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Copyright 1989 NCS
Release : 1989-09-29 (¥5500)
HuCard (2 Mbits) NCS89006
Adventure game

American Version
Released in America as
( TGX020036 )

Double Dungeons is a dungeon crawler by Masaya and NCS. The King has sent his best warriors to find the kingdom's missing treasures. As one of them, the player enters creepy dungeons and gets ready to fight armies of monsters and other demons - green slimes, giant snakes, gnomes, orcs, giant bees and so forth... Double Dungeons offers twenty-one dungeons available straight from the start, with an additional twenty-second level that can be later unlocked. The game features a first person perspective view and the player smoothly walks along corridors and surprises monsters as he explores their den, collects gold and experience points with the help of a compass. Inns and stores can also be found along the way, allowing players to refill their health or purchase items such as more powerful weapons, armors or life potions. The ultimate goal of the game is fairly simple - find the key hidden in each dungeon and defeat the ultimate boss. All the action is in real-time and fights, despite a round-based structure, also follow this rule. A password system is available and the player's progress can be saved at any time during the game by pressing 'Run'. Unlike other crawlers released at the time, two players can simultaneously explore the game's intricate twenty-two floors (although they both start from a different location in each dungeon).
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Teaser text from the American version:
Summoned by the King, you are the last hope of a once peaceful land. Journey deep within the earth on your quest to destroy a strange, unnatural force. With new "split screen" action you and a partner can work together to uncover the mysteries of the eerie underground labyrinth and its evil inhabitants. Face the Death Crow, Pumpkin Head, and Savage Elf in over 22 levels of chilling adventure. You won't want to travel alone - and you don't have to!


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Early levels do refill most of your life when your character levels up. This features actually disappears for higher levels, make sure you find Inns to refill your life!

Item Stores:
Stores usually have a few items to sell - but it is not obvious at first! Don't forget to press Select to cycle through the available items!
Know when you're too weak:
If you encounter an enemy that receives only one point of damage, it is time to step back and fight weaker enemies in order to gain more levels!

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Back in 1989, I would have certainly been a treat to play Double Dungeons! The graphics are arguably simple and look fairly basic but in counterpart, the corridor animation is surprisingly smooth and flows nicely. Fights, because of their turn-based nature, are a bit disappointing and monsters have the bad habit to reappear after you kill them (but they often show up in the same spot so you can prepare for them ahead of time, and the most powerful enemies don't actually reappear once you defeat them). Additionally, Japanese language is not much of a barrier (the game was translated and released in the US though) and is only a problem when you first try to figure out the various menus, items and password (which is not really a deal breaker). After a while, Double Dungeons is sadly really repetitive, there is not much variety and some of the levels are literally huge! Well, in all honesty, huge levels should be great, right? Sadly, each dungeon forces you to start at a very weak level and you have to go through a lot of painful experience grinding in order to enjoy them (and dying sends you back to the beginning of a dungeon without any gold!). I wish the developers had actually locked more dungeons and made them available when you reach a given level, and get you to start at that level. Starting from the lowest level each time is very frustrating. However, I sometimes surprise myself turning Double Dungeons back on and playing it for an hour or so, and the two-simultaneous player mode is a very neat and original feature! But the game is overall really bland and incredibly repetitive...

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