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Release : 1991-01-18 (¥6500)
HuCard (3 Mbits) TP02015
Action / Adventure game

American Version
Released in America as
( WTG040501 )
Cadash is an adventure/action game by Taito, conversion of their own arcade game originally released in 1989. The evil demon Balrog from the underground world has returned to the country and has kidnaped princess Salasa. The desperate king decides to send his best men in a last attempt to bring his daughter back, and to return peace to the kingdom of Dilsarl. The player can incarnate a character among one of the four types offered by the game - a fierce Fighter, a mystical Mage, a young Priestess and an agile Ninja. Each character comes with his own set of strengths and weaknesses - the Fighter is strong but can't use magic, the Mage is physically the weakest but can use powerful spells, the Priestess has a good strength/magic balance and the Ninja is fast and can only use long range weapons. Cadash features various role playing elements - for instance players can rest in small villages where they can purchase new weapons, armors and other magic items and they level up using traditional experience points.
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Cadash: Arcade version The original arcade game was developed and manufactured by Taito in 1989 (picture on the right) and two players could play at the same. Apparently, two cabinets could even been linked together and allow a four-players simultaneous play. Cadash is among the rare and few Action/Role Playing games released for the arcades - I remember these not being very popular in the west, arcade owners were probably not so keen to own a game The time demon where players could just wander around and not continuously feed the machine with a steady flow of coins. Despite this, each area in the original game had a time limit and a powerful Demon head (picture on the left) would appear and kill the player if he/she happened to stay in the same location for too long. This feature was obviously removed from the PC Engine version. A conversion for the Sega Megadrive was also released in 1992 but only featured two playable characters: The Fighter and the Mage.

Teaser text from the American version:
Arise brave warrior, your services are once again needed! Baarogue the Destroyer has kidnaped the King's only daughter, Princess Sarasa, and is now bent on universal dominance! Become a powerful Fighter, a resourceful Mage, a magic-laden Priestess, or an agile Ninja in your quest to return peace to the once tranquil land of Deerzar! Be wary on the path to your goal! Baarogue has littered it with many foes, from the re-animated Hands of Stone to the Giant Pedra-Pods of Dokra-Ri. Enlist the services of a trustworthy friend to aid you, for this quest allows two brave souls to venture forth together via the Turbotap. You must succeed, for Baarogue's dark power grows by the second, and soon no soul will be able to halt his advance!

Story from the Japanese's game introduction :
This is the story in the years when men still coexisted with monsters. One day the evil demon "Barlog" appeared from nowhere, began to destroy the world. And he abducted the princess of Dilsarl "Salasa". Locing the princess, the kingdom was enveloped in insecurity and dread, all of people felt hopeless. The King of Dilsarl raised four warriors for recover the princess. And...


Cadash manual Cadash Turbografx-16 manual
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Cadash is a surprisingly good hack-and-slash adventure/RPG game. Graphics are obviously not as good and sharp as the original arcade game, but they look decent for the PC Engine in my opinion. I only wished Taito had kept the same color palette, some stages look way too saturated to my taste. All the text is also in Japanese (if you're playing the PC Engine version though, the American game is in plain English) but this won't really prevent you to enjoy the game. Controls are correct but I find the game sometimes rather slow paced, imprecise and overall very difficult. There is no save feature and I personally find it harder than the arcade game. The two player mode allows you to pick up complementary character combinations which greatly extends the game's longevity.

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