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©1990 Naxat Soft /©RED
Release : 1990-12-21 (¥6700)
Hucard (3 Mbits) NX90007
Action / Platform game
Makai Prince Dorabocchan (also known as Son of Dracula or Dracula Kid) is a cute platformer developed by Red Company and published by Naxat Soft. The young vampire Dorabo is on a long journey to help his master and defeat evil demons! Only the almighty golden armor is powerful enough to strike down their dreadful leader and our young vampire embarks on a long journey to find it! Dorabo will meet many enemies and dangers, such as zombies, mean turtles, red eyed crazy wolves and giant trees. Dorabo runs, jumps and spends most of his time collecting small tomatoes. They are an important part of the gameplay and are ultimately dropped over the boss's head as a preliminary attack at the end of each stage. Another ability of Dorabo is to hide under his hat - this doesn't look like much but this technique allows him to throw deadly tomato-bombs and finish up his enemies. Our hero starts his journey with a short range magic-staff that can be upgraded later in the game. Three sorts or colored armors are also available (blue, red and grey) and each one of them give Dorabo special abilities such as high-jumps or faster attacks. Finally, there is a bunch of other items that will help our little vampire in his quest but they only work for a limited amount of time - the blue cape, for instance, gives him the ability to double-jump, the sword powers-up his magic staff and injections freeze enemies on the spot and turn them into platforms! Another original feature of Makai Prince Dorabocchan are the blue flying bats with tiny bells around their necks. They can call weird looking Easter Island head servants who often unlock secret shortcuts and unreachable areas. Makai Prince Dorabocchan consists of five large stages and is single player only.
ChôMakaiTaisen:Dorabocchan (Sfc)
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Dorabocchan A sequel to Makai Prince Dorabocchan named Chō Makai Taisen: Dorabocchan (aka Twisted Tales Of Spike McFang) was released in 1993 for Nintendo's Super Famicom system. The game was also published by Naxat Soft and developed by Red Company. Interestingly, this sequel is more like a sort of Action/Adventure game somehow inspired by other smash hits such as Zelda. It however features all the same crazy characters found in Makai Prince Dorabocchan, such as the Easter Island head servants and many more.


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Makai Prince Dorabocchan is a cute and fun game. Red is better known for its classic PC Genjin and Tengai Makyō series, but Makai exhibits all the qualities that made the Japanese company so popular. The game is cute beyond words and instantly puts you in a state of pure happiness. Levels are also far from linear and several paths often lead to the exit, with tons of secrets and easter eggs to uncover along the way. We can only regret the overall weakness of the power-up system which always gives you a very limited attack range (except for the red armor). Additionally, I feel that the graphics are way too simple - enemies look great but the background elements are usually very bland. But all in all, Makai Prince Dorabocchan is a fun little game with a well balanced difficulty level (although tuned towards the easy side of the spectrum and designed with a very young audience in mind). It is not a huge and breathtaking game but definitively a must have for any platform fan out there who has played PC Genjin to death and needs to quench his thirst with something fresh and different.

What a surprise, the game may look childish at first but it is in fact an excellent platform game full of surprises and, first and foremost, one of the rare playable (="completable") ones, I keep a really good souvenir from it !

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