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(c)1991 Nec Avenue, Ltd
Licensed By Toaplan
Release : 1991-07-26 (•6800)
CDRom≤ NAPR-1019
Shooter / Vertical

Daisenpuu Custom can be described as a remixed version of the HuCard game released in 1989. The game is based on the arcade shooter of the same name released by Taito/Toaplan in 1987 (also known as Twin Hawk). The players takes control of a World War II plane and fights his way through a vast array of enemy air defenses such as tanks, submarines and battle ships (curiously, there aren't any enemy planes in the game). Our fighter plane can use a classic Vulcan gun and a special, but limited, bomb attack. The latter calls a formation of friendly planes that will shoot at will until they eventually get hit. Pressing the bomb button twice triggers a powerful smart-bomb and wipes out most of the enemies on screen. A standard power-up system upgrades the plane throughout the game - destroying tiny truck usually frees up power-icons. Some, stamped with a large character P on them, upgrade the plane's main gun up to four times. Others give away extra bombs or rare extra lives.
Daisenpuu (Pce-Hu)
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See Daisenpuu (HuCard) to learn more about the original arcade game.

Daisenpuu Custom obviously shows some differences when compared to its HuCard counterpart. Background variations can be seen throughout the game. Because of the way the game is divided into stages (rather than a continuous and uninterrupted battlefield), enemies sometimes appear in different order and formations. Only a couple of new bosses and an 'extra' stage are featured in this 'custom' version. Some sprites have also been changed, like the small explosions (which, curiously, look better in the HuCard version). Maybe there's more to it - each game loops at the end of the last stage and I didn't venture too far through the second round to know if both games end differently...

Here are re some of the differences that can be seen throughout both games:

screen shot screen shot


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Daisenpu Custom only came out seven month after the HuCard release and is one of the rare eligible game to receive a CDRom upgrade. However, it is also the rare case in which the HuCard version is actually better than the shinny CDRom edition. Here are my problems with it - First of all, the rearanged soundtrack is not that good and gets quickly recycled in later stages, and the boss music tracks have also disappeared. Now the game is also split into stages rather than a continuous and unbroken play which sorts of take a lot of fun out of the whole experience. Oddly, some sound effects and animations were changed for the worse, and some graphics disappeared for no apparent reason (I mainly think about the flooded city at the beginning of the game). Daisenpu Custom puzzles me deeply, it could have been an excellent remixed version, but just ends up kind of failing in every way. A sadly cheap and easy shot for Nec Interchannel...

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