins
GRAND THEFT AUTO IV           RockStar          Boxed+Ins
GUITAR HERO III               Activision        Boxed+Ins
HEAVENLY SWORD                Sony              Boxed+Ins
HEAVY RAIN                    Sony              Boxed+Ins
JERICHO                       Codemasters       Boxed+Ins
KATAMARI FOREVER              Bandai/Namco      Boxed+Ins
LAIR                          Sony              Boxed+Ins
LOST PLANET                   Capcom            Boxed+Ins
METAL GEAR SOLID 4            Konami            Boxed+Ins
NI NO KUNI                    Namco             Boxed+Ins
STREET FIGHTER IV             Capcom            Boxed+Ins
UNCHARTED DRAKE'S FORTUNE     Naughty Dog       Boxed+Ins

Playstation3 Prototypes ------------------------------- 2

MOTORSTORM                                     US CD Only
ODIN SPHERE                                    US CD Only

Playstation3 Audio CDs -------------------------------- 1

METAL GEAR SOLID 4                              Boxed+Ins

SUPER CASSETTE VISION ___________________________________

YENO Super Cassette Vision                   Console only

Yeno Cartridges --------------------------------------- 5
ASTRO WARS                                      Cart Only
SUPER SOCCER                                    Cart Only
Japanese cartridges:

SUPER BASEBALL                                  Cart Only
SUPER GOLF                                      Boxed+Ins
SUPER MAHJONG                                   Boxed+Ins

VECTREX _________________________________________________ 

VECTREX (x4)                                 console Only
    +MineStorm Overlay

Spare Joypad (Not working...)                       Boxed

Vectrex Cartridges ----------------------------------- 18
  Name                     Company
ALL GOOD THINGS            John Dondzilla       Boxed+Ins
ARMOR ATTACK               MB                   Boxed+Ovr
BEDLAM                     MB/GCE               Cart Only
BERZERK                    MB                   Box+Ins+O
BLITZ!                     MB/GCE               Cart Only
CLEAN SWEEP                MB                   Box+Ins+O
COSMIC CHASM               MB                   Cart Only
FORTRESS OF NARDOZ         MB/GCE               Cart Only
HYPER CHASE                MB                   Boxed+Ovr
RIP OFF                    MB                   Box+Ins+O
SOCCER FOOTBALL            MB/GCE               Box+Ins+O
SCRAMBLE                   MB                   Boxed+Ovr
SOLAR QUEST                MB                   Cart Only
SPIKE                      GCE(Ireland)         Cart Only
STARHAWK                   MB                   Cart Only
STAR SHIP                  MB                   Box+Ins+O
VECTOR VADERS              John Dondzilla       Boxed+Ins
WEB WARP                   MB                   Box+Ins+O

VIDEOPAC _______________________________________________

VIDEOPAC                                    Console Only

Interface C7010 (x2) + cartridge

Videopac Cartridges ---------------------------------- 1
  Name                        Index           
QUEST FOR THE RINGS           Videopac 42      Cart Only


EPOCH TV VADER                                 Boxed+Ins

TV Boy CONSOLE VIDEO sans fil                  Boxed+Ins
 Pirate console containing 128 Atari2600 games

SUPER TV Boy                                   Boxed+Ins
 Pirate console containing Atari2600 games

Mega Joy II (Gray Version)                     Boxed+Ins
 Pirate console containing 30 Nes games

Mega Joy II (Orange Version)                   Game Only
 Pirate console containing 30 Nes games

Famulator (by Cyber Gadget)                    Boxed+Ins
 Famicom japanese pirate(?) console

Unknown Cartridge Console                   Console Only
 + 2 controllers

SUPER LOAD RUNNER             Hudson Soft      Boxed+Ins
                           (c)1984 (Toshiba T-W004 Rupo)

Commodore VIC-20 ------------------------------------- 2
  Name                            Index           
BATTLEZONE                                     Prototype
MOON PATROL                                    Prototype

CPC 464 Computer Games ------------------------------- 1
  Name                            Index           

RASPUTIN           Proof Copy Tape - 28.2.86
		   JLC Data Telephone #### ######

Famitsu FM-7 Computer Games -------------------------- 3
  Name                            Index           
SILPHEED           FM77 (2x3.5"D) Game Arts    Boxed+Ins
THEXDER            FM77 (1x3.5"D) Game Arts    Boxed+Ins
THUNDER FORCE      FM7  (1xTape)  TecnoSoft    Boxed+Ins

PAC SHARP Computer Games ----------------------------- 3
  Name                            Index           
PUZZLE DAIMEKYU                   Yutaka       Boxed+Ins
SOUKOBAN                          Riverhill    Boxed+Ins
TETRIS                            Bullet Proof Boxed+Ins

PC8801 Computer Games -------------------------------- 1
  Name                            Index           
MARIO BROS SPECIAL                Hudson Soft  Boxed+Ins

Fujitsu FM TOWNS Games ------------------------------- 1
  Name                            Index           
RAYXANBER                         Data West    Boxed+Ins

X1 Computer Games ------------------------------------ 3
  Name                            Index           
BOMBERMAN                         Hudson Soft  Boxed+Ins
MARIO BROS SPECIAL                Hudson Soft  Boxed+Ins
THUNDERFORCE                      TecnoSoft    Boxed+Ins

