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©1992 Games Express
Release : unknown (¥9800)
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T4955754200922 (barcode)
Role Playing / Adult game
Lady Sword is an unlicensed Hentai Dungeon Crawler by Game Express. The player takes control of Kenshi, a lone warrior who sets on a deadly adventure into the depths of the dark and dangerous Faunu tower after listening to the story of an old man. A long time ago, a horde of monsters invaded the land and a legendary knight called Ishisu defeated their evil king with the help of the Lady Sword. After this hard-fought victory, the monsters ran away and peace returned to the realm. Time has passed and the evil beasts have now returned - they are destroying everything in their path and have abducted and imprisoned several beautiful girls from the kingdom, including the old man's grand daughter Tānya. Kenshi embarks on a quest to find the almighty sword and to rescue the distraught damsels. The goal of the game is to explore each one of the tower's floor, gather items, defeat monsters and fierce bosses, and to rescue the girls. But Kenshi doesn't come empty handed, he can use his sword but also collect special items that will help him in his quest - such as the map (displayed by pressing 'Run'), the red skull (which gives the player the ability to see and go through hidden walls, marked on the map by red marks) or the Porityuron (which lets the player teleport to predesignated spots). The player can also save and load the game in progress at anytime, or rest to regain health (although an evil Dream Monster occasionally appears and attacks Kenshi in his sleep). From time to time, various girls send Kenshi psychic images showing their graceful anatomy, in full clothing at first and a little bit less as the game progresses (later in the game, these images are actually saved in the player's inventory and can be accessed at any time after being viewed). Lady Sword consists of ten vast levels and is single player only.
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Hentai can be translated as 'pervert' or 'perversion' in Japanese, and it describes special kind of Japanese adult games that contain explicit nudity and sexual content (although usually soft). Theses adult games are apparently immensely popular in Japan and are available on virtually every computer or console systems, although usually unlicensed (from the Famicom to the PC Engine, Megadrive or FM Towns). Interestingly, most of Hentai games are Mahjong, Go or Dating games, but there are a few rare examples of RPGs and even a handful of Shooters.

Lady Sword was fan translated in English by EsperKnight, filler, Grant Laughlin and Tomaitheous in 2010, and an English Language Translation Patch is available.

screen shot There is a really unfortunate design flaw with Lady Sword's HuCard - the print uses a different (and probably cheaper) screening process than traditional HuCards and, sadly, is not as durable. It is not uncommon to find Lady Sword's Hucards with badly damaged labels (picture on the right). I strongly advise you to check your copy of Lady Sword as the print can even stick to the plastic sleeve that is supposed to protect it!


Lady Sword manual Lady Sword Bestiary Lady Sword Misc
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Turn Off your console. Now press and hold I, and start the console. You should now be invincible and not receive any hits!

Lady Sword translation Menu Translation:
セーブ (Save) - save the game in progress.
すいみん (Sleep) - rest to regain health.
ステータス (Stats)- list your character's status.
アイテム (Items)- list collected items.
ロード (load) - load last saved game.

Later in the game, additional options appear. The Porityuron allows you to teleport back to a point you set with the Takio Stone.

タキオストーン (Takio Stone) - set a teleportation point.
ポリテユロン (Porityuron) - teleport to the Takio point.
おもいだす (Remember) - view the girls you have already rescued.

Lady Sword translation Battle menu translation:
たたかう (fight/attack)
ぼうぎょ (defend)
すてみ (strong attack)
にげる (escape)

Advice about the game:
The most critical item in the game is the map - use it all the time! The game is full of teleportation tiles, one-way doors and hidden walls, so make sure you check the map regularly. You should also save often (if not all the time), some enemies are deadly and can kill you in one or two hits, especially at the beginning of the game. Lady Sword has a vicious difficulty spike as you progress, teleporting you all the time or laying out one-way doors everywhere - so save often!

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Lady Sword is actually a fairly decent game. I must warn you though, you're dealing here with a Hentai game, so don't let your kids play with this HuCard, it would simply be completely inappropriate (and things also get rather gory later in the game). Anyway, back to the game - Lady Sword is actually a good dungeon crawler with nice graphics and fairly large sprites on screen. The amount of different enemies is surprisingly large (nearly 100 monsters!) and this definitively helps keeping the game fresh and challenging. I only wish Lady Sword had a little more variation in term of background - all floors look alike which is a shame. However, Lady Sword suffers from a ridiculously unbalanced difficulty level and you constantly have to save and load your progress because, well, the next enemy may kill you in one blow... But thanks to the invincibility cheat, you can actually enjoy the whole game without the hair-pulling frustration of staying alive. Is it a shame that Lady Sword is a Hentai game? No, not really, what would Toilet Kids be without its wacky design? Right? All in all, Lady Sword is actually more than decent, especially for an unlicensed game!

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