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はにい いんざ すかい
©Face 1988
Release : 1989-03-01 (¥5200)
HuCard (2 Mbits) FA64-0001
Shooter / Vertical
Hanii in the sky (aka Hany in the Sky or Honey in the Sky) is a vertical shooter by Face. The game stars a Haniwa clay doll called Hanii, and this unlikely hero is sent by the Shinto deity Izanagi on a perilous mission to save his beloved wife Izanami. Her soul has been claimed by a demon and Hanii must fly into her heart and free her from the curse. The clay doll's greatest power is the ability to fire in any direction - the first action button rotates his arms in eight different directions, and the second button fires balls of energy at the enemy. Additionally, spiritual points are earned each time an enemy is defeated - these points act as currency and can be used to purchase new weapons and special items throughout the game. The store can be accessed at any time during the game (except during boss battles) by pausing and pressing the first action button - there, Izanagi appears and gives the player a list of available items to purchase. A second list shows the current equipped weapon and Hanii is free to switch from one to another at any time. Other special items, such as Speed-ups, extra life, armors, shields or rotating flames (to only name a few) can also be selected there. The store also features an unique option - a warp function gives the player the ability to teleport back to the beginning of the level, or any completed stages! Finally, the game also features non-linear special stages where Hanii must find his way to the boss or find unique power upgrades - in case of failure, he will be condemned to start the level again, or the whole game in some rare occurrences!
Hanii on the Road (Pce-Hu)
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Haniwa Haniwas are Japanese unglazed terracotta clay dolls believed to have been made for ritual use during the Kofun period (around 4th to 6th century). Various sources indicate that the Japanese word means "Circle of Clay" and the figures had an original purpose in funeral rituals (maybe the dolls, being hollow, had a symbolic container for souls?). From the 1980s to present day, the Haniwa have been part of the Japanese popular culture and they have been portrayed in countless Japanese games such as Final Fantasy (the cactuar in the series is inspired from Haniwas), the Hanii series, Super Bomberman 4, Kirby, TwinBee, Goemon, WarioWare, Fūrai no Shiren, Romancing SaGa, Pikmin, Katamari Damacy, Yugioh or Animal Crossing to only name a few. As for Hanii, it sort of became Face's mascot and the Japanese company released a sequel to this game in 1990 called Hanii on the Road (although they departed from the shooter genre and created instead a platform/action game). Interestingly, Face also released an audio CD with original and arranged tracks from both games in 1990 (called 'Sky & Road', see the goodies section below) and, curiously, a new audio CD was even released in 2009 by Sweep Record!

Game Staff (Copied from the end credits) :


Psychic Programmer

Metabolic Programmer
Ponku Nagasawa

Poor Design
2CV Kumakura

Music of Even
Matsudaira Ako

Sound of Hell
Manipī Kawasaki
Package Design
Bobo Atsushi
Onodera Kōji

Title Logo
Madison Avenue

Documentary Direction
Media Plus

Special Thanks to
Haitōn Nagamura
Hanira Hotta
Chareddo Maruyaman Chōen
Gottsu Amu

Perfect Propaganda
SAX Oono
2CV Kumakura

Produced by Sankindo

Dedicated to
Mio Chan

Manufactured by Face
Tokyo Japan Face Corporation
Made in Japan


Hanii in the Sky - Japanese Soundtrack
Japanese Soundtrack (1990)
Hanii in the Sky - Japanese Soundtrack
Japanese Soundtrack (2009)


Hanii In The Sky manual Advert
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In-game options:
Hanii In The Sky help Press Run to pause the game and press the second action button to access the option menu (this menu also appears before each boss battle). There you can purchase new weapons, items or revisit levels. Here's a quick translation of the various options available:

れいりょくとこうかん - Store (purchase new weapons and items)
そうび - Equip weapons/armors or use items
くうかんいどうどう - Change level (as long as they have already been completed)


ほのお - Speed
つるぎ - Weapon
よろい - Armor
そのほか - Other (enable items)

Warning: don't forget to
equip new weapons
or armor!
Change Level

がかい - Level 1
ぜんいのあな - Level 2
ぜんむかい - Level 3
こうむかい - Level 4
むのあか - Level 5
しゅうむかい - Level 6
えすのあな - Level 7
すかい - Level 8

Password Screen:
Hanii In The Sky password screen At the title screen, press Run to display the main menu. There, press I, II, Right, Left, I, II, Right, Left, I, I, Left, Left, II, II, Right and Right. The password option should appear (picture on the top/right). Activate this option and enter the following passwords for various hidden modes (press the option at the bottom left to activate them):

おねがいだ かみさまおかね くださいな
Start with 300,000 spiritual points.

これだけは いれてはいけぬ みごどのる
Start from level 8, all levels unlocked and all weapons/armors.

ふえいすの はにいいんざす かいはよい
Start from level 8, all levels unlocked, most weapons/armors and some items.

みにくいよ いろがなんだか へんですよ
Inverted colors.

ぼくんちの てれびはいまも しろくろだ
Black & White mode.

あかきつね めんもうまいし ぐもうまい
Arcade 'thin-screen' mode.

Add your Pov here !

If we can get past the phallic jokes for a minute, Hanii in the sky starts out as an interesting and curious game - the character and level design are certainly original and unique, and the game is packed with innovative ideas. But it is the way they are executed that bothers me - the rotating gun can only turn clockwise and is incredibly slow, and even if it was faster, rotating the gun while firing is a cumbersome process. Hanii is the kind of game that makes you wish PC Engine controllers had shoulder buttons... But my main complain goes for the difficulty level. The first couple of stages are correct, but things quickly become tricky and final stages are nearly impossible and especially unfair. It is a shame, really, because later stages look incredible and very unique, and they are full of surprises, but you will need a LOT of dedication to reach them.

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