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©1990 Hudson Soft
Release : 1990-04-06 (¥6500)
HuCard/SuperGrafx (4 Mbits) HC90029
Action / Platform game

Madō Oh Granzört is a side-scrolling action/platform game for the SuperGrafx system and based on a Japanese anime series originally aired in 1989. An atmosphere started to rise on the Moon after a powerful earthquake. Seeing that it could now support life, humans decide to colonize the newly terraformed satellite and settle there. But soon they realize they are not alone and find themselves in the middle of a raging war between two alien species. The player takes control of an armored robot able to transform into three different warriors. Each one of them comes with its own style of play and abilities - the Red Warrior uses a powerful laser sword and can trigger earthquake attacks, the Green Warrior uses a laser bow and can fly, and finally the Blue Warrior uses a spear and can raise an impenetrable power shield. Special items are dotted around each level - their range from extra lives to the one-hit silver shield (S) and the temporary invincibility gold shield (G). Along with the special items found on the playfield, little rabbits also sometimes appear and drop power-ups when killed. These upgrade the player's main weapons up to three times, increasing their overall range or shooting speed. Granzört features seven large maze-like stages and each one of them lead to a deep pit where the level's boss hides.
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Madō Oh Granzört TV Series Madō Oh Granzört (also known as Madō King Granzört) was a Japanese animation series created by the popular Sunrise studio and aired for the first time in 1989 (picture on the right). In the future, the moon was terraformed following a violent earthquake. A breathable atmosphere appeared and allowed humans to move to the satellite, which they convert into a major tourist attraction. However, curious stories are told among the people leaving on it - stories about "long ears" creatures that can also use magic. Harula Daichi, the hero of the series, goes on vacation on the satellite and quickly becomes deeply involved with the "long ears", but also with their mortal enemy - the Jado race. Jados want to conquer the Earth and the universe and Daichi is now on a desperate quest to find the three ultimate warriors, the only ones capable of releasing the king Mado and defeat the invader.

Game Staff (Copied from the end credits) :

Game Designer
Kyon Kyon

Character Programer
Kakuma Abe

System Programer
Takashi Oka

Graphic Designer
Kazuyuki Takimoto

Sound Designer
Norihiko Yamanuki
Art Effect
Takako Muroi

Hidemitsu Okinaka

Special Thanks
Kenta Matsumoto

Original Story
Oji Hiroi

Scenario Observer
Cyoji Yoshikawa
Picture Adviser
Yotarou Aiba

Soft Observer
Eiji Hiroi

Technical Adviser
Toshinori Oyama
Isamu Izumi

Graphic Adviser
Kohji Matsuura
Toshio Okamoto

Art Master
Saito Kei
Help Assistance
Mitsuhiro Kadowaki

Main Programer
Ken Hasegawa

Red Company


©1990 Hudson Soft


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While not a complete disaster, Granzört just doesn't deliver the goods. The SuperGrafx system only consists of five games (and I don't include the hybrid Darius Plus in the list) and only two platform games - Granzört and Daimakaimura. Whereas the latter is eye dropping, Granzört is rather average. There's no doubt that there are eye candies here (such as the nicely done parallax scrolling and some incredibly large bosses) but they quickly disappear and later stages are relatively bland. I was personally expecting plenty more from a SuperGrafx game, especially after playing the excellent 1941 Counter Attack and previously mentioned Daimakaimura. Having three robots is a sweet touch, but the balance between them is uneven and you always end up using the green one, except on very rare occasions (sorry blue guy, your spear just doesn't really have what it takes). The difficulty is also unbalanced and you'll face some really frustrating situations that will burn off all your remaining lives. It is interesting to notice that some American and European magazines at the time described this game as a sequel to Majin Eiyu Wataru (Keith Courage in alpha zones ) However, although they were both inspired from two Sunrise anime series (which are remarkably similar), they are not related as far as I know. All in all, Granzört falls short of what could have been a majestic SuperGrafx game.

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