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Release : 1994-3-30 (¥7800)
SuperCDRom² NAPR-1026
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Monster Maker is an Role Playing Game by Nec Avenue and U-Plan and is based from a popular Japanese card game released at the end of the 80s (see the next section for more info about the game) . In the ancient time, there was an advanced civilization with telekinetic powers. They could fly and build floating islands and battleships. But their world was soon shattered by an evil spirit and heroes were gathered to seal this so called Darkness. They succeeded in their quest and the world has now been a peaceful place for the last several hundred years. Or at least it is when our story starts. The game tells the journey of Raia, a cute black-haired orphan girl with short pointy ears and strange powers. She was adopted by a family in the small town of Huerundo and she will travel the world to learn about her origins and real parents, and find out about the famous Dragon Riders. Monster Maker follows a traditional RPG structure with multi-scale aerial maps and turn based fights. Raia starts her journey alone but more characters will join the party such as Uruchi the human-fox or Mearu a red-haired thief girl.
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Maonster Maker : The card game Monster maker is also a famous japanese card game (1st volume pictured on the left). It came out in 1988 and it is supposed to be one of the first, and most popular Role Playing card game there. Part of its popularity probably stems thanks to Kugatsuhime's cute and colorful illustrations. All the card games are obviously now out of print and count more than ten volumes and also include several series of Role Playing Games, comic books and novels. Here is a non exhaustive list of all the Monster Maker video games : Monster Maker (GameBoy, 1990), Monster Maker: 7-tsu no Hihou (Famicom, 1991), Monster Maker 2 : Uru no Hiten (GameBoy, 1993), Monster Maker 3 : Hikari no Majyutsushi (SuperFamicom, 1993), Monster Maker: Barcode Saga (GameBoy, 1993), Monster Maker: Yami no Ryuukishi (PcEngine, 1994), Monster Maker Kids (Super Famicom, 1994), Monster Maker 4 (GameBoyAdvance, 2002).

As a side note, several japanese sites mention that Monster Maker: Yami no Ryuukishi (the PC Engine version tested here) doesn't really end. Monster Maker: Kamigami no Hakobune, the sequel to Monster Maker, was supposed to be released later but sadly never made it to the shelves. A prototype certainly exists as the game is rumored to be nearly 100% complete. I also read that the saving manager suffers from a bug. The game's documentation says : Because of the way how the backup memory is managed, after entering the Tower Of Batsuso of the Sorurendo continent, do not go outside until the message of the crystal ball of the first floor is told.
I have sadly never been that far in the game, so I have no idea if this is true.

Japanese Guidebook
Japanese Guidebook


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Raia returns to her village after it was attacked by thieves. There she needs first to talk to her mom (north/west of village). She learns the village wasn't attacked by thieves, but soldiers with black hair like hers. She is also told about the nearby forest and the monster hiding within. Then she is taken to another place in the village, where one of the 'thief' is being kept prisoner. He explains that Raia may be coming from Andoresia, like them, and her pointed ears could be meaning she is in fact an half-elf . Raia needs to walk back to her home and talk to the people there. She is told to go to the port south/east of the village and find a boat. Her long journey to seek the truth about her strange powers and real parents has begun. When Raia enters the back of the house, a curious man stands there, her adoptive father, and flees through the back door as soon as he sees her. She gets a pouch. She can now leave the village (make sure you equipped the dagger and robe found in the village). Once outside, Raia is attacked by a curious and small fox-man, maybe the monster people were talking about. After a short fight, he will join the team. Then go east and walk through the forest. Then, enter the village. Go north and enter a little house and talk to a person called Ray. She will tell you about her father. Then go to the bar and talk to the thief girl. She will join the team. You can also save your progress in the village by entering the little house with a cross on it. Go down the stairs and talk to the curious wizard standing there. The second option will Save the game, the third one will Load. Leave the village and enter the north/east cave. You will soon head on with a brown dragon. There is no way to defeat it but it will soon fly away and leave a dragon egg behind. Leave the cave through the east exit and get into the castle town. There you have to meet a girl necromancer. After talking about your future and a forest east of the town, she will join the team. Leave the town and go south. Enter the small castle barrier. South of the village, talk to the two guards. At this point, the dragon egg hatches into a cute baby dragon... I leave the rest to you now.

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Monster Maker: Yami no Ryuukishi is a cute and simple Role Playing game. As usual, a decent grasp of the Japanese language is needed to enjoy this game fully. If not, you'll very quickly come to recognize each command and probably get through the beginning of the game but things will soon become tricky. Monster Maker has some really neat and cute full screen cut-scene graphics. All in all, we have here a simple, yet fun, Role Playing game.

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