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Release : 1990-02-23 (¥6200)
HuCard (3 Mbits) NCS90002
Backup RAM
War game

Hisō Kihei Serd (aka Hisō Kihei X-Serd) is a strategy/RPG game by Masaya. At the end of the 24th century, humanity recovered from a devastative World War and humans started to colonize the galaxy. In 2384, unknown invaders attack the Jupiter base and finally reach Earth. Although the Earth federations has prepared a counter offensive, the chances of success are very slim. But the Asian Federation has a secret weapon,the SERD Squadron, and its mission is to find and destroy the invader's mother ship. Hisō Kihei Serd is a round based war game at its core and in any given mission the player must deploy and control a number of Serd giant robots on an overhead map - each mech comes with its own characteristics, some are fast and have long-range attacks whereas others are bulkier, slower but use more powerful weaponry. When a fight between two opponents is triggered, the screen switches to an animated sequence. Each Serd gains experience in battle which may be used to enhance its attack and evasive capabilities. However, should one of the Serd be destroyed during a given mission, it is gone for good but more (up to seven) can be acquired as the game progresses. Hisō Kihei Serd consists of ten missions and is single player only. A password system also allows the player to save his progress (although the backup RAM can also be used).
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Vixen 357 - Megadrive A sequel to Hisō Kihei Serd called Vixen 357 was released for the Sega Megadrive in 1992 (picture on the left). The game takes place several years after the events narrated in Hisō Kihei Serd as the federations started using the Serd technology for their own military purposes. Vixen 357 borrows many elements from the PC Engine game tested here, as well as other Masaya strategy games released at the time, such as the popular Langrisser.

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Japanese Phonecard


Hisō Kihei Serd manual
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Skip Battle Animations:
Several players complain about a way to skip the battle animation scenes as they quickly get old after you've seen these dozens of times. However, the option is actually available in the game - just press Run at any time during a battle to skip to the next screen.

During your turn, press Run, Select, II, Up, Select, Down, II, Left, Select, Right, II, Select and Run. A chime will sound when the cheat is entered. Although your units can take damage, they are now invincible. This cheat doesn't apply to support unit (such as Dolls).

Mission Clear:
During your turn, press Run, Select, II, Right, Select, Left, II, Down, Select, Up, II, Select and Run. A chime will sound when the cheat is entered. Now complete the turn to win the current mission.
Move anywhere on the map:
During your turn, press Run, Select, Select, Run, II, Up, Up, Select, Down, Down, II, Run, Select, Select and Run. A chime will sound when the cheat is entered. Each unit can now freely move anywhere on the battlefield.

Level Passwords:
Each password gives you access to each stage with no lost units.

Stage 2 - A576 E0A4 ED17 A22B AAE7
Stage 3 - 2576 E0A4 E817 A223 3BE9
Stage 4 - 8576 A4A2 6BBB A203 522D
Stage 5 - 6566 84A1 AACA 46D7 5F36
Stage 6 - E564 84A1 AACA 46D7 5EB4
Stage 7 - E564 86A1 A8CA 46D7 5FAF
Stage 8 - 4564 8633 28AA 76C7 5656
Stage 9 - E564 86CB C8AA 56C7 575D
Stage 10 - 4564 875B 08AA 7EC7 54C2
Ending - 2564 875B 08AA 5EC7 55C1

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I wasn't expecting much from Hisō Kihei Serd at first - Masaya released a few average strategy games for the PC Engine (such as Gaia no Monshō) and I thought this one would fall along similar lines. Well, I was wrong. I'm a big fan of the Super Robot Taisen series and Hisō Kihei Serd is made out of the same mold. The game is quite linear at first so you can get used to its inner mechanics, and then it becomes more complex and nice twists are introduced throughout as you progress. The gameplay is very well balanced and incredibly addictive, and you always want to know what the next mission brings. Finally, although the game is all in Japanese, I don't think it is much of a problem and you can easily figure out the controls through simple experimentation. All in all, I really recommend Hisō Kihei Serd, especially if you are a Super Robot Taisen fan as I am.

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