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©1990 Sting
©1990 Data East Corporation
Release: 1991-01-08 (¥6500)
HuCard (2 Mbits) DE90006
Shooter / Vertical
Override is an intense vertical shooter by Data East. In the latter half of the 21st century, humans have started colonizing the galaxy and, using alien technology, they eventually step foot on planet Uranos. There, they create a bio-computer called Fureia and program it to create the best environment for the human colonies. But, one day, Fureia triggers the override protocol and starts taking over the planet. Earth decides to send a powerful hover-tank fighter codenamed Gigaiasu (aka Gigaeas) in order to destroy the rogue computer who is now hiding deep underground. The unusual ship starts with a traditional Vulcan Gun that can be upgraded in all sorts of ways by collecting colored orbs. They unlock secondary weapons such as Red (fire laser with homing capabilities), Blue (piercing lasers), Green (rotating wave lasers), Yellow (directional/reverse laser) and Purple (side shots). Each secondary weapon can be upgraded up to three times and two additional power items can boost up the main Vulcan Gun (P) or award the ship with an additional shield cell (E). Additionally, releasing the fire button for a few seconds allows the hover-tank to charge up a devastative wave of fire and obliterate most of the enemies on the screen. Finally, the other action button allows to change the speed of the Gigaeas. Override consists of six levels and is single player only.
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Last Battalion - Sharp X68000 Override for the PC Engine really sounds and looks similar to Psycho Chaser, released a year earlier by Naxat Soft. A closer look at the game's credit makes everything clear - virtually the same staff worked on both games, namely Yasue Santoh, Toyofumi Kunihiro, Shinichi Abe and Tsutomu Takase.

It is little known, but another game exists in the Override series. ラストバタリオン (aka Last Battalion Mission Code -override-) was released by Sting for the Sharp X68000 in 1991 in Japan (picture on the left). Last Battalion comes across more as a remake than an actual sequel to the PC Engine game. It features the same spaceship and the title screen is virtually identical. Graphics, although more detailed, are fairly close to the PC Engine version (some bosses are however much larger on screen). Most of the levels are also entirely different and one of the weapon (the purple side shots) was surprisingly omitted. Finally, the X68000 version features a new animated (and fun) opening scene.

Game Staff (Copied from the end credits) :

S. Abe
T. Kunihiro

Graphic Designer
H. Sueyoshi
T. Takase
Sound Composer
Y. Santoh

Sound Effect
Y. Santoh
Game Designer
H. Sueyoshi

Special Thanks
H. Yoshida
©1990 STING



Override manual
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Override actually has a nice list of cheat modes! To activate any one of them, you must first do ten resets - to achieve that, simply press and hold Run then press Select ten times. Now you can enter any of the following button combinations at the title screen! These are tricky to enter though, make sure you press and hold the buttons in the right order.
Start from level 2 : Press and hold Up, Select and Run

Start from level 3 : Press and hold Right, Select and Run

Start from level 4 : Press and hold Down, Select and Run

Start from level 5 : Press and hold Left, Select and Run

Start from level 6 : Press and hold Up, Right, Select and Run

Invincibility : Press and hold Up, Left, Select and Run

Sound Test Screen : Press and hold Select and Run

See the ending : Press and hold Up, Left, I, II Select and Run
Override - sound test screen

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Override is truly a hidden gem. At first glance, the game may not appear deeply sophisticated - graphics do look average and, I am sorry to say, fairly ugly in places. But once you grab the gamepad and dive in, you discover a surprisingly intense and frantic shooter that reminds you of other masterpieces such as Compile's Aleste or Hudson Soft's Soldier series. Override constantly throws enemies and power-ups at you and the overall pace of the game is incredibly satisfying. Override has one flaw and it sadly runs out of steam after a while, early levels are fairly easy and the difficulty level dramatically increases for the last two stages. Sorry, I'm about to spoil some of the ending for you, but I'm not a big fan of games that throw back at you every single one of the bosses you have already defeated in a lazy boss rush... be ready because Override is one of those games. But don't read me wrong here, Override is an intense and incredibly fun shooter and it is only a shame that the graphics are not in par with the exquisite and flawless gameplay that will definitively keep your adrenaline pumping. All in all, a solid shooter that fans of the genre should definitively check out!

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