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©1990 Data East Corporation
Release : 1989-09-01 (¥6500)
HuCard (4 Mbits) DE89003
Action / Platform game

American Version
Released in US as
( TGX040037 )
Bloody Wolf is a war action game by Data East and conversion of the arcade game of the same name originally released in 1988. The Bloody wolf Special Forces has no choice but to dispatch two of their best commando men, Snake and Eagle - and they both face their most important mission yet. The president has been taken hostage by a group of terrorists and it is the commando's duty to track him down and bring him back to safety. Armed with a knife, a machine gun and a handful of grenades, they infiltrate the enemy territory, gather information and rescue a number of other hostages along the way. Although the knife is the ideal weapon for close-quarter work in the game (it is the only weapon effective against armored soldiers and the only one available against some bosses), an arsenal of other weapons is available to collect throughout the game, including Spread Shotguns, Rocket Launchers, more powerful Hand Grenades and a mighty Flame Thrower. All of the items and weapons are hidden inside crates scattered around the game (usually inside certain buildings or parked trucks), and the game also features rare special items such as food/medecine (restores life), enhancer (gives the player an extra life bar), the Key (opens locked crates), Fins (swim faster and dive under water), Infrared Scope (see the laser beams in the last stage), Rosary (reduce damage once) and the Body Armor (reduces damage). Finally, the player can also ride a motorbike on some occasions to jump over obstacles or inflict greater damage to the enemy. Bloody Wolf consists of eight levels and is single-player only.
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Bloody Wolf - arcade The arcade game Bloody Wolf (aka Battle Rangers in Europe) was originally released in 1988 by Data East (picture on the right). Although the PC Engine version tested here is fairly faithful to the original game, it is not a straight port, but an enhanced/remixed version, read on. The two-player simultaneous play was completely removed and although both Snake and Eagle are playable, the game is single player only. However, there is a fun twist half way through the game (which I won't spoil here) that allows the player to switch characters (twist not seen in the arcade game and exclusive to the PC Engine port). Levels are also larger and there is a fifth non-linear level not present in the arcade version. There are many more subtle differences - prisoners give away weapons and items in the arcade game (only a few do give away items in the PC Engine version), some of the bosses use different attack patterns, various enemies were removed and new ones took their place, and the game has a different ending (as well as a new final boss).

Teaser text from the American version:
You're a death-dealing commando on the mission of your life... rescue the President from an army of terrorist guerillas. Only you have the guts and firepower to blast through their jungle strong-holds... to take out their choppers, snipers and missile launching subs. Make them eat the heat of your flash bombs and explode in the fury of your magnum grenades. The President holds his breath as you begin your final desperate assault. So does the entire world.

Game Staff (Copied from the end credits) :


Game Designer
Yoshiaki Honda

Game Programmer
Takaaki Inoue
Souichi Akiyama

Graphic Designer
Shinji Noda
Nasanori Tokoro
Eiko Kurihara
Masahiko Uzita
Yutaka Kadode
Shinichi Kanamori
Takahide Koizumi
Dot Man

Sound Team
Shogo Sakai
Takafumi Miura
Yuji Suzuki
Yusuke Takahama
Special Thanks
Koji Akibayashi
Shunichi II
Kazushige Nojima
Yoshiyuki Urushibara
Magurin Warrior
Jun Matuda
Atushi Kaneko
Masanori Ooe
Yoshinori Kobayashi
Kazuo Kubota

Bloody Wolf
©1989 Data East Corporation


Bloody Wolf manual Bloody Wolf Turbografx-16 manual
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Level Select:
At the title screen, press II, I, I, II, I, II, II and I. Then press one direction (listed below) to select a level and then Run to start:

Bloody Wolf - fast mode

Bloody Wolf - sound test
Up - level 1
Up/Right - level 2
Right - level 3
Down/Right - level 4
Down - level 5
Down/Left - level 6
Left - level 7
Up/Left - level 8

Bloody Wolf 2 (Fast mode):
At the title screen, press Up, Down, Right, Right, I, I, II and Select to activate Bloody Wolf 2 (Fast mode). Now you can play the game in a substantially speed-up format!

Bloody Wolf 3 (Fly mode):
At the title screen, press Down, Up, Left, Left, II, II, I and Select to activate Bloody Wolf 3 (Fly mode). Now Eagle and Snake will be able to fly (if you press the jump button) like if equipped with jet-packs!

Sound Test Mode:
At the title screen, press and hold Up and II, then press select to activate the sound test menu.

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Bloody Wolf is a really good game. To tell you the truth, I wasn't really impressed at first - the graphics are a bit coarse and the game felt like, well, just another average run'n gun... but then things got better, a lot better. I won't spoil what happens half way through the game, but it is simply awesome! I personally feel that this port is actually better than the original arcade game - controls are more responsive and it is overall a lot more fun to play. It only lacks a two-player simultaneous mode, but the game already suffers from terrible slowdowns in places, so a two-player mode would have brought it down on its knees. All in all, Bloody Wolf oozes 80's action movies cheesiness where beefy soldiers could single-handedly take on whole armies - a really fun ride!

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