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ロック オン
©Big Club
Release : 1989-08-25 (¥6700)
HuCard (4 Mbits) BG1004
Shooter / Horizontal
Rock On is a side scrolling shooter by Big Club. The player takes control of a "Buster" who embarks on a long journey of fortune and his ultimate mission is to find the legendary FISA (mysterious fortune hidden by ancient people). Well, that's what the game's confusing introduction sequence states. Furthermore, it seems that the whole world is watching him on their television set and looking for his ultimate success. Players control a yellow space ship that starts with fairly low resources and a weak laser gun. However, defeated enemies drop all kind of secondary weapons, such as two ways, three ways, eight ways, flames, snake lasers, bombs, shields and other fairly exotic weapons. Other items can also be collected, such as speed boosts or warp orbs (which send the ship to new areas or the beginning of a given stage). The player can carry up to three secondary weapons and can switch from one to the other by pressing Run. Losing a life however penalizes the player's good intentions and obliterates all his secondary weapons. Rock On consists of four large areas (called 'Acts') and is single player only.
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Teaser text from the game's introduction sequence:
Dealy beloved. Other time, other space, people live a damn boring routine life, although the world is so peaceful. Off course, some of them thinks they gotto get out of the life, and dreaming about getting a big fortune. To realize that dream, there's only one way left in that world, needless to say, its, some how, to find out the mysterious fortune, hidden by the ancient people. "Busters", it's the name who we call the fortune hunters. Now they're about to start a historic journey, that no one could come back alive from. That is to get the "FISA"'s, called legend by people.... But, except the one person, no one in the world can make it real who has got to be billionet and radical, physically and mentally..... Yes, you are the one! Now the whole world is watching you and looking for your success. NOW LET'S GO FOR IT !!!

Game Staff (Copied from the end credits) :

Main Programmer
Masayuki "Speedy" Suda

Toru "Nero" Takami

Nobuaki "Silence" Takahashi

Yasuhiro "Muscle" Kanoh

Osamu "Trouble" Kunimasa

Takane "Retire" Ohkubo

Osamu "Shitappa" Ara

Special Thanks
Mr. Sonoda

M. Suda Personally Special Thanks to
H. Kuwabara
Bob James

O. Kunimasa Personally Special Thanks to
M. Hashimoto
R. Miyazawa

Thank You
For Playing
This Game

See You Again


Rock On - manual
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Rock On - cheat Level Select:
At the title screen, press Run, Left, Down, Right, Up, I, II and Run. This should activate the level select mode where you can start from any of the game's four areas (picture on the right).

Alternate Good Ending:
It looks like there is a good ending that can be unlocked in the game. To do so, you need to collect a lot of money, an insane amount of money. Apparently, you have to collect four hidden jewels in the third cave area. Once done, you also have to collect a special crown in the forth area. Then proceed to the end of the game and you should see the "good ending"...

Add your Pov here !

Rock On is a really odd ball and it is often considered as the worst shooter ever released for the PC Engine system. And, I must say, this statement is fair and accurate. At first, the Yellow Submarine-looking ship you control is incredibly sluggish and enemies seem to appear at random. Then you start collecting your first speed-boost and things start to feel better. This feeling doesn't last long though... there is no limit in the ship's maximum speed and power-ups soon fill up the whole screen. Collect too many speed-boosts and the ship quickly becomes impossible to control (and believe me, avoiding them is virtually impossible!). The ship's hit-box is also atrocious and later levels have you flying through narrow caves and are utterly frustrating! Some levels also just loop and feature some odd conditions in order to complete them, like collecting specific weapons whereas others introduce warps that you have to use in order to find an allusive way out. I have also always wondered, isn't this game supposed to be called Lock On? Oh well, the fun and awkward Engrish introduction text the game greets you with does explain a lot... All in all, although I do acknowledge Rock On's good intentions (and there are nice ideas here and there), the final product feels unfinished and is a real mess. In my opinion, just avoid this game entirely.

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