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(c)1991 Hudson Soft
(c)1991 BGS ShÓpurojekuto
Presented by MICRO WORLD
Release : 1991-08-30 (•6800)
SuperCDRom≤ HCD1018
Action / Platform game

SeiryŻ Densetsu Monbit is a simple and cute Role Playing Game by Hudson Soft. Once again, the whole world is at considerable peril. A purple flaming meteor hurls through space and it now appears in the sky as large as the moon. Inhabitants of the planet are confused by this apparition and new evil spirits emerge to take over the world. Fear now reigns amongst the people. A courageous warrior from the Rabbit ear people tries to free the world and manage to defeat the demon king. The magic ornament he was wearing shatters and the fate of the world is no longer at stake. He later gives away the ornament, and a baby, to one of his friends for protection. The man then hides them in a small village. The baby has now grown up to be a young warrior and the game tells his story. SeiryŻ Densetsu Monbit is a traditional role playing game, with round based fights and the usual world/villages/dungeons exploration structure. The original aspect of the game is most certainly the Dragon. Our hero receives a Dragon egg at the beginning of the game and will have to take care of his new friend during his long journey.
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Here's a quick translation of the game's menus. Interestingly, the Help menu can be used to get information about items and magic spells. In the Equip menu, a small window indicates your current Attack, Defense and Speed.

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Here are some hints to get through the beginning of the game:
SeiryŻ Densetsu Monbit starts in the small village of NŰru. Like with any traditional Japanese Role Playing game, our hero must first talk to the village's chief. He's located inside a large hut but the only way to get to him if to talk first to a villager standing in front of the north/east bridge. He'll take you to the chief. You'll get a quick introduction of the game's story, 100 gold coins and some medicine herb. Then the guard takes our hero to the entrance of a cave and a large door. To open it, use the menu's last option and pick the second choice (tsukau). Inside, open then treasure chest. You'll gain a scroll (not sure about this though, but this item definitively gives you information about your quest) and a Dragon Egg. But the guard who helped you to get the cave now wants to steal the egg ! Defeat him! Now, you can exit the village and go east. You will soon reach another village called Tokosu. Everything is flooded with sand there. Giant termites have been digging tunnels and the area is now slowly turning into a desolated desert. Their nest is East of the village. Go there, the termites will even try to steal your Dragon Egg at one point, but you'll reach their king and defeat him. Their nest will collapse and you can now carry on your journey North/East. The new area has a small village (west) and a small desolated hill with a talking rock (east). The country is under a bad spell and villagers can't build houses anymore. Go North and East and enter a small rock temple located there. A priest tells you that stone idol was stolen by a demon which has brought misery to the area. There's a couple of mushroom villages there, but the idol is actually located in a cave south/West of the temple. Go west and then south. You should soon get to another small Mushroom village and the cave is East from it. Deep inside there's the Demon keeping the idol. Defeat him and bring the idol back to the temple. Stand in front of the shrine and use the idol. The whole region is now back to normal and you can carry on your journey. But I leave the rest to you...


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SeiryŻ Densetsu Monbit is a traditional and simple role playing game. Cutscenes and in-game graphics are cute and simply drawn (sometimes way too simple). But simple doesn't mean bad, far from it, and Monbit tops that with a great sense of humor and includes funny looking monsters and heroes with rabbit ears. It certainly reminds me of other games or comic books such as Momotaro or Dragon Ball. The dragon breeding aspect of the game is also interesting and fun to play with. All in all, Seiryu Densetsu Monbit is a fun, yet very simple role playing game. It was certainly aimed at a young audience, and despite the use of Kanjis, can be easily played with basic Japanese knowledge (especially with the menu option describing every object in the game).

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