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サイレント デバッガーズ
©1991 Data East Corp.
Release : 1991-03-29 (¥6800)
Hucard (4 Mbits) DE90004
3D Action game

American Version
Released in America as
( TGX040063 )
Silent Debugger is a first-person action game by Data East. In a far future, countless humans left planet Earth for outer space after a dreadful war. A group of elite fighters and bounty hunters, calling themselves the 'Silent Debuggers', sail into the void of space for hidden riches and rewards. The game tells the story of Leon and his unnamed sidekick (the player) as they are assigned to investigate the Gane Space Station. No debuggers has ever returned from within its walls, or managed to hurl any signal back out. As Leon stays in the command center and tries to gather information from the central computer, the player travels deep inside the station and takes out attacking aliens. Although the situation in the station is not critical at first, things quickly heat up as the central computer decides to trigger the self destruction protocol and gives our Silent Debuggers a mere 100 minutes to clear up the station before it self destructs. Interestingly, most of the action takes place in the Core elevator as it descends through the space station. This is where the command center (and therefore Leon) is, but this area also consists of several blocks that control the Gane Space Station's various functions, such as the lighting and sensor control rooms. Although these rooms don't affect the game in early stages, they do later on when aliens eventually try to destroy them. Being a Silent Debugger, the player is fairly well equipped for the task at hand - he comes equipped with a primary assault rifle and a secondary launcher weapon. However, although some weapons such as the Motor Cannon or the Lipp Shot use live ammunition (and must be refilled in the Core's bullet room), others use the player's life energy (called batteries). Additionally, the player is equipped with a Sound Sensor that alerts him when aliens are in close vicinity. Silent Debugger consists of six levels and is single-player only.
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Teaser text from the American version:
Everything is deathly silent as you explore the abandoned space station. What terrifying secret could have wiped out that whole patrol of Debuggers, the galaxy's fierce masters of combat ? Wait... what's that pinging sound ? Time freezes as a monstrous, insect-like creature leaps for your face ! Shoot ! He's dead ! But you just activated the computerized seld-destruct mechanism. Now you'll have to blast through six levels of these unspeakable monsters to disarm it. Hurry ! Time is running out as you plunge deep into a mystery that's more ghostly than the creatures themselves !

Game Staff (Copied from the end credits) :

Main Staff

TDR Watanabe.

68000 Isiro.

Works Sasamoto
Nyanko Sakai.
Atomic Takafumi.
Takahama Yuusuke.
Suzuki Yuuji.

Test Play
Verago Nakaumra.

A. Kawai.
Eliminator Iwao.
Prowres Nozima.
Carol Abematsu.
Gummon Sugahara.
RZR Nonaka.
Fanky Maeda.

Gamer Miyagawa.
MTX Sahara.
K1 Sato.
Hiace Isimaki.
Dosanko Yamaguchi.
Mira Tezuka.
Gamma Sugiyama.
H. Yosida.
S. Takeuchi.
K. Tsukakoshi.
K. Saito.
N. Abe.

T. Kaneyasu.


Silent Debuggers - manual Silent Debuggers - Turbografx-16 manual
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Silent Debuggers - core elevator rooms The Core Elevator Rooms:
Most of the core elevator rooms are crucial to your success, here is a description on what they are:

A Block: No Special Equipment.
B Block: Station's Lighting. If you lose this block you must fight in the dark.
C Block: Contains the equipment for recharging batteries. If you lose this block, you won't be able to recharge your batteries. (Unless you get the Auto-Charger in a later level).
D Block: No Special Equipment.
E Block: No Special Equipment.
F Block: This room controls the sound sensor. If you lose this block, sensor operation will be gone.
G Block: This is where your ammunition is stored. If you lose this block, you can't resupply yourself with ammunition.
H Block: No Special Equipment.

Silent Debuggers - cheat Level Selection Screen (Japanese version only):
Enter ワタ?イシ at the player's name entry screen to activate the level selection screen (picture on the right).

Level Selection Screen and Invincibility (Japanese version only):
Enter ササ?モト at the player's name entry screen to activate the level selection screen and invincibility mode. Although you can still take damage (and your batteries still run out) you won't die.

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Silent Debuggers starts out as a fairly decent game. You're locked inside an alien infested space station and the mood and ambience of the game are fairly well done. As you investigate the first floors, only using your proximity sensor, things do feel great and the game is incredibly immersive (even if you play the Japanese version as language is not really a problem). Graphics are really impressive and the sound effects are great - these nasty aliens are fairly scary and encountering one for the first time will definitively get your hairs to stand up. But after a couple of levels, Silent Debuggers falls flat on its face - the game fells incredibly repetitive with the same alien looking foes again and again. There's so much you can fit in a 4 Mbits Hucard after all, and endless mazes of similar corridors and aliens just won't get your brain juices going... although Silent Debuggers sets an incredible mood (the alien proximity beeper really gives the game its flair), it quickly ends up being very same-y and its content gives a disturbing feel of lackadaisical sense of progression... it is a shame because the game had great potential but, as I said, quickly falls flat of its face... all in all, Silent Debuggers is definitely a game that is oozing with atmosphere but falls short of the experience it could have been...

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