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(c)1993 IREM CORP
Release : 1994-1-7 (¥7700)
SuperCDRom² ICCD3004
Role Playing Game

Irem is certainly most famous for its glorious series of shooters such as R*Type or puzzle games such as the cute Gussun Oyoyo. But Irem didn't only shine in those fields and Sol Moonarge is a perfect example of this. The game tells the story of Soleil, and later his son Sonia, two young tree people. Suspicious looking demons starts appearing all over the country and the King decides to send all his most valorous swordsmen seek for the Sword of the Sun and protect two Moon goddesses and the gears of fate. Soleil's journey starts in the small town of Itchy, and we will soon meet other friends who will accompany him in his long quest. They include the cute red-haired Mappy and the strong Nosu. Like any traditional role playing game, most of the action happen in towns and villages and the view zooms out when our heroes travel the world. However, Sol Moonarge also offers some neat side-scrolling and action based stages such as the Demon Tower, where Soleil will have to climb and jump from huge rotating gears. Combats are round based and an auto-fight option is available. It also offers an interesting experience system where the main character's magic and swordship skills can grow separately, depending on how often they get used in fights. This greatly influence our hero's abilities throughout the game. The gameplay is also influenced by a cycle of day and night, and some events only occur during this two sided time line. Shops are only open during daylight hours for instance and Soleil can only peep at some lovely next door neighbourhood's bath time at night...
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Game Cast (Copied from the game's documentation) :

Ryouchi Tanaka

Chiyoko Kawashima
Hidekatsu Shibata

Hikaru Midorikawa

Yuka Koyama
Arihoro Masuda

Chiyoko Kawashima

Keiko Han
Keiko Han

Hidero Ishikawa

Akira Kamiya
Kaneto Shiozawa

Iemasa Kayumi

Taka Egawa

Game Staff (Copied from the game's documentation) :

Syu Sato

Chief Designer
Kazakami Shun

Great Choukei
Chief Programmer
Shinichi Yamamoto

Visual Programmer
Kouji Kuri

Music Composer
Rikei Hirashima

Technical Coordinator
Kiyoshi Kitabayashi
Sound Tools

Ricording Engineer
Off Road

Sound Efects
Sound Freak
Price winners in the contest to name
this game held in monthly PC ENGINE
Manabu Sato
Yousuke Hatae

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Soleil starts his journey in the small town of Itchy. He is busy hiting a dummy enemy in his back garden with a stick. As a side note, this little house is interesting in the future and can be used as a Inn without paying any fees, very handy. Leave the house and enter the town's castle (North). Talk to the king and answer A. Soleil needs now to get some equipment, so get him to the town's shop. Because all the text is in japanese, just look at the Defense and Attack attributes to figure out if you are dealing with a weapon, or an armour. Healing herbs are called 'yakuso'. You can now leave the town and go to the port of Knee (North/West). There enter the Inn and go to the first floor. A group of people should be there, fighting against a red-haired girl. Then leave the Inn and enter the house on the right. There talk to the guy with boxing gloves who will go to the Inn and leave with the red-haired girl. You learn that some evil thief has stolen the Map of Guidance and is now hidding in the old lighthouse tower west of the port. And you also learn, as you leave the port, that the girl and the other caravan people have now been kidnapped by those thieves and kept prisoner in the tower. Go west and enter the Tower of Thieves. Fight the boss at the top and free the caravan people. Now you need to go North/East through a bridge located on one of the small islands to the East. However a big rock blocks the way. Go back to Itchy and enter the Castle. There enter the little room at the back where some of the caravan people are resting. Get in the bed and look under the pillow. At that point, the big guy with the red gloves will follow you and move the rock. They also say you have to climb the fog mountain located at the North/West of the bridge. In the mountain, you will meet a priest. But things turn quickly bad, and an evil masked characters appear called Silver appears and kills the priest. At that point, he casts a powerful spell on the team and you all get warped to different parts of the world. Soleil lands in the town of Month. There he meets the two goddesses of Month and also get the water of goddess. The two girls who rescued Soleil get kidnapped by Silver and at this point, go North/West and enter the Monster Tower to rescue them. Use the water on the plant to make it grow so you can climb on it. Monsters here are tough, but you should now have a special weapon in your equipment (I'm not sure at what point we receive it though). Make sure you equip it, things should become much easier with it. At the top of the tower, Soleil will affront the evil Silver again. He will fly away on his dragon's back. Time passes and you now take control of Sonia, his son. Go to the North/East (in a little house) and get the boat so you can go to the East and visit Knee Port again. Enter the house next to the Inn, right above the shop. You will meet the strong guy again. Exit the port and go to Ithy. Enter the castle where Sora will meet an evil necromancer. Sona will get captured and jailed with a young girl. There, they realise they have shrunk and are now really tiny. They get helped and escape. After a while they encounter a mean magic mirror who may help them regain their original size... I leave the rest to you to find out !

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Sol Moonarge is a gorgeous, and sadly hard to find, Role Playing Game and definitively ranks high in my top RPG list for the PC Engine system. The game's animated cut scenes are a pleasure to watch, with elaborate and impressive graphics and gorgeous designs. The story, without being outstanding, is well put together and very interesting. The game often bounces around and certainly surprises the player in more than one occasions. However, a good knowledge of Japanese is necessary to enjoy this title fully. More that understanding what is going on (which, in itself, won't prevent you to play the game), some actions just can't be guessed without the numerous clues provided by the game. All in all this game is a pure gem from its superb graphics, cut-scenes and gameplay to its outstanding, and unusual art style giving it a unique appearance that I found fascinating.

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