( Dragon's Curse )
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©1991 Hudson Soft / vol.38
Release : 1991-04-19 (¥5300)
HuCard (2 Mbits) HC91035
Backup Ram
Action / Adventure

game HuCard
Released in US as DRAGON'S CURSE
( TGX020039 )
Adventure Island is a side crolling adventure/action game and is the conversion of Sega's popular Wonderboy: Dragon's trap. The player starts the game as a human warrior racing through the narrow corridors of a castle. But during his 'final' fight against an evil and robotic dragon, things do not really go according to plans and our hero gets transformed into... a cute and brown dragon. The whole game is built around this curse and ends up being a long and perilous journey to find the Salamander Cross, and to ultimately change our friend back into his beloved human form. But it won't be easy, and the player soon finds himself transformed into a variety of other creatures along the way (Aquatic, Lizard, Mouse, Tiger and so forth) each featuring their own set of abilities and special powers. Defeated enemies often drop little red-hearts and coins, and these can be preciously collected to purchase new armors, more powerful sword or shields inside shops scattered throughout the game. Money can also help the player acquiring new magic spells (Fireball, Tornado, Arrow, Boomerang and Thunder). Finally, a simple password system is available to save the game's progress (although the backup ram can also be used).
Bikkuriman World (PCE-Hu) Wonderboy 3 (PCE-CDRom²) Wonderboy 5 (PCE-SCDRom²)
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Teaser text from the American version:
Poor Hu-Man! He just isn't his old self. trying to escape from the evil dragon Mecha, he's transformed into the horrific Lizard Man! Get ready to kick some serious dragon tail, because 5 more are waiting to stop you. Each is more vicous than the last. And each turns Hu-Man into a different kind of total gross out! Slash'em, burn'em, and blow'em away! Then capture the Salamander Cross to break the DRAGON'S CURSE.

Introduction Story from the American version:
You are entering the dragon castle. Your mission is to defeat the 5 ghostly goons and save the world. Be aware of the Dragon's power as they can turn you into a totally disgusting creature. The only way for you to get back to human form is to fight these dragons and find the Salamander Cross. It has the power to cure the curse of the ugly and disgusting demons. Your battle is about to begin.
Additional text when the first Dragon is defeated:
Oh no! They got you. You've been cursed by the dragons and now you're a gruesome creature! You have no choice but to seach out the powerful antidote of the Salamander Cross. Your success depends on your acquiring the legendary armor and arsenal to assist you in battle against the 5 beastly brutes. You are a desperado in your fight to return your good looks and to save the world from the clutches of these dragons.

Dragon's Curse - Turbografx 16 A few things seem to have been changed in the American version of the game. The most obvious is the different title screen, and the colorful and original animated graphic sequence was replaced by a darker and less inviting screen. The Dragon's Castle is still there in the background, but two detailed red dragons now surround it. The introduction music is also different and has a more traditional western Heroic Fantasy feel to it.


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Adventure Island is a fantastic game. Difficulty is well balanced and the game never gets too hard nor frustrating. The fact that your character can gain new abilities reminds me of Mario or Zelda, and they allow the player to access new areas unreachable before, or hidden items. The game is incredibly vast - there is a huge amount to explore and it will surprise you at every corner. It also features an incredible soundtrack (which is destined to stick to your brain for the years to come, if not the rest of your life) and a really addictive gameplay. If you decide to purchase the Japanese version of the game, then language is only problematic to figure out the list of items available in the various shops (some piece of equipment are needed to complete certain areas of the game). But it is far for being a show stopper. Adventure Island is a must have and definitively one of my favorite action/adventure game for the system!

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