X68000 Computer Games -------------------------------- 3
  Name                            Index           
CYBER CORE             (5.2"HD)   IGS/Datt     Boxed+Ins
PHALANX                (3x5.2"HD) Zoom         Boxed+Ins
PARODIUS                          Konami       Boxed+Ins

WONDER SWAN Games ------------------------------------ 2
  Name                            Index           
CHO ANIKI              ICS/Bandai              Boxed+Ins
WONDER BORG            Bandai                  Boxed+Ins

MISC PC Games ---------------------------------------- 5
  Name                            Index           
1944                   Korean Version (CD)     Boxed+Ins
GIGAWING               Korean Version (CD)     Boxed+Ins
NEO BOMBERMAN          Korean Version (CD)     Boxed+Ins
ROD LAND               Korean Version (CD)     Boxed+Ins
TENGAI 1+2             Korean Version (CD)     Boxed+Ins

Miscellaneous Magazines & Books ------------------------

DRAGON BUSTER (arcade)      1987                 JP Book
NAMCO COMMUNITY MAGAZINE    1987.5         Magazine Only
NAMCO COMMUNITY MAGAZINE    1988.7         Magazine Only
NAMCO COMMUNITY MAGAZINE    1989.12        Magazine Only
NAMCO COMMUNITY MAGAZINE    1989.6         Magazine Only
TECNOPOLIS                  Sep 1990       Magazine Only
TECNOPOLIS                  Jan 1991       Magazine Only
TECNOPOLIS                  Jul 1991       Magazine Only
TWIN BEE FAN BOOK                                JP Book

Miscellaneous Audio CDs ----------------------------- 20

AIR BUSTER                 -                   Boxed+Ins
AREA 88                    Scitron (1990)      Boxed+Ins
CAPCOM GAME MUSIC VOL.2    GMO (1988)          Boxed+Ins        
DAIVA                      Daisuke Asakura     Boxed+Ins
DARIUS BURST               -                   Boxed+Ins
DON DOKO DON               Pony Canyon/Scitron Boxed+Ins
DRAGOON MIGHT              Konami              Boxed+Ins
KONAMI GAME MUSIC VOL.1    Scitron (2002)      Boxed+Ins
KONAMI GM COLLECTION VOL.1 Konami (1988)       Boxed+Ins
KONAMI GAME MUSIC NOW 1999 Konami (1999)       Boxed+Ins
LEGEND OF HERO TONMA       Pony Canyon/Scitron Boxed+Ins
NAMCO GRAFFITY 6           Namco               Boxed+Ins
NEBULAS RAY                Namco/Victor        Boxed+Ins
PARODIUS DA!               Konami              Boxed+Ins
PARODIUS PERFECT SELECTION Konami              Boxed+Ins
R-TYPE II                  Irem                Boxed+Ins
RAIDEN II                  -                   Boxed+Ins                   
TAITO GAME MUSIC           Scitron (2002)      Boxed+Ins
TWINBEE PARADISE 5th ANN.  Konami              Boxed+Ins
TWINBEE PERFECT COLLECTION Konami              Boxed+Ins
VALKYRIE NO DENSETSU       Victor              Boxed+Ins
XEXEX                      Konami (1991)       Boxed+Ins

Miscellaneous Arcade Flyers ------------------------- 26

1943                       Capcom                     US
DISCS OF TRON              Bally Midway               US
DIG DUG                    Atari                      US
DONKEY KONG                Nintendo                   US
DONKEY KONG JR             Nintendo                   US
GALAXIAN                   Midway                     US
JET ROCKET                 Sega                       US
MISSILE                    Sega                       US
MOON CRESTA                Nichibutsu                 JP?
MUSHIHIME SAMA             Cave/AMI                   JP
NEMESIS                    Konami                     US
NINTENDO VS SYSTEM         Nintendo                   US
PACMAN                     Midway                     US
PING PONG                  Konami                     US
POLLUX                     Atlus                      JP
PUNCH OUT!!                Nintendo                   US
RADAR SCOPE                Nintendo                   US
RAIDEN FIGHTERS 2          Fabtek                     US
ROCKMAN PANIC SHOT         Capcom                     JP
SKY HAWK                   Nintendo                   JP
SONIC BLASTMAN Stickers    Capcom                     JP
STAR FORCE                 Tehkan                     US
TAITO CYBERCORE SYSTEM     Taito                      US
VS GRADIUS                 Nintendo                   US
WILD GUNMAN                Nintendo                   JP
ZAXXON                     Sega                       US

Operation Manuals:

DONKEY KONG                Nintendo         US Op Manual
MARIO BROS                 Nintento         US Op Manual

Miscellaneous Arcade Items -----------------------------

DRAGON'S LAIR                                        Pin
DRAGON'S LAIR                    Original Animation Cell
DRAGON'S LAIR                   Unused Original Drawings
SPACE ACE                                      Flipbooks
SPACE ACE                                 Loby Cards set
SPACE ACE COMIC BOOK #1                           Signed
SPACE INVADERS                     1982 World Fair Token

Miscellaneous NINTENDO ---------------------------------

GOLD MARIO STATUE (Club Nintendo)                  Boxed
HANAFUDA CARDS MARIO (Club Nintendo)               Boxed
MARIO GOLD STATUE (80s Store Display)        Statue Only
MIRACLE BOX CARDS                                  Boxed
NINTENDO ROULETTE N9                           Boxed+Ins

------------------>  End of the list  <-----------------