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Release : 1990-09-28 (¥6700)
HuCard (3 Mbits) UP02002
Action / Puzzle game

Gomola Speed is an action/puzzle game by UPL loosely based on the classic Snake, but with its own spin on the old formula. The player takes control of a segmented and worm-looking mechanical robot called the Gōmu. Each level (called 'Acts') is divided into areas and the goal of the game is to collect all the food scattered around and to reveal the hidden exit. However, Gōmu starts his journey as... a head, and the player's fist task is to collect all the dispersed body segments to increase the worm's overall length. This would be an easy job if only creatures were not roaming around, ready to cut Gōmu's body loose if they happen to hit any of its body segments. Thankfully for the player, these segments just wander around the levels and can be recaptured at any time. And this is where the game really starts - Gōmu's body is at the core of the gameplay and items, and especially food, can only be collected when the worm encloses them within its body. The same applies to enemies who need to be stunned with time-fused bombs first, and then disposed of using the same encircling technique. Additionally, the worm can only go through an exit door with all its body segment attached! Finally, Gōmu has another trick up its sleeves and the player can speed him up at the press of a button allowing him to over run his enemies. Gomola Speed consists of twenty five levels and a password system allows players to get back to the last level they reached.
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Game Staff (Copied from the end credits) :


Game Design
♥Tsutomu Fuzisawa

Software Design
♥Toshio Arai

Chracter Design
♥Tsutomu Fuzisawa

Background Design
♥Miho Urushibara

Sound Effect
♥Yoshio Nagashima

Special Thanks
♥Mutsuo Kaneko
♥Mutsuo Kanuko
♥Kinya Aoyama
♥Itsam Matarca
♥M.A.D Yuki
♥MA-X Terui
♥Minoru Tomizawa
♥Nobuyuki Narita
♥Shiho Sasaki


Gomola Game illustration
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Level Passwords:
Level 02 -
Level 03 -
Level 04 -
Level 05 -
Level 06 -
Level 07 -
Level 08 -
Level 09 -
Level 10 -
Level 11 -
Level 12 -
Level 13 -
Level 14 -
Level 15 -
Level 16 -
Level 17 -
Level 18 -
Level 19 -
Level 20 -
The last levels can only be accessed by unlocking the Debug Screen (see below)

Level 21 -
Level 22 -
Level 23 -
Level 24 -
Level 25 -

Gomola Speed - debug menu Check Mode (Debug Screen):
Gomola Speed features a really extensive debug menu allowing you to edit the game's difficulty, but also to see the sprites and background tiles! To access it, go to the title screen and press Up, Down, Left, Right, I, II, I, II, Up, Down, Left, Right, I, II, II, I, I, I, II, II, I, II, I, II, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right and Select. This code is rather tricky to enter because it has to be done before the title screen disappears!

OBJ FONT allows you to see the game's sprites, BACK FONT gives you access to the background tiles and OPTION gives you several new options (such as invulnerability or area select). If you start the game after activating the debug menu, you can move around any level by holding Select. Additionally, if you activate the FULL COMMAND option in the debug OPTION menu, then you can enter the passwords for the last five stages! (option not available in normal mode).

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I must admit, I wasn't expecting much from Gomola Speed at first and I initially thought that it would be another weak copycat puzzle game, simply cloning ingredients from the classic Snake. But, as it turns out, Gomola Speed is actually far more complex and extremely fun, and I was quite pleasantly surprised by the game's smooth controls (the 'encircling' technique takes time to get used to though), awesome design and incredible depth. Gomola Speed is packed with original features and each stage has something new for the player to discover and enjoy, such as keys, boss battles and other fun and unique additions. Simple, addictive, responsive and very original gameplay! An unusual title that any action/puzzle fan shouldn't miss!

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