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究極 タイガー
©Taito Corp. 1989
Release : 1989-03-31 (¥5500)
HuCard (2 Mbits) TP01001
Shooter / Vertical

Kyūkyoku Tiger is a vertical shooter and port of Toaplan's arcade game originally published by Taito in 1987. The player takes control of a heavy armed assault helicopter and must fly deep into enemy territory, fighting his way against endless waves of enemy helicopters, planes and tanks. The aircraft comes equipped with a simple Vulcan gun that can be upgraded to eventually deliver massive destructive power. Additionally, larger foes (usually green helicopters, boats or large planes) release new weaponry when destroyed, such as four-way shots (yellow), laser beams (green), spread bullets (blue) or the original Vulcan shot (red). Other special items can also be collected, such as the ultra handy S icon that updates the active weapon, or the 1up that gives the player an extra life. Finally, the helicopter can also drop a limited amount of napalm bombs that will spawn a giant ball of fire that will obliterate anything within its reach. Kyūkyoku Tiger consists of ten levels and is single player only.
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Kyuukyoku Tiger - arcade Kyūkyoku Tiger is the sequel of Tiger Heli originally released by Toaplan in 1985, and it is notable for introducing a lot of the gameplay mechanics that will be later borrowed by countless other shooters in Japan. Kyūkyoku Tiger (also known as Twin Cobra) was originally released in 1987 and was ported to several home systems, such as Nintendo's Famicom (1989), PC Engine (1989), Sega Megadrive (1991), Sharp X68000 (1993) and FM Towns (1994). The arcade game Kyūkyoku Tiger 2 eventually followed in 1995 (a year after Toaplan's closure) and was developed by Takumi Corporation, a video game company composed of some of the former Toaplan staff. This excellent sequel (and last opus in the Tiger Heli series) was ported to the Sega Saturn in 1997.

Because Kyūkyoku Tiger is a very early PC Engine game (released in 1989), many pirates copied the ROM and included it in their bootleg HuCards. Go to the pirate section for more information.

Game Staff (Copied from the hidden Staff screen) :

Noriyosi. Innai
Tsukasa. Macco
Sub Programer
Hayato. Kumatori
Main Programer
Hiroyuki. Arai


Kyūkyoku Tiger manual
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Kyuukyoku Tiger - staff Staff Screen:
Although the game features an ending sequence, it doesn't include a staff roll. However, there is a hidden staff screen - lose the game and when the Game Over screen appears, quickly press II, I, II, II, I, I, II, I, II, I and Select. This code has to be entered before the title screen appears and if done right, it will display a staff screen (picture on the right).

Homing four-way shot:
When a Yellow power up weapon icon appears, press and hold Select and collect it. This will activate the four-war homing weapon.

Two extra lives:
In the first level, as soon as you start, fly the helicopter to the bottom left corner of the screen and drop a bomb. If done right, a chime will confirm the cheat and you will be awarded two extra lives.

Nine Credits:
Turn off the console and activate the auto-fire for button II. Hold button II and Right and start the console to be awarded nine credits.

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Kyūkyoku Tiger is a really enjoyable affair. Although it is an early PC Engine game on a tiny 2 Mbits HuCard, it is incredibly faithful to the original Taoplan arcade game and the gameplay is perfect. It features clear and sharp graphics, tons of enemies on screen (things may flicker in places but no noticeable slowdowns) and the controls are flawless. The action is fast and constantly moving - although this makes the game hard and unforgiving (believe me, you will die a lot!) but it also keeps the adrenaline pumping and has you always looking for more. I also love how the way how the levels are connected to each other, and although there is a break after each boss, the background just carries on, and on. Kyūkyoku Tiger may look a bit aged in places and can be very repetitive, but it is a great conversion and a fun shooter.

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