Mr. Spoiler is glad. Glad of killing that boss who nearly ruined his youth. That boss who grew fat on the blood of his many lives, on the last few pixels of his energy bar. His weapon ? nothing amazing, really. Mr Spoiler is not even using those cheat cartridges enlighting him with the power of the gods. Anyway, he hates to type numbers. Mr Spoiler is still analog. No, we are in the 21st century, so let's embrace technological progress and alleviate this suffering. Let's embrace Emulators and their Save State option. Mr Spoiler has found the power to change his destiny, he has chosen the red pill. In video games, the only path which eventually leads to true peace is the winning path, they do not allow you to contemplate and play with your death. So Mr. Spoiler is here to show you this path, and also defeat the shadows of his youth, from all those digital aliens and battleships waiting in the dark of their microchip, fulfilling their only purpose. To be defeated by humans.

Mr. Spoiler ninth victim : GUN NAC
Famicom. Tonkin House/Compile . 1990
Mr Spoiler has not a shadow of a doubt anymore. Rabbits do indeed live on the moon ! He used to reject the idea [...]

( 592 screenshots )
Mr. Spoiler eigth victim : POP'N TWINBEE
SuperFamicom. Konami . 1993
Cute'em ups are a rare endangered breed of great games that hardcore gamers often place on the girly [...]

( 320 screenshots )
Mr. Spoiler seventh victim : RAYXANBER III
PCE-SuperCDRom². Data West . 1992
If Rayxanber 2 reminded Mr Spoiler of Indian food, its sequel reminds him of something far less painful. Instead, Rayxanber 3 [...]

( 234 screenshots )
Mr. Spoiler sixth victim : RAYXANBER II
PCE-CDRom². Data West . 1991
Rayxanber 2 strangely reminds Mr Spoiler of Indian food. Gorgeous enough to make him drool all over but yet pungent and sharply painful [...]

( 202 screenshots )
Mr. Spoiler fifth victim : SAPPHIRE
PCE-ArcadeCDRom². Hudson Soft . 1995
Mr Spoiler always had a sort of fascination for video game heroines. Samus. Lara. Ms Pacman. Names that make Mr. Spoiler's soft insides tickle [...]

( 384 screenshots )
Mr. Spoiler fourth victim : LOST SUNHEART
PCE-HuCard. I'MAX . 1992
Tetsunosuke San was now laying on his bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering. He just had the most amazing dream ever. He couldn't remember any of it [...]

( 317 screenshots )
Mr. Spoiler third victim : GRADIUS 2
PCE-SuperCDRom². Konami . 1992
Gradius, a name powerful enough to vaporize much of the Earth and fry most of Mr Spoiler's neurones like if he had received full-on microwaved radiations while unfreezing his [...]
( 310 screenshots )
Mr. Spoiler second victim : KIAIDAN OO
PCE-SCDRom². Telenet/Riot . 1992
Mr Spoiler always had this sort of strange fascination, something close to love, for giant transformable japanese robots. Hundred feet of articulated metal fighting forces of evil [...]
( 275 screenshots )
Mr. Spoiler first victim : MAGICAL CHASE
PCE-HuCard . Palsoft/Quest . 1991
The choice of the fist game to spoil was tough. Mr.Spoiler didn't really know where to start or where to go. His brain was empty. An then, the face of the beautiful [...]

( 123 screenshots )

